1000+ Best List of Adverbs (A to Z Adverbs List PDF)

Creating a list of adverbs pdf, especially for beginners, involves selecting words that modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs, typically conveying manner, place, time, frequency, degree, level of certainty, etc. This introductory paragraph should emphasize simplicity and clarity, focusing on commonly used adverbs that are easy to understand and apply in basic sentences.

The goal is to aid learners in enhancing their descriptive abilities in a straightforward, engaging manner, thereby enriching their vocabulary and comprehension skills.

What Is An Adverb?

An adverb is a word that modifies verbs, adjectives, other adverbs, or entire sentences, often describing how, when, where, or to what extent something happens.

How Are Adverbs Used in Sentences?

  1. Modify Verbs: They explain how actions are performed. Example: “She ran quickly.”
  2. Modify Adjectives: They intensify or lessen the quality described by adjectives. Example: “The cake is very sweet.”
  3. Modify Other Adverbs: They alter the intensity or manner of other adverbs. Example: “He spoke quite softly.”
  4. Modify Entire Sentences: They can provide context or comment on the whole sentence. Example: “Unfortunately, the event was canceled.”

List of Adverbs

Beautifully Boldly Bravely
Calmly Carefully Cautiously
Eagerly Easily Elegantly
Faithfully Frankly Honestly
Joyously Kindly Neatly
Obediently Openly Patiently
Perfectly Powerfully Anxiously
Badly Blindly Carelessly
Cheerfully Equally Frantically
Generously Gently Gladly
Inadequately Justly Lazily
Madly Politely Poorly
Promptly Quickly Quietly
Rapidly Rudely Selfishly
Shyly Tensely Violently
Well Angrily Awkwardly
Cruelly Foolishly Greedily
Hastily Hungrily Irritably
Loudly Nervously Noisily
Painfully Recklessly Roughly
Sadly Stupidly Suspiciously
Almost Deeply Enough
Extremely Fully Greatly
How Incredibly Very
Utterly Totally Too
Scarcely Really Rather
Pretty Practically Positively
Much Lots Little
Least Just Intensely
Highly Hardly Far
Fairly Entirely Enormously
Decidedly Completely Barely
Awfully Absolutely Indeed
Less Most Nearly
Purely Quite Simply
So Somewhat Strongly
Terribly Thoroughly Virtually
Along Anywhere Back
Behind Here Indoors
Inside Near Nearby
Next door Outside Right
Towards Over Out
On Off In
Fast Eventually Elsewhere
East Downstairs Down
Below Backward/s Away
Abroad Above About
Overseas Rightfully Somewhere
Suddenly There Tightly
Under Underground Up
Upstairs Always Busily
Generally Hard Inquisitively
Never Normally Occasionally
Often Quarterly Rarely
Regularly Repeatedly Seriously
Sharply Sometimes Speedily
Unexpectedly Usually Almost never
Constantly Continually Daringly
Deliberately Exactly Fiercely
Frequently Hardly ever Infrequently
Intermittently Later Loosely
Mysteriously Now and then Periodically
Reluctantly Seldom Sleepily
Slowly Solemnly Swiftly
Then Weekly Accidentally
Additionally Anyway As a consequence
As a result Besides Consequently
Furthermore Hurriedly In additio
In the same way Moreover Nevertheless
Nonetheless On the other hand Otherwise
Unlike Already Daily
Early Fortnightly Immediately
Late Now Similarly
Straight Therefore Today
Tonight Wrong Wrongly
Yesterday Annually Finally
First Hourly Last
Next Not until Recently
Since Yearly Before
Doubtfully Earlier Ever
Formerly Lately Luckily
Monthly Previously Soon
Spitefully Still Tomorrow
Unbelievably Yet Clearly
Definitely Fortunately Hopefully
Interestingly Obviously Presumably
Rightly Surprisingly Unfairly
Wisely Actually Apparently
Astonishingly Doubtlessly Ideally
Incidentally Naturally Probably
Undoubtedly Basically Ultimately
Truthfully Theoretically Thankfully
Strangely Regrettably Predictably
Ironically Evidently Curiously
Confidentially Conceivably Certainly
Briefly Afterward Low
In fact In contrast to Thus
Where Even In contrast
In the event Instead Meanwhile
Quick Best However
Likewise Long More
Again Better Slow
Accusingly Arrogantly Coaxingly
Crisply Dangerously Delicately
Desperately Diligently Dreamily
Enviously Frightfully Inadvertently
Lawfully Nicely Partially
Quintessentially Reassuringly Regretfully
Seemingly Softly Stubbornly
Triumphantly Unhappily Urgently
Wearily Wildly Wonderingly
Adversely Amazingly Crossly
Disgustingly Emptily Excitedly
Famously Helpfully Importantly
Impulsively Marvelously Meaningfully
Rapturously Readily Safely
Thoughtfully Understandingly Unwillingly
Willfully Worriedly Queerly
Abruptly Briskly Coolly
Darkly Dearly Deceivingly
Distinctly Exclusively Ferociously
Freely Gratefully Heartily
Heavily Innocently Mockingly
Mostly Negatively Oddly
Passionately Pleasantly Potentially
Properly Reproachfully Restfully
Rigidly Sheepishly Sympathetically
Vastly Venomously Viciously
Absently Cleverly Commonly
Correctly Doggedly Energetically
Especially Evenly Expertly
Fervently Frenetically Furiously
Grumpily Helplessly Hopelessly
Increasingly Instantly Intently
Inwardly Jokingly Knowingly
Likely Longingly Meekly
Perpetually Pleasingly Proudly
Ravenously Searchingly Separately
Solidly Sternly Strictly
Successfully Superstitiously Tenderly
Truly Unfortunately Wonderfully
Bashfully Cleanly Delightfully
Enticingly Fearlessly Harshly
Hatefully Mindfully Miserably
Outwardly Professionally Quaveringly
Sedately Slyly Stingily
Warmly Affectionately Breathlessly
Brightly Cheaply Closely
Clumsily Compassionately Conspicuously
Daintily Determinedly Gleefully
Guiltily Happily Lightly
Mechanically Mentally Messily
Playfully Righteously Tremendously
Understandably Wholly  

