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Interjection and types of interjection! All the kinds of interjection are described here. Interjection for joy, interjection for greeting, interjection for bidding, interjections for bidding etc. You can download the PDF of this lesson.


The “interjection” is a word which expresses some sudden feeling or emotion.

The interjections are used in the exclamatory sentences, which express some sudden joy, sorrow or surprise.


Oh! Gosh! Wow! Good! Ouch! Hey!

  1. Ouch! That hurt.
  2. Wow! Did you see that expensive car?
  3. Hurrah! We won the game! (emotion of joy)
  4. Wow! What a beautiful watch!
  5. Oh! Forget to bring my bag! (emotion of sorrow)
  6. Huh! I don’t care!
  7. Eww! it tastes so dirty! ( emotion of disliking)
  8. Ahh, that feels wonderful.
  9. Bless you! I couldn’t have done it without you.
  10. Crikey! Do you ever think before you speak?

Types of interjection words and phrases

  • Interjections for greeting….
  • Interjections for joy….
  • Interjections for approval and praise…
  • Interjections for surprise
  • Interjections for grief/pain
  • Interjections for bidding farewell
  • Interjections for expressing doubt or hesitation.

Interjections for Greeting

Interjections of greeting are used to greet a person or explain the sense of concern for her. For example hello! Hi! Ahoy! Goodbye! Etc.

  1. Hi! How is your health now?
  2. Hello! How are you, peter?
  3. Hi! How’s your business going on?
  4. Hey! Don’t be so hopeless.
  5. Hello! Is there anyone here?

Interjections for joy

Interjections of joy are used to express the happiness or joy on an incident , news, or pleasant surprise.

For example ha-ha, hurray, yahoo, wow, etc

  1. Hurray! My poem is published in the magazine.
  2. Wow! The program is wonderful.
  3. Wow! Her house s well decorated.
  4. Yippee! We are going to park.
  5. Hurray! I have won the prize.

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Interjections for approval and praise

These interjections are used by the speaker when he expresses a strong sense of approval and agreement on something that happened.

These include : bravo! , brilliant! Etc.

  1. Bravo! John has taken a wicket.
  2. Well done! You have done a good job.
  3. Bravo! Richard has scored a goal.
  4. Brilliant! Your article is so helpful.

Interjections for bidding farewell

In this case we use these to say goodbye.

For example bye! , goodbye!

all types of interjection for praise
interjection and types of interjection
interjection for joy
kinds of interjection for greeting

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