Funny English vocabulary words

Funny English vocabulary words. Many English words are unintentionally funny. Some of these words sound like they would be used in a comedic context when in reality they are just everyday words with humorous origins. Other English words are just flat-out bizarreflat-oute you wonder how they came to be. Here are a few examples of funny English vocabulary words:

Doodle: A doodle is a simple drawing, usually done without much thought or planning. The word comes from the German word “Dudley,” in which Dudley plays music poorly. So basically, a doodle is a bad drawing!

Poke: When you poke someone, you lightly prodded them with your finger. But the origins of this word quite come from the Old English word “Roca,” which was used to describe an evil spirit that enters your body and causes disease.

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Funny English vocabulary words

Funny english vocabulary word

Flummox Caoutchouc Fartlek
Clubfooted Cruse Bobolink
Corymb Quaf Sthene
Comeuppance Macaronic Erinaceous
Borborygm Ecru Jerboa
Tiddlywinks Snooker Bogey
Rijsttaffel Blatherskite Doodlesack
Bombastic Tarboosh Catarrh
Donnybrook Pleach Bulgur
Scabrous Rickettsia Bibble
Argle-Bargle Zeugma Hullaballoo
Frippery Snickersnee Bonny
Gymkhana Fancywork Kittiwake
Pronk Gamin Snafu
Jerkin Juggernaut Slapstick
Funambulism Yarborough Nautch
Piffling Boustrophedon Bowyang
Cloying Maltipoo Tightwad
Oxter Jest Collywobbles
Botchy Bumbershoot Lugubrious
Geta Abattoir More
Googolplex Borborygmus Primp
Cheesecake Egg Taradiddle
Baksheesh Zoanthropy Lackadaisical
Pannikin Gibbous Scrivener
Berserker Abibliophobia Bumpkin
Bamboo Shoot Mammee Kismet
Jumble Dither Kahikatea
Lothario Quisling Scuppernong
Sambur Snollygoster Mahout
Nosegay Calash Yaws
Absquatulate Calabash Frontispiece
Abdominous Kudzu Asinine
Mahatma Chockablock Nudiustertian
Quire Mawkish Fizgig
Usufruct Drivel Daguerreotype
Brouhaha Panjandrum Bloviate
Paltry Rouleau Sully
Piddling Slosh Nidifugous
Blinker Crumple Abraid
Quizzical Finifugal Godwottery
Huisache Pogonip Hawsehole
Cattywampus Jackanapes Billingsgate
Homunculus Winklepicker Clapboard
Jambeau Pogey Auk
Besom Syzygy Dudeen
Sphinx Jingoism Woebegone
Soliloquy Gibbosity Ribald
Apeshit Trepang Bardolatry
Pontoon Spondulicks Oakum
Purdah Malarkey Remora
Pandiculation Pauciloquent Mealymouthed
Jape Rinderpest Bumfuzzle
Doggerel Bowline Gerund
Haft Slipshod Jetsam
Fuggy Tittynope Gnomon
Grog Doff Jeroboam
Fantysheeny Kameez Ratoon
Abear Nadir Friendlily
Diphthong Topple Kama
Gardyloo Deckle Gobbledygook
Doldrums Blunderbuss Hokum
Apprehend Hoydenism Gallimaufry
Shalwar Pharos Flotsam
Braggart Kwashiorkor Dullard
Gubbins Dongle Jennet
Anchusa Popple Hen-Peck
Codswallop Hodgepodge Blowhole
Thuggee Currish Almoner
Tsetse Outflow Jocund
Bust Whorl Impignorate
Tomalley Widdershins Athazagoraphobia
Gawp Wabbit Fantods
Biltong Burmeisteria Dillydally
Dnieper Flibbertigibbet Couscous
Rhumb Ewer Cabotage
Ragamuffin Samizdat Dithyramb
Chortle Daedal Lollygag
Blackguard Prim  

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Funny English vocabulary words funny english words funny words

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