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Health is like a treasure chest filled with golden coins; you want to keep it full and shiny. When we talk about staying healthy, there’s a funny but wise saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” This idiom is a colorful way to remind us how important it is to take care of our health by doing simple things, like eating fruits. It teaches us that sometimes, small actions can help us avoid big problems with our health. So, let’s explore more about this and other health-related idioms that make learning English fun and can help us remember to stay healthy!

Definition of Health?

Health refers to the state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. It encompasses a balanced state where an individual thrives, capable of handling stress, communicating effectively, and physically functioning in everyday life. Health is the foundation of happiness and longevity, highlighting the importance of care across all aspects of life.

Idioms About Health

1. An apple a day

Meaning: Prevention

  • An apple a day keeps doctors away.
  • She eats fruit daily, avoiding illness.
  • Healthy snacks promote longer life spans.

2. Under the weather

Meaning: Sick

  • He’s feeling under the weather today.
  • Missed work, felt under the weather.
  • Staying home, she’s under the weather.

3. Fit as a fiddle

Meaning: Healthy

  • He’s ninety but fit as a fiddle.
  • Jogging daily keeps her fit as a fiddle.
  • Fit as a fiddle, he outpaced youngsters.

4. Back on one’s feet

Meaning: Recovered

  • Surgery went well, back on feet.
  • She’s finally back on her feet.
  • After flu, he’s back on feet.

5. Bitter pill to swallow

Meaning: Unpleasant

  • Losing the game, a bitter pill.
  • Bad news is a bitter pill.
  • Rejection was a bitter pill indeed.

6. In the pink of health

Meaning: Flourishing

  • Grandma’s 90 and in pink health.
  • Returned from spa in pink health.
  • After diet, he’s in pink health.

7. Sick as a dog

Meaning: Very ill

  • Missed school, sick as a dog.
  • She’s sick as a dog today.
  • Flu left him sick as a dog.

8. On the mend

Meaning: Recovering

  • After surgery, he’s on the mend.
  • Feeling better, definitely on the mend.
  • Her health is on the mend.

9. Feeling no pain

Meaning: Numb

  • After meds, feeling no pain.
  • Post-surgery, she’s feeling no pain.
  • Celebrated hard, felt no pain.

10. Kick the bucket

Meaning: Die

  • Old Mr. Smith finally kicked the bucket.
  • Heard the old tree kicked the bucket.
  • He fears he’ll kick the bucket early.

11. Alive and kicking

Meaning: Active

  • Grandpa is old but alive, kicking.
  • Despite rumors, he’s alive and kicking.
  • She’s very much alive and kicking.

12. Burn the candle at both ends

Meaning: Overwork

  • Studying hard, burning the candle.
  • Works late, burning the candle.
  • Burning the candle, health deteriorates.

13. Catch one’s breath

Meaning: Rest

  • Sat down to catch his breath.
  • After running, caught her breath.
  • Can’t catch breath, too busy.

14. Clean bill of health

Meaning: Healthy

  • Doctor gave him clean bill health.
  • Annual check-up, received clean bill.
  • Passed physical with clean health bill.

15. Drop like flies

Meaning: Collapse

  • In heat, people drop like flies.
  • During flu season, dropping like flies.
  • Soldiers dropped like flies in battle.

16. As fit as a butcher’s dog

Meaning: Very healthy

  • Eats well, fit as butcher’s dog.
  • His fitness, like a butcher’s dog.
  • Trained hard, now butcher’s dog fit.

17. Hale and hearty

Meaning: Robust

  • He remains hale and hearty.
  • Grandmother, 85, is hale, hearty.
  • Hale and hearty at every reunion.

18. Out of shape

Meaning: Unfit

  • Stopped gym, now out of shape.
  • Eating junk, quickly out of shape.
  • Few realize how out of shape.

19. Run-down

Meaning: Exhausted

  • Feels run-down after work.
  • This week left me run-down.
  • Neglected car is totally run-down.

20. Sick to one’s stomach

Meaning: Nauseated

  • Bad news made her sick stomach.
  • Ate too much, sick to stomach.
  • Rides always leave him stomach sick.

21. Spitting image

Meaning: Resemble

  • He’s spitting image of healthy dad.
  • Spitting image, but healthier than ever.
  • Twins, spitting image and equally fit.

22. Take a turn for the worse

Meaning: Deteriorate

  • His condition took turn for worse.
  • Weather took a turn for worse.
  • Hope things don’t take worse turn.

23. Throw in the towel

Meaning: Quit

  • Too sick, had to throw towel.
  • Threw in the towel, health waned.
  • Decided to throw towel, retired early.

24. Up and about

Meaning: Active

  • After flu, she’s up and about.
  • He’s finally up and about again.
  • Up and about, despite the odds.

25. Washed out

Meaning: Fatigued

  • Looks washed out after party.
  • Felt washed out all day.
  • Work left her completely washed out.

26. Full of beans

Meaning: Energetic

  • Kids are absolutely full of beans.
  • Woke up feeling full of beans.
  • Full of beans, despite long day.

27. On one’s last legs

Meaning: Failing

  • This old car’s on last legs.
  • He’s on his last legs, sadly.
  • Laptop is definitely on last legs.

28. Pain in the neck

Meaning: Annoying

  • This cold is a pain neck.
  • Sorting files, real pain in neck.
  • Her complaints, always pain in neck.

29. Salt of the earth

Meaning: Genuine

  • His healthy lifestyle, salt of earth.
  • She’s salt of earth, truly kind.
  • Neighbors are salt of the earth.

30. Tip-top shape

Meaning: Excellent

  • His health is in tip-top shape.
  • Car’s maintained in tip-top shape.
  • Garden looks tip-top, very healthy.

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