Similar Words in English |Words that sound similar

simlar words in english

Similar words in English! are the words that sound almost same but they have different meanings. The words are explained with sentences. Similar Words Amend (to improve, to change) The judge advised the thief to amend his ways. Emend (to correct, to make free from mistakes indirectly emend this passage in the book. Auger (a … Read more

Confusing words in English |commonly confused words

Confusing words in english

Confusing words in English! here are some most common confusing words in English. allusion/illusion, break/brake, cast/caste, amiable/amicable, artist/artisan. Confusing words in English Artist (one who practices fine) He is a great artist in painting. Artisan (a mechanic) A carpenter is an artisan. Amiable (worthy of love) His manners are very amiable. Amicable ( friendly) They … Read more