50 English Sentences Used In Daily Life

Have you ever wondered what are the most common English sentences used in daily life? Whether you’re a native English speaker or learning the language as a second language, mastering these essential phrases can greatly enhance your ability to communicate effectively.

From simple greetings to expressing emotions and making requests, these 50 English sentences have become ingrained in our everyday conversations. Join us on a journey through the fabric of daily communication as we explore the diverse and versatile nature of these fundamental expressions.

50 English Sentences Used In Daily Life

  • As you please
  • By God’s Grace!
  • Come what may!
  • Do come
  • Doesn’t matter
  • Get Off
  • Glad/Nice to meet you
  • Go down
  • Go up
  • Good heavens!
  • How dare you!
  • I will try my level best
  • How disgraceful!
  • How disgusting!
  • Hurry up!
  • I beg your pardon
  • Is it?
  • It’s all yours
  • Let it be
  • Long time no see
  • Not the least!
  • I have had lunch.
  • I want its fancy price.
  • It sounds great.
  • I want that one suit. Or I want that one.
  • I will give you a fancy price for it.
  • In course of time….
  • It’s all you do.
  • Just taste it.
  • Key feels like eating funnel cake.
  • I must go.
  • Many a man was killed.
  • My study is going on well.
  • I know everything.
  • Nothing special.
  • Rashmi feels like eating rissoles.
  • I have two rupees less.
  • I know nothing.
  • Rest assured.
  • What is done is done.
  • What is going on?
  • There is less salt in the curry.
  • There is no sense in it.
  • What a shame!
  • This is selling at throw away price.
  • What does it matter?
  • There is nothing but water.
  • Two and two make four.
  • Use your brain sometimes.
  • Use your brains/use your mind.
  • She has no money.
  • Tea will do?
  • That boy David reads in your class.
  • What a bother!
  • The examination is about to start.
  • I feel like eating luddu.
  • I feel like.
  • The train is about to come.
  • Wait a bit.
  • Walk carefully.
  • That’s a good idea.
  • What happened.
  • That’s enough.
  • What is the time by your watch?
  • What to do?
  • Which one of these umbrellas is yours?
  • I am not a riff-riff person.
  • You have no manner.
  • I am sleepy.
  • Where does this road lead to?
  • I ate food.
  • You have a brush.
  • I do not take tea.
  • Which time?
  • Who is it?
  • Why are you staring
  • Will you do me a favor?
  • You are a deceiver and cheater.
  • I am to go
  • You feel like.
  • You have a brain.
  • What is your intention?
  • You have a brush.
  • Where to go?
  • You should see a doctor.

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English Sentences Used in Daily Life

English sentences used in daily life

Best English sentences used in daily life

  • Oh, I am sorry. I have got a bit late
  • Please help yourself
  • Rest assured
  • Sorry for the inconvenience
  • That’s so kind of you
  • Watch out!
  • Well done, dear
  • What a bother!
  • I don’t eat non veg on Tuesday.
  • I don’t want.
  • What nonsense!
  • Would you please speak slowly?
  • A set of books is on the table.
  • Wonderful!
  • Are you married all?
  • I don’t need your advice
  • Are you there?
  • Come what may I will not talk to him.
  • Didn’t you go to the cinema yesterday?
  • Do come.
  • I don’t know telling a lie.
  • I don’t need you.
  • Do you have some money?
  • Don’t do this.

best english sentences used in daily life

Best Daily Use English Sentences

  • Don’t embarrass me.
  • He has been to the market.
  • Don’t talk nonsense
  • He always keeps telling a lie.
  • Don’t wink.
  • Don’t you disturb me?
  • Excuse me.
  • Have you ever been to Delhi?
  • Have you ever been to Vinod’s home?
  • Fancy price.
  • Get lost.
  • Go yourself.
  • Has someone come?
  • Have a tea.
  • Have you ever…
  • Having said that….
  • Don’t get me as stupid as you.
  • Have you ever eaten pizza?
  • I am having dinner.
  • He feels like.
  • He has been to school.
  • He must be tired.
  • How much time it will take?
  • I am doing my work.
  • I am full.
  • He will be in the room.
  • I am going to the office.
  • I am having lunch.
  • He saw a running thief.
  • It does not mean…
  • Look ahead.
  • Make the bed.
  • I have no money.
  • I have to go.
  • He went to school.
  • I am having my haircut.
  • He has gone to market
  • He is good at English.
  • I have had breakfast.
  • He is so called a teacher.
  • He is very stingy
  • I got it.
  • I have been out since morning.

50 Simple Sentences In English For Daily Use

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common english sentences used in daily life common english sentences used in daily life

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