Useful Adverb List A To Z

  1. Abruptly: Suddenly, without warning.
  2. Blissfully: With extreme happiness or joy.
  3. Calmly: In a relaxed and quiet manner, without agitation.
  4. Deliberately: Done in a careful and unhurried manner.
  5. Eagerly: With keen interest or enthusiasm.
  6. Fervently: With passionate intensity.
  7. Gleefully: With high-spirited joy or delight.
  8. Honestly: In a truthful, fair, or honorable way.
  9. Innocently: Without guilt or with naivety.
  10. Joyfully: With great happiness and delight.
  11. Kindly: In a caring and considerate manner.
  12. Loudly: With a high volume or intensity.
  13. Mysteriously: In a secretive or puzzling manner.
  14. Nervously: With anxiety, apprehension, or unease.
  15. Obediently: With compliance or willingness to follow commands.
  16. Patiently: With calm tolerance or acceptance of delay.
  17. Quickly: At a fast pace or speed.
  18. Rarely: Not often; infrequently.
  19. Silently: Without any sound; quietly.
  20. Tenderly: With gentleness, kindness, and affection.
  21. Unanimously: With everyone in agreement and no opposition.
  22. Vividly: In a way that produces strong, clear images in the mind.
  23. Warmly: With enthusiasm, affection, or kindness.
  24. Xenophobically: With a fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers.
  25. Yearningly: With a deep longing or desire.
  26. Zealously: With great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or objective.

Adverbs of Degree

Definition: Adverbs of degree tell us about the intensity or degree of an action, an adjective, or another adverb. They answer the question “how much?” or “to what extent?”.

  1. Almost
  2. Completely
  3. Deeply
  4. Enormously
  5. Extremely
  6. Fairly
  7. Greatly
  8. Highly
  9. Incredibly
  10. Intensely
  11. Just
  12. Merely
  13. Nearly
  14. Partly
  15. Quite
  16. Rather
  17. Scarcely
  18. Slightly
  19. Strongly
  20. Totally
  21. Utterly
  22. Very
  23. Wholly
  24. Barely
  25. Enough
  26. Indeed
  27. So
  28. Too
  29. Virtually
  30. Absolutely

Adverbs of Manner

Definition: Adverbs of manner describe how an action is performed. They answer the question “how?”.

  1. Angrily
  2. Badly
  3. Carelessly
  4. Deliberately
  5. Eagerly
  6. Fast
  7. Gently
  8. Happily
  9. Irritably
  10. Joyfully
  11. Kindly
  12. Lazily
  13. Neatly
  14. Quickly
  15. Roughly
  16. Slowly
  17. Tightly
  18. Uneasily
  19. Violently
  20. Warmly
  21. Anxiously
  22. Briskly
  23. Calmly
  24. Dutifully
  25. Effortlessly
  26. Gracefully
  27. Hastily
  28. Intently
  29. Jovially
  30. Loudly

Adverbs of Place

Definition: Adverbs of place provide information about the location of an action. They answer the question “where?”.

  1. Above
  2. Below
  3. Here
  4. There
  5. Everywhere
  6. Inside
  7. Outside
  8. Nearby
  9. Far
  10. Somewhere
  11. Anywhere
  12. Upstairs
  13. Downstairs
  14. North
  15. South
  16. East
  17. West
  18. Ahead
  19. Behind
  20. Beneath
  21. Beside
  22. Beyond
  23. In
  24. Out
  25. Over
  26. Under
  27. Around
  28. Backward
  29. Forward
  30. Homeward

Adverbs of Time

Definition: Adverbs of time provide information about when an action occurs. They answer the question “when?”.

