Animals And Their Homes

Animals And Their Homes. A list of Animals with their homes is listed here. All the animals in the world needed shelter to live a life. Different animals live different lifestyles.

Most important animals and their homes are present here with the detailed lesson. to improve your vocabulary must read below. it is a wonderful and informative lesson for beginners to learn about animals and their shelter for knowledge.

Animals And Their Homes



Swan Swannery
Buffalo Barn, Byre, Pasture, Stable
Rook Nest
Woodpecker Nest
Cat Cattery, Lair, Den
Leopard Safari, savanna
Frog Froggery, ranarium
Wallaby Hollow tree
Rat Nest, hole
Eagle Eyrie
Penguin Penguinery
Dog Kennel
Cheetah Safari, savanna
Alligator Nest
Snake Ophidarium, snakery
Crane Nest
Whale Whalery
Bird Aviary, nest
Gorilla Nest
Aardvark Burrow, den
Dove Columbarium, dovecot
Beaver Beavery, lodge, burrow
Bat Roost, cave
Raven Ravenry
Badger Hole, sett
Mole Burrow, Fortress, Tunnel
Sea lion Rookery
Monkey Tree
Polar bear Hole, burrow
Viper Hole, burrow
Cattle Barn, Byre, Pasture, Stable
Squirrel Dray or drey
Coyote Lair
Porcupine Burrow, hollow trunk
Llama Hut
Guinea Pig Hutch, cage
Ferret Cage
Donkey Barn, shed
Tiger Lair
Parrot Cage
Gerbil Gerbilarium
Dolphin Dolphinarium
Armadillo Burrow
Rabbit Hutch, burrow, hole
Yak Hill, mountain, barn
Hawk Hawkery, mew
Fox Burrow, hole, lair
Termite Termitarium, mound
Hare Form
Fish Aquarium, vivary, pond
Kangaroo Hollow tree
Beetle Land(tunnel)
Wolf Lair, den
Bear Den, cave
Nightingale Nest
Crow Nest
Raccoon Den, burrow
Snail Snailery
Zebra Safari, veldts
Pig Cote, pen, sty
Koala Tree
Fly Cracks, crevasse
Duck Nest, pond
Lion Den
Otter Couch, holt, lodge
Goat Locker, pen
Hippopotamus River banks
Bittern Nest
Possum Tree, forest
Sparrow Nest
Deer Grass, trees, and bushes
Cockroach Homes, sewers, privies
Chimpanzee Tree
Ape Logging, nest
Moose Moosey land
Wombat Burrow
Ostrich Veldts
Giraffe Safari
Turtle Sea
Owl Owlery
Hyena Den
Grouse Nest
Crocodile Nest
Porpoise Sea, aquarium
Spider Web
Camel Desert
Pigeon Cote, loft
Hornet Hive
Hamster Cage
Ant Formicary, hive, nest
Grasshopper Grassland
Rhinoceros Savannah, wallow
Horse Stable, mew, stall
Bee Aviary, beehive, hive
Elephant Dip-wad, nest
Panda Bamboo tree
Chicken Coop
Mouse Mouse-hole
Shark Sea
Sheep Cot or cote, fold, pen

Animals And Their Homes

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Animals and Homes Pictures

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