Confusing words in English |commonly confused words

Confusing words in English! here are some most common confusing words in English. allusion/illusion, break/brake, cast/caste, amiable/amicable, artist/artisan.

Confusing words in English

  1. Artist

(one who practices fine)

He is a great artist in painting.


(a mechanic)

A carpenter is an artisan.

  1. Amiable

(worthy of love)

His manners are very amiable.


( friendly)

They came to an amicable settlement.

  1. Allusion


He does not like people to make any allusion to his lameness.


( a false idea )

The Sufis believe that this world is only illusion.

  1. Altar

( a place of worship or sacrifice)

They thought the cow to the altar.


( to change)

If you do not alter your ways you will never succeed.

  1. Affect

(to produced an effect)

The hot weather affected his health.


( result)

The advised had no effect on him.

  1. Advice

( noun)

He did not act upon my adviced and failed.



I advised him to take regular exercise.

  1. Adapt

(to make fit)

Adapt yourself to your circumstances.


(thoroughly proficient)

She is very adept in singing.


Do not adopt unfair means in the examination.

  1. Access


Khalid has no access to the principle.


(more than enough)

Excess of everything is bad.

  1. Accept

(to receive)

Hellen did not accept my proposal.


(save, to leave out)

All except sher Muhammad were present.

  1. Childlike

(innocent like a child)

I love him for his childlike habits.

Must Learn: Idioms

allusion and illusion confusing words

List 1

  1. Cemetery

(a burial place)

He was buried in the cemetery outside the city.



There is no symmetry in this building.

  1. Cast

(to throw)

The fisherman cast his net into water.


(a social class)

Mr. Raiz is syed by caste.



What did this cap cost you?

  1. Canvas

(a rough cloth)

He bought a pair of canvas shoes.


(to ask for vote)

He will canvass for our candidates.

  1. Cannon

(a big gun or guns)

Cannon are used in the war.



He acted against all canons of morality.

  1. Calender

(to press the cloth)

Calender the cloth to make it glossy.


(list of the days, weeks and month)

He hung the calendar on the wall.

  1. Bridal

(relating to a wedding)

She looked very beautiful in her bridal.


(head-harness for horse)

You cannot control a horse without a bridle.

  1. Break

(to smash to piece)

He fell and broke his leg.


(an instrument to stop)

Your cycle has no brakes.

  1. Born

(to take birth)

He was born in Dera ghazi khan.


(3rd form of bear)

He has borne all the difficulties.

  1. Beside

(by the side of)

His house is besides the river.


(in addition , moreover)

Besides this money, I have nothing else.

  1. Berth

(a sleeping place in railway carriage or ship)

Please got a berth reserved for me.


(coming into life)

I congratulate you on the birth of your child.

amiable and amicable confusing words

List 2

  1. Beneficent


God is beneficent to his creatures.



Fresh air and sunshine are very beneficial to children.

  1. Continuous

(without end)

Continuous rain did not allow us to go out.


(with intervals)

Last year, continual rains troubled us much.

  1. Compliment

(an expression of regard)

We should pay complement to this book.


(that which completes)

These pages are a complement to this book.

  1. Cold


A cold wind was blowing.


( cold)

A cool breeze was blowing in the morning.

  1. Cloth

(material made by weaving)

His father deals in cloth.


(to cover, covering for the body)

He put on his clothes and went away.

  1. Climate

(the average condition of the weather)

The climate of dera ghazi khan is hot.


( the state of atmosphere at particular time)

Today, the weather is very fine.

  1. Cite

(to quote )

He cited a verse from the Holy Quran.


(a place)

This will be a good site for building.



Swat is famous for its lovely sights.

  1. Capable

(able to understand)

Khalid is capable young man.


(vast, extensive )

Our college is not very capacious.

  1. Conscious

(knowing, aware of)

Hameed was not conscious of my presence in the room.


(honest , who works according to his conscience)

He is a conscientious teacher.

  1. Confident

(full of confidence)

She was confident of her success.


