20 New Vocabulary Words With Meanings

20 New vocabulary words with meanings

New vocabulary words with meanings

Confident Undaunted
Intelligent Bright
Comical Humorous
Authentic Credible
Question Inquire
Trenchant Assertive
Vigilant Cautious
Alien Outsider
Calculating Canny
Paramount Eminent
Identical Alike
Break Burst
Valor Prowess
Deter Hinder
Mitigate Alleviate
Courage Valor
Acumen Brilliance
Acrimony Harshness
Uncouth Clownish
Grudge Aversion
Catholic Generic
Just Honest
Exhorted Advised
Capture Apprehend
Amplify Augment
Same Identical
Coarse Bawdy
Adulation Worship
Aid Assist
Desisted Ceased

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