5 Examples of Past Indefinite Tense

5 Examples of Past Indefinite Tense. Examples of Past Indefinite Tense: He didn’t study for the test and he failed. She didn’t go to the party and she was sad. They didn’t see the movie and they were disappointed. She didn’t clean her room and she was scolded by her mother. He didn’t listen to the teacher and he got a low grade.

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5 Examples of Past Indefinite Tense

5 Past Indefinite Tense Examples

  1. – I felt awful after I slipped on the ice and sprained my ankle.
  2. – We lost power for a few hours last night due to the storm.
  3. – I’m so excited to finally be going on vacation next week!
  4. – Yesterday, John was really rude to me when I asked him to do his share of the chores.
  5. – The cake I made for dessert turned out really dry and crumbly.

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