Similar Words in English |Words that sound similar

Similar words in English! are the words that sound almost same but they have different meanings. The words are explained with sentences.

Similar Words

  1. Amend

(to improve, to change)

The judge advised the thief to amend his ways.

Emend (to correct, to make free from mistakes indirectly emend this passage in the book.

  1. Auger

(a carpenter’s tool ‘z)

The carpenter has no auger.


(to foretell)

This incident does not augur well for his future.

  1. Apathy

(want to feeling, indifference)

He is known for his apathy to the sufferings of others.


(dislike )

There is a marked antipathy between these two persons.

  1. Attenuate

(to make slender or thin)

War attenuates the people.


(to lessen the guilt)

Nothing can extenuate your crime.


  1. Breach

(an opening, act of breaking )

There is a breach in the wall.



( the hind part of the word)

He found the breech of the gun clogged.

  1. Ceiling

(the inside top of a room)

The lamp was hanging from the ceiling.


(fastening with seals)

He was sealing the parcel.

  1. Cession

(act of giving up)

The cession of his right was approved.


(ceasing, a stop or pause )

During war the business suffered a long cessation.

  1. Choir

(a band of singers in a church)

The choir presented a song in praise of God.


(24 sheets of paper)

Twenty quires of paper make a ream.

  1. Collision

(a violent encounter)

The collision between the bus and the train was very horrible.


(a fraudulent, secret understanding)

The thief could not be traced because he seemed to be in collusion with the police.

  1. Concert

(a musical performance)

The concert has been arranged in aid of the flood stricken people.


(a wedded partner to be In harmony)

The wife of a king and husband of a queen may be called a consort.

  1. Contiguous

(adjoining )

Our houses are contiguous to each other, India and Pakistan are contiguous countries.


(a disease that spreads by contact )

Smallpox is a contagious disease.

  1. Comprehensible

(capable of being understood)

This is a book that is comprehensible only to the specialists.



This is the most comprehensive book on the subject. He is a man with a comprehensive mind.

  1. Continuance

(permanence, time for which something continues)

Everyone longs for the continuance of prosperity .During the continuance of war he could not come.


(starting again after a stop, extension)

Continuation of study after the holidays was difficult at first.

(b) I write this letter in continuation.

  1. Defective

(faulty, having a defect )

His English is defective.


(not having enough )

He is deficient in English.

  1. Defer


He deferred his departure for a week.


(to disagree )

I differ with you on this point.

  1. Deference


You should treat your elders with deference.



There is a lot of difference between what you say and what you do.

  1. Defy

(challenge  resist to obey)

I defy you to go and do your worst.

(b) If you defy the law, you may find yourself in prison.


(make a god of, worship as a god)

We ignore great men in the deify.

  1. Dual

(consisting of two)

We do not have dual desks in our college.


(a combat)

The two lovers fought a duel for the girl.

  1. Emigrate

(to go out of one’s country to settle in another)

Pakistani doctors are emigrating to England.


(to come into a country from another to settle)

The Europeans immigrated into America.

  1. Endemic

(a disease usually prevalent in a particular place )

Malaria is endemic to these areas.


(a disease that breaks out in a place and lasts for a time)

Epidemics break out in our country.

  1. Everlasting

(something that has a beginning but no end)

He has won everlasting fame.


(without beginning)

God is eternal.


  1. Excursion

(a pleasure trip)

Last year, we went on an excursion to Murree.


(an invasion)

The tribesmen often make incursions in these areas.

  1. Exercise

(bodily activity„ mental activity or training)

Exercise of the mind is just as important as the exercise of the body.


(drive out an evil spirit )

This pious man can exorcise the evil spirits.

  1. Exhausting


The journey from Dera Ghazi Khan to Lahore is very exhausting.


(complete, detailed)

He made an exhaustive inquiry into the matter.

This is an exhaustive book on the subject.

  1. Heaven

(the abode of God; paradise)

May you go to heaven!



The ship was entering the haven.


  1. Hoard

(to store things)

Now-a- days all countries are hoarding gold.


(large gang)

The country was over run  by hordes of Tartars.

  1. Humility

(Humbleness, modesty)

Humility is a good quality.


(being put-to shame)

He suffered humiliation at the hand of his enemy.

  1. Hypercritical

(too critical of small faults)

You should not be hypercritical of your brother’s faults.