( one to whom we confide our secrets)

He is my confidant and knows everything about me.

canvas and canvass confusing words

3 list

  1. Council

(meeting group of important person)

The matter will be decided by council.



He refused to accept my counsel.

  1. Corporal


Corporal punishment is not allowed in colleges.


(having a body)

God is not a corporeal being.

  1. Corpse

(dead body)

The people carried the corpse to graveyard.


(a separate department of an army)

He was granted commission in the education corpse of army.

  1. Credible

(that can believed)

Your story is not credible.


(that brings honour and praise)

His services are very creditable.

  1. Custom

(that which is usually done)

Social customs vary in different parts of the world.


(settled practice of a person)

Smoking is a bad habit.

  1. Dairy

(where milk and cream are sold)

We buy milk from dairy form.


(a book in which daily record is kept)

Yesterday, I lost my diary.

  1. Dependent

(depending on others)

Children are usually dependent on their parents.


(a person who depend on others)

I have so many dependants to look after.

  1. Envious

(full of envy)

Do not be envious of others good fortune.


(arousing envy)

He enjoys an enviable.

  1. Eminent

(of high position)

He is an eminent professor of English.


(likely to happen soon)

A storm is imminent this night.

  1. Drown

(die or cause to die in water)

He fell into the water and was drowned.


(go below the surface of water)

The ship sank into the sea.

cast and caste confusing words

4 list

  1. Deprecate

(feel and express disapproval)

He deprecates my anger.


(belittle, to make less in value)

He depreciate every action of mine.

  1. Dose

(a particular quantity of medicine)

Take two dose of this medicine daily.


(sleep lightly)

He was dozing in the class.

  1. Draft

(a skatch or outline)

The draft has so many mistakes.


(a period of dry weather)

This year, drought has ruined the crops.

  1. Memorable

(something which serves to remind us of an event or person)

We must raise a memorial in honour of our leader.


(worth, remembering)

The success was a memorable event in my life.

  1. Lose

(to haveĀ  no longer )

You will lose your money in the game.


( free, not tight)

This shirt is loose to you.

  1. Lesson

(the amount of teaching given at one time)

This lesson is not very difficult.


(to make or become less)

This medicine will lessen your pain.

  1. Metal

(a substance)

Gold is a precious metal.


(spirit, courage)

War tests the mettle of the youngmen of a nation.

  1. Miner

(one who works in a mine)

He is a miner by vocation.



This is only a minor defect.

  1. Moral

(having to do with right or wrong)

His teachings are moral.


(Courage and enthusiasm)

During war days, we should keep up our morale.

  1. Officer

(a person of authority in an office)

The officer took a keen interest in the investigation.


(a person working in an office)

Government officials are not allowed to take part in politics.

Confusing words in english

5 list

  1. Plain

(simple, sincere, outspoken)

He declared in plain words that he would not go there.


(perfectly flat surface)

The surface of this table is plane.

  1. Rite

(the form in which a ceremony is carried out)

His sons performed his burial rites.


(contrasted with left)

Keep to right.

  1. Rout

(utter defeat and flight for safety)

The Indian army was put to rout.


(the way from one place to another)

This is the shortcut route to Multan.

  1. Pore

(a very small opening)

There are many pores in our body.


(cause to flow into)

Pour his water into the jug.

  1. Principal

(first in rank)

He is the principal of this college.


(a general law, a moral law)

Ali is a man of principle.

  1. Quiet


He lived a quiet life in the country.



I am quite right now.

  1. Willful

(obstinate, international)

He isĀ  disliked by others because he is willful.


(ready to do a thing)

I am willing to go there.

  1. Yoke

(a piece of wood to keep the oxen together)

He put yoke on the oxen together.


(the yellow part of the egg)

The yolk of an egg is a good food.

  1. Way

(road, method, or plan)

The way to your house was not very long.


(to find weight by mean of a scale)

Please weigh this article.

  1. Veil

(a covering for face)

Women in Europe have thrown off the veil.

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