  1. Today
  2. Tomorrow
  3. Yesterday
  4. Now
  5. Then
  6. Later
  7. Soon
  8. Recently
  9. Already
  10. Eventually
  11. Finally
  12. Frequently
  13. Immediately
  14. Late
  15. Early
  16. Never
  17. Often
  18. Sometimes
  19. Usually
  20. Annually
  21. Daily
  22. Hourly
  23. Monthly
  24. Occasionally
  25. Periodically
  26. Quarterly
  27. Rarely
  28. Weekly
  29. Yearly
  30. Constantly

Frequency Adverbs

Definition: Frequency adverbs describe how often an action occurs. They answer the question “how often?”.

  1. Always
  2. Frequently
  3. Generally
  4. Hardly ever
  5. Infrequently
  6. Normally
  7. Occasionally
  8. Often
  9. Rarely
  10. Regularly
  11. Seldom
  12. Sometimes
  13. Typically
  14. Usually
  15. Never
  16. Constantly
  17. Continually
  18. Daily
  19. Weekly
  20. Monthly
  21. Yearly
  22. Seasonally
  23. Quarterly
  24. Annually
  25. Biweekly
  26. Bimonthly
  27. Fortnightly
  28. Hourly
  29. Momentarily
  30. Periodically

Linking Adverbs

Definition: Linking adverbs connect clauses or sentences, showing the relationship between them. They answer the question “how do these parts relate?”.

  1. Therefore
  2. However
  3. Moreover
  4. Consequently
  5. Furthermore
  6. Additionally
  7. Alternatively
  8. Meanwhile
  9. Nonetheless
  10. Otherwise
  11. Similarly
  12. Subsequently
  13. Thereafter
  14. Thus
  15. Accordingly
  16. Besides
  17. Equally
  18. Hence
  19. Instead
  20. Nevertheless
  21. Then
  22. Accordingly
  23. Contrarily
  24. Conversely
  25. Ergo
  26. Notwithstanding
  27. Still
  28. Therewith
  29. Whereas
  30. Yet

Irregular Adverbs

Definition: Irregular adverbs are those that don’t follow the typical “-ly” pattern and often have the same form as the corresponding adjective.

  1. Fast
  2. Hard
  3. Late
  4. Early
  5. Long
  6. High
  7. Low
  8. Far
  9. Near
  10. Straight
  11. Well
  12. Better
  13. Best
  14. Worse
  15. Worst
  16. Little
  17. Less
  18. Least
  19. Much
  20. More
  21. Most
  22. Just
  23. Almost
  24. Quite
  25. Rather
  26. So
  27. Then
  28. Thus
  29. Very
  30. Now

Adverbs of Evaluation

Definition: Adverbs of evaluation express the speaker’s attitude towards the action, often commenting on its quality or worth.

  1. Fortunately
  2. Unfortunately
  3. Interestingly
  4. Surprisingly
  5. Sadly
  6. Obviously
  7. Clearly
  8. Thankfully
  9. Ideally
  10. Remarkably
  11. Doubtfully
  12. Preferably
  13. Regrettably
  14. Wisely
  15. Foolishly
  16. Hopefully
  17. Admittedly
  18. Presumably
  19. Undoubtedly
  20. Arguably
  21. Allegedly
  22. Seemingly
  23. Understandably
  24. Unquestionably
  25. Astonishingly
  26. Believably
  27. Conceivably
  28. Desirably
  29. Disappointingly
  30. Evidently

Sentence Adverbs

Definition: Sentence adverbs modify an entire sentence, often expressing the speaker’s opinion or attitude.

  1. Honestly
  2. Frankly
  3. Seriously
  4. Clearly
  5. Confidently
  6. Strictly
  7. Naturally
  8. Surprisingly
  9. Admittedly
  10. Fortunately
  11. Unfortunately
  12. Interestingly
  13. Importantly
  14. Essentially
  15. Practically
  16. Theoretically
  17. Generally
  18. Particularly
  19. Specifically
  20. Usually
  21. Customarily
  22. Traditionally
  23. Occasionally
  24. Rarely
  25. Frequently
  26. Commonly
  27. Normally
  28. Regularly
  29. Constantly
  30. Periodically

Adverbs with “-ly”

  1. Quickly
  2. Slowly
  3. Carefully
  4. Happily
  5. Easily
  6. Quietly
  7. Gently
  8. Sadly
  9. Rapidly
  10. Loudly
  11. Brightly
  12. Sharply
  13. Warmly
  14. Briskly
  15. Calmly
  16. Firmly
  17. Honestly
  18. Smoothly
  19. Strongly
  20. Truly
  21. Constantly
  22. Deeply
  23. Eagerly
  24. Freely
  25. Gratefully
  26. Highly
  27. Immediately
  28. Intensely
  29. Lively
  30. Neatly

Adverbs without “-ly”

  1. Fast
  2. Hard
  3. Late
  4. Early
  5. Long
  6. High
  7. Low
  8. Far
  9. Near
  10. Straight
  11. Well
  12. Much
  13. More
  14. Most
  15. Best
  16. Better
  17. Worse
  18. Worst
  19. Little
  20. Less
  21. Least
  22. Often
  23. Seldom
  24. Always
  25. Sometimes
  26. Never
  27. Now
  28. Then
  29. Here
  30. There

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