500 Daily use English Sentences

500 Daily use English Sentences! List of 500 English sentences which are used in daily life conversation during chatting speaking and other places like at school level and business university college etc. it is very useful for the beginners to learn and speaking English sentences .

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500 Daily use English Sentences

He was declared bankrupt.

What address will I use to mail this letter?

I’ll contact you again later.

We live in a modest home.

I’m not in school right now.

You’re the one who paints the house.

Reduce the speed of your vehicle.

Is it possible to increase the volume?

Every Sunday, I play tennis.

I’m exhausted.

Who do you think it is?

Will you accompany me or will you accompany me?

My watch has stopped working.

What is the cost of that?

This isn’t a good idea.

Every week, I write letters.

He is not a student.

I live in a small beachfront apartment.

It is a sad situation.

The hotel’s exterior.

500 daily use sentences

How to improve daily english conversation?

Do you have a spouse?

Do you have any idea what’s going on?

Driving is something I enjoy doing.

Everything he says is false.

In the game, he scored a goal.

I’d like to fax something.

What are you up to these days?

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.

It’s less than a buck.

He doesn’t have a canine companion.

Please excuse me.

I’ll be there to pick you up.

It takes a long time.

I’d like a little more water.

What’s your name, by the way?

Let’s take a look at where he stands.

Today he is dressed in a blue shirt.

  1. I’m very good at what I do.
  2. What has been done has been done.
  3. He speaks with a nasal inflection.

how to improve daily english conversation

500 Daily use English sentences pdf download

The terms had been agreed upon.

You are not attractive.

How much does it cost on a daily basis?

I sincerely hope so.

The temperature is expected to drop tomorrow.

He’s curious as to when you’ll arrive.

She is employed as a waitress.

They’re on their way back now.

Isn’t that fine for him?

I’m a Brazilian.


My brother owns a large house on the crest of a hill.

What is the best way for me to get to the city?

You’re a glutton for punishment.

I’d like to get a car.

It’s a good start.

Is it possible for me to borrow some funds?

Daily use 1000 English sentences

What school did you attend to learn English?

She is employed by a company.

He has no intention of remaining silent.

So, what are your plans for tonight?

It’s up to you to decide what happens to me.

My store is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

She is attractive.

In any case, one must pass the time.

how to speak english fluently in daily life

English Sentences

You must hurry or you will miss the train.

In the east, the sun rises.

I’d be delighted to.

He’s suffering from a severe headache.

I’ll contact you again tomorrow.

He might have a thousand rupees on him at most.

I don’t agree with you.

That is something I decline.

What exactly is going on?

I don’t have a great command of the French language.

What store did you get it from?

I followed the instructions.

It is suitable for marriage.

Keep your mouth shut.

The rising sun is revered by all.

Good night, everyone.

I’m currently occupied.

This job isn’t right for you.

You’re moving too quickly.

That location has fertile soil.

Collection of  English Sentences 

I hope this makes sense.

Take it easy.

Could you please assist me?

Are you able to show me?

Take it slow and steady.

Sara is attractive.

Is it necessary for me to do so?

I’ve got to get to work.

I have a lot of things to say.

I’m not in London right now.

She is one of my closest friends.

What are your travel plans?

Next time, I’ll see you

I’m not sure.

So far, so good

500 daily use english sentences

You can Download 500 daily use English sentences pdf download



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