English Vocabulary Words A To Z, DOWNLOAD PDF

english vocabulary words a to z

English vocabulary.Words A To Z . Vocabulary is a tool that every student should have in their toolkit. There are many words that students encounter on a daily basis but may not know the definition for. In this article, I will list six common vocabulary words and their definitions. I hope this will help students … Read more

Examples of Adverb Words, Adverbs List with Useful Examples

Common Adverbs List with Useful Examples

Examples of Adverb Words. Do you know what an adverb is? You probably use them all the time without even realizing it. Here’s a list of some common adverbs with their examples: before, after, because, since, as soon as, however, nevertheless. Adverbs are words that modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs. They are often used … Read more

List Of Interjection Words,

list of interjection words

List Of Interjection Words. An interjection is a word that is commonly used to express emotions and feelings. It is most commonly used in speech, but can also be used in writing. Some common interjection words are “oh,” “ah,” “wow,” and “uh-huh.” Interjection can be used to break up a sentence or to add emphasis to what … Read more

List Of Negative Words In English to Enhance Vocabulary

list of negative words in english

List Of Negative Words In English. Negative words can have a positive effect on your vocabulary. They force you to be more precise with your language and can make you a more effective communicator. For example, the word “but” can be used to negate the impact of something that was just said. “But” can also … Read more

List Of Conjunctive Adverbs With Examples in English

complete list of conjunctive adverbs

List Of Conjunctive Adverbs. There are many conjunctive adverbs in the English language. Some of the most common are, however, and but, for, yet, and so. These adverbs can connect words or phrases together to create more complex sentences. They can also show how a sentence is related to the one before it. Conjunctive adverbs … Read more

Examples Of Homophones In English, Download PDF

examples of homophones

Examples Of Homophones. Here is a list of Homophones words in English. homo means “same”. Most of the words used in daily routine life are homophones words. There are many words that sound the same but have different meanings. These are known as homophones. Some common examples are “breath” and “broach,” “floor” and “floorboard,” “shoe” … Read more

Common Types Of Birds In English With Pictures

common types of birds

Common Types Of Birds. Here is a big collection  of common  birds in English with pictures. If you improve your vocabulary about birds must read this post. Most of the birds are black , birds beak, birds cranes are listed here. It is very useful lesson for the new students Who wants to improve your vocabulary. … Read more

List Of Country Names In Alphabetical Order In English

list of country names in alphabetical order

List Of Country Names In Alphabetical Order. Here  is a list of Country names in English. If you want to improve your English Vocabulary about different country names so you must learn and read this post. If you read this post then your vocabulary improved and your learn lesson about different countries. List Of Country … Read more

All Food Names With Pictures In English, Cute Names of Food

all food names with pictures

All Food Names With Pictures. All the Spicy, Delicious, sweet dishes, cute and funny names of food are listed here. If you Want to improve your Food vocabulary and names with pictures in English so you are at the right place must read and learn this post. It is very informative for you. More than … Read more

List of Mammals Animals with Pictures in English

list of mammals animals

Mammals Animals with Pictures in English. Here is a collection of Mammals animals in English are listed. It is very useful lesson for the Beginners. If you improve your Vocabulary about Mammals so must read this post. List of Mammals Animals Beaver Echidna Raccoon Bongo Mouse Sloth Hedgehog Chinchilla Lynx Gerbil Black bear Tamandua Gray … Read more