(insincere )

We should avoid  hypocritical persons.

  1. Inappropriate

(unsuitable, not proper)

Your remark is inappropriate.


(to put to a wrong use)

The treasurer misappropriate the things

  1. Intolerable


This insolence (Jeff) is intolerable.


(a narrow- minded person)

The Hindus are intolerant of other religions.

  1. Immunity

(safety or freedom from diseases or attack)

Regular exercise ensures immunity from disease,

(b) He has been given immunity from taxation.


(freedom or safety from loss, punishment or injury)

You can help him with impunity

(b) You Cannot break law with impunity.

  1. Lightening

(making lighter)

Lightening the burden of others is truly noble.


(flash from the clouds)

Lightning and thunder go together.

  1. Male
  2. (sex)

She gave-birth to a male child.


(dak, armour)

I had a lot of mail last week.

  1. Mean

(low, middle, to intend)

He is rather mean over money matters.


(income, resources)

Live within your means.

He is a man of means.


(look or bearing)

The poor man had a sorrowful mien.

  1. Medal

(a piece of metal)

The scholar has been awarded a medal for his services.


(to interfere)

Do not meddle with the affairs of others.

  1. Mendacity


In the modren age, no one is above mendacity.


(begging )

The Government should take some steps to stop mendicity.


  1. Monitory

(giving warning)

A monitory notice was given to him.


(relating to money)

  1. Observation

(act of observing, a remark)

You should keep this man under observation.

He will publish his observation on the social life of these savages               .


(act of obeying)

Religious does not consist merely in observance some rules.

  1. Ordinance

(something ordered by authority )

The president has issued some ordinances.


(artillery, military store and materials

(a) The ordnance fired the battlements of the enemy.

(b) There is an ordnance factory in Wah.

  1. Pair

(a set of two)

Now, you should buy a new pair of shoes.


(cut away the skin

(a) Pare off your nails.

(b) Will you pare the apples for the guests?

  1. Pardon

(forgive, forgiveness)

I beg your pardon for this serious offence


(to apologies for an ordinary omission)


Excuse me I will be back in a minute.

  1. Proceed

(to go on or forward)

I will proceed to Lahore.

You had better proceed with your work.


(to go before t )

A storm preceded the down-pour Of rain .

  1. Quiet

(calm, noiseless)

It was a quiet evening.



I am quite alone now.

  1. Recreate

(refresh oneself after toil)

You must recreate yourself in the evening.


(cowardly, breaking one’s vows)

She proved a recreant beloved.


  1. Re-dress

(to dress again)

He made him re-dress himself.


(to remove, to set right )

The wrong was redressed.

  1. Re-join

(to join again)

He has left us but soon he will re-join.


(to reply)

He rejoined that he was not present at’ that time.

  1. Re-form

(to form again)

This chair will be re-formed.


(to change to a better)

Reform your ways.

  1. Salubrious

(healthy climate)

The salubrious climate of Murree had a good effect on his health.


( unpleasant experience that produces good result)

My working proved a salutary lesson for him.

  1. Sanguine

(hopeful, optimistic, cheerful )

I am sanguine of success.


(bloody, cruel)

Sanguinary battles ruined the whole country.

  1. Sculptor

(an artist who produces sculpture )

He is a great sculptor.


(art of cutting figures or shapes out of stone )

There are many great pieces of sculpture in Lahore Museum

  1. Sanitary

(concerning health, free from dirt)

The sanitary condition of this city is not good.


(conducive to health)

Life in big cities is not sanatory.

  1. stimulant

which action on the body doctor gave him a stimulant mixture.


(that which rouses to activity- action on the mind

He is so dull that no stimulus produces any effect on him.

  1. Temporal


He takes little interest in temporal affairs.


(not permanent, short lived)

This post is purely temporary.

  1. Unqualified

(one who is not qualified )

You are unqualified for teaching.

I wish you unqualified success in life.


(disabled or debarred)

He has been disqualified from appearing in the next two examinations.

  1. Urban

(connected with the city)

What is the urban population.

  1. Virtual

(actual, infact)

The virtual control of the business is in his wife’s control.


(morally good)

Rabia Basri was a virtuous woman.

  1. Wrath

(anger (noun)

Do not be so sinful; fear the wrath of God.



The teacher is wroth at my misbehavior.

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