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In a world where snacking options are endless, there’s a special category of treats that often goes unnoticed yet packs a powerful punch of flavor and nutrition – dry fruits. From the sweet crunch of almonds to the chewy richness of dates, each variety offers a unique taste experience that transcends typical snack fare. Join us on a journey through the diverse and vibrant world of dry fruits as we explore their names, origins, and health benefits.

Dry Fruits Names In English


A popular nut known for its crunchy texture and nutty flavor, often eaten raw or roasted and used in various dishes.


A type of nut recognized for its brain-like shape, offering a rich, slightly bitter taste and healthful oils.


Curved, kidney-shaped nuts with a sweet flavor and creamy texture, commonly used in snacks, dishes, and desserts.


Small, green nuts encased in a hard shell, known for their distinctive, savory flavor and used in both sweet and savory recipes.


Dried grapes that are sweet and chewy, commonly used as a snack or in baking, cooking, and brewing.


Sweet, chewy fruits from the date palm tree, often eaten dried and used in a variety of culinary dishes.


Soft, sweet fruits, often eaten dried for a chewy texture and rich flavor, used in snacks and culinary dishes.


Small, orange fruits that are tart when fresh and sweet when dried, used in a variety of dishes and snacks.


Dried plums known for their sweet flavor and chewy texture, often used in cooking and baking or as a digestive aid.


Tart, red berries often dried and sweetened, used in baking, snacks, and as an addition to dishes for a tart flavor.


Small, blue berries known for their sweet taste and nutritional benefits, commonly eaten fresh or dried.


Small, round fruits with a sweet or tart taste, commonly dried and used in a variety of culinary applications.


A type of nut with a rich, buttery flavor, often used in desserts, especially pies, or eaten as a snack.


Round nuts with a sweet, earthy flavor, commonly used in chocolates, spreads, and baked goods.

Macadamia Nuts

Small, round nuts known for their rich, buttery taste and creamy texture, often used in confectionery and baking.

Brazil Nuts

Large nuts with a smooth, buttery texture and a slightly bitter taste, known for their selenium content.

Pine Nuts

Small, elongated nuts with a buttery, sweet flavor, commonly used in pesto and other Mediterranean dishes.


Legumes that are commonly roasted and salted, used in various cuisines, snacks, and making peanut butter.

Sunflower Seeds

Small, black seeds with a mild, nutty flavor, often eaten roasted as a snack or used in salads and breads.

Pumpkin Seeds

Flat, oval seeds with a chewy texture and nutty flavor, often roasted and salted as a snack or used in dishes.

Chia Seeds

Tiny, black seeds known for their ability to absorb liquid and form a gel, used in health foods and smoothies.


Small, brown or golden seeds rich in omega-3 fatty acids and fiber, used in baking and as a nutritional supplement.

Sesame Seeds

Small, flat seeds with a rich, nutty flavor, often used in baking, cooking, and to make sesame oil.

Hemp Seeds

Small, brown seeds rich in protein and healthy fats, used in health foods, smoothies, and as a topping.

Goji Berries

Bright orange-red berries known for their sweet taste and health benefits, often eaten dried as a snack or in health foods.


Sweet, slightly tart berries, often dried and used as a snack or in health foods for their nutritional benefits.

Golden Raisins

Dried yellow grapes with a sweet, fruity flavor, used in cooking, baking, and as a snack.


Small, sweet, light-colored dried grapes, commonly used in baking, cooking, and as a snack.


Small, dried berries with a sweet and tangy flavor, used in baking and cooking, particularly in cakes and pastries.

Kiwi Fruit

Dried slices of kiwi fruit, known for their sweet and tangy flavor, used as a snack or in culinary dishes.

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Dried slices of papaya, chewy and sweet, used as a snack or in culinary preparations for their tropical flavor.


Dried slices of mango, known for their sweet, chewy texture and intense flavor, used as a snack or in recipes.


Dried pieces of guava, sweet and tangy, used as a tropical-flavored snack or in various culinary dishes.


Dried pieces of jackfruit, sweet and chewy, used as a snack or in culinary dishes for a tropical flavor.


Dried pieces of pineapple, chewy and sweet, used as a snack or in culinary dishes for a tropical twist.

Dragon Fruit

Dried slices of dragon fruit, known for their vibrant color and sweet, slightly tart flavor, used as a snack or in dishes.

50 dry fruits names list

Dry Fruits Names In English

dry fruits names and benefits

all dry fruits name

50 dry fruits names in English

dry fruits names

PrunesMakhanaDry Berries

RaisinsAlmonds Hazelnuts

Dry Figs

Sesame Seeds

Cashew Nut

Pistachios PeanutFlax Seed

Watermelon Seeds

DatesBetel Nut

Dry Coconut


Corn Nuts

ChestnutCacao bobFennel

Walnuts Coffee

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