List of Antonyms:1000+Antonyms and synonyms list- Opposite words

antonyms list, antonyms and synonyms list with pdf, opposite words

List of Antonyms! Here is the Antonyms and synonyms list a to z. We can use these words at the place of each other. Here are some of the antonyms from list About– Exactly / Buy– Sell / Busy– Lazy. This is the huge antonyms list that can be used in our conversation and daily … Read more

List of adverbs: 800+ A to Z adverbs list PDF

list of adverbs pdf with examples

List of adverbs PDF! Here all the A to  Z adverbs are listed. These adverbs are very important and used in our daily conversation and writings. Boldly, bravely, easily, too, lots, much. This lesson of adverbs is very useful to improve your vocabulary. This list of adverbs contains 800 plus adverbs list. Here all different … Read more

Similar Words in English |Words that sound similar

simlar words in english

Similar words in English! are the words that sound almost same but they have different meanings. The words are explained with sentences. Similar Words Amend (to improve, to change) The judge advised the thief to amend his ways. Emend (to correct, to make free from mistakes indirectly emend this passage in the book. Auger (a … Read more

Confusing words in English |commonly confused words

Confusing words in english

Confusing words in English! here are some most common confusing words in English. allusion/illusion, break/brake, cast/caste, amiable/amicable, artist/artisan. Confusing words in English Artist (one who practices fine) He is a great artist in painting. Artisan (a mechanic) A carpenter is an artisan. Amiable (worthy of love) His manners are very amiable. Amicable ( friendly) They … Read more

Phrasal verbs with Bear (on, upon, in, out, up, with)

phrasal verbs with bear

Phrasal verbs with bear! bear up, bear in, bear out, bear away, bear down, bear against, bear upon, bear with. You can download complete PDF of this lesson. Phrasal verbs with Bear Bear away: to win, to carry off as a conqueror. He bore away the first prize in the essay competition. He bore off … Read more

Phrasal verbs with Bring |Bring down, bring up, bring forward

phrasal verbs with bring

Phrasal verbs with bring! Here is a collection of phrasal verbs bring up, bring down, bring forward, bring forth, bring on, bring of, bring to, bring about, bring round. You can download the PDF of all the phrasal verbs starting with bring. Phrasal verbs with Bring Bring about: to cause His lack of hard work … Read more

Phrasal verbs with Break |Phrasal verbs starting with Break

phrasal verbs with break

Phrasal verbs with break! Break away, break down, break off, break in, break into, break forth, break up, break through, break at, break open. Here is the list of all most common and conversational phrasal verbs starting with break. You can Download PDF of this lesson. Phrasal verbs with break Break away: to free oneself … Read more

Phrasal verbs with meanings and sentences |Download PDF

phrasal verbs with meanings and sentences

Phrasal verbs with meanings and sentences! Here is the list of all most common and conversational phrasal verbs. You can download the PDF of this complete lesson. Phrasal verbs with meanings & sentences Above all: before anything else Above all, do not be rude to your parents. All at once: suddenly All at once, a … Read more

List of idioms in English |Download PDF of all conversational idioms

list of idioms in english

List of idioms in English! Here is the list of all important and most common conversational idioms in English grammar. You can download the PDF of these idioms. A list of idioms in English is a great resource for learners of the language. Idioms are phrases or expressions that are not taken literally, but instead have … Read more