Other Ways To Say I Like You

Love is a universal language, but sometimes it feels like there are just not enough words to express the depth of our emotions. When it comes to saying I like you, why stick to the same old phrase everyone has been using for centuries? In this article, we dive into the myriad of alternative ways you can convey your fondness for someone, from poetic expressions to quirky compliments that will surely make their heart skip a beat. So, if you’re looking to add some variety and creativity to your romantic repertoire, read on as we explore other ways to say those three little words that mean so much.

What does mean I Like You?

“I like you” is a straightforward and commonly used phrase to express positive feelings of affection and attraction towards someone. It indicates that you have a favorable opinion of the person and enjoy their company. It’s a way of conveying that you have a level of interest in them beyond just friendship. The phrase is often used to initiate or indicate romantic interest, but it can also be used in a platonic context to express general appreciation and fondness for someone.

Here are 10 Alternative words for I Like You:

  1. I’m fond of you.
  2. You appeal to me.
  3. I’m taken with you.
  4. You’ve caught my interest.
  5. You’re quite likable.
  6. You’re charming to me.
  7. I find you delightful.
  8. You’re someone I enjoy.
  9. I have a soft spot for you.
  10. You’ve won me over.

Other Ways To say I Like You

  • Am captivated by you
  • Hold you in affection
  • Am taken with you
  • Am taken with your charm
  • Hold you in high esteem
  • Have a thing for you
  • Am entranced by your presence
  • Am charmed by you
  • Am fascinated by your qualities
  • Am in awe of you
  • Am charmed by your wit
  • Admire you
  • Have a soft spot for your smile
  • Have a crush on you
  • Enjoy your company
  • Find your company delightful
  • Am nuts about you
  • Have an inclination for you
  • Have a crush on your intelligence
  • Am enchanted by you
  • Find you irresistible
  • Have a liking for you
  • Cherish you
  • Am enchanted by your personality
  • Am struck by you
  • Find your conversation captivating
  • Am keen on you
  • Have a bias towards you
  • Am enamored with you
  • Feel drawn to you
  • Fond of you
  • Am under your spell
  • Hold you in high regard
  • Appreciate you
  • Am attracted to your kindness
  • Am taken by you
  • Think highly of you
  • Am preoccupied with you
  • Am hooked on you
  • Am enamored by your generosity
  • Am bewitched by you
  • Am fondly disposed toward you
  • Am attracted to you
  • Have a weakness for you
  • Am into you
  • Adore you
  • Have a rapport with you
  • Dig you
  • Am head over heels for you
  • Am fascinated by you
  • Have eyes for you
  • Am captivated by your unique qualities
  • Am wild about you
  • Have an affection for you
  • Have a penchant for you
  • Find you appealing
  • Am sweet on you
  • Have a fascination with you
  • Am intrigued by you
  • Have a weakness for your laughter
  • Am entranced by you
  • Have a fondness for your humor
  • Am smitten with you
  • Have warm feelings for you
  • Am partial to you
  • Hold you in esteem
  • Have a soft corner for you
  • Think you’re great
  • Am infatuated with you
  • Have a soft spot for you
  • Am spellbound by you
  • Am crazy about you
  • Have a preference for you
  • Hold you dear
  • Have a high opinion of you
  • Value you
  • Am bewitched by your aura

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Formal Ways to Say I Like You

  • I hold a favorable opinion of you.
  • Your qualities are truly appreciated.
  • Your demeanor is quite agreeable.
  • I’ve developed a liking for you.
  • Your professionalism is quite impressive.
  • Your demeanor is truly exemplary.
  • I find your character commendable.
  • I respect your admirable attributes.
  • Your conduct leaves a positive impression.
  • I’m inclined to think highly of you.
  • Your attributes are quite commendable.
  • Your merits are recognized.
  • Your character is truly respected.
  • Your virtues have left an impression.
  • Your presence is truly valued.
  • I’m impressed by your demeanor.
  • Your excellence is duly noted.
  • I’m taken by your exemplary traits.
  • Your character has left an impression.
  • Your excellence has not gone unnoticed.
  • Your professionalism is recognized.
  • Your attributes are quite impressive.
  • Your virtues are highly esteemed.
  • Your qualities are genuinely valued.
  • I hold your character in high regard.
  • Your conduct is truly commendable.
  • Your qualities resonate with me.
  • I’m partial to your qualities.
  • Your virtues are praiseworthy.
  • Your qualities are truly commendable.
  • Your virtues are truly valued.
  • I’m taken by your professionalism.
  • I find your professionalism remarkable.
  • I appreciate your excellent qualities.
  • I esteem your conduct highly.
  • I view you with genuine respect.
  • Your qualities have captivated me.
  • Your demeanor is truly noteworthy.
  • I find your attributes noteworthy.
  • I’m drawn to your admirable qualities.
  • Your merits have caught my attention.
  • Your demeanor is truly praiseworthy.
  • Your professionalism stands out.
  • Your conduct is highly respected.
  • I’m drawn to your outstanding traits.
  • I’m favorably disposed toward you.
  • I’ve taken notice of your excellence.
  • You’ve earned my esteem.
  • Your conduct is highly esteemed.
  • I’m inclined to hold you in esteem.
  • I’m appreciative of your qualities.
  • I view you with high regard.
  • Your virtues are held in high esteem.
  • Your virtues resonate with me.
  • Your presence is truly appreciated.
  • Your demeanor is most appealing.
  • I’m drawn to your positive traits.
  • I hold your character in high esteem.
  • I’m favorably inclined toward you.
  • I’m impressed by your admirable traits.
  • Your demeanor leaves a positive impact.
  • I find your qualities admirable.
  • I’ve taken notice of your merits.
  • Your virtues are genuinely admired.
  • I view you with high respect.

Informal Ways to Say I Like You

  • I’m into you.
  • You’re cool.
  • I’m a fan.
  • I’m hooked on you.
  • You’re awesome.
  • I’m really feeling you.
  • You’re the best.
  • I’ve got a thing for you.
  • I’m crushing on you.
  • You’re amazing.
  • I’m really digging you.
  • You’re fantastic.
  • I’m totally into you.
  • You’re great.
  • I’m all about you.
  • You’re rad.
  • I’m smitten with you.
  • You’re super.
  • I’m falling for you.
  • You’re incredible.
  • I’m head over heels for you.
  • You’re the bomb.
  • I’m lovin’ you.
  • You’re wonderful.
  • I’ve got a crush on you.
  • You’re wicked cool.
  • I’m stuck on you.
  • You’re top-notch.
  • I’m wild about you.
  • You’re ace.
  • I can’t get enough of you.
  • You’re rocking.
  • I’m enchanted by you.
  • You’re the bee’s knees.
  • I’m infatuated with you.
  • You’re dope.
  • I’m totally smitten.
  • You’re epic.
  • I’m head over heels.
  • You’re so rad.
  • I’m totally taken by you.
  • You’re stellar.
  • I’m nuts about you.
  • You’re legendary.
  • I’m really fond of you.
  • You’re marvelous.
  • I’m crazy about you.
  • You’re one in a million.
  • I’ve got a soft spot for you.
  • You’re astonishing.
  • I’m totally enchanted.
  • You’re out of this world.
  • I’m really stuck on you.
  • You’re mind-blowing.
  • I’m seriously diggin’ you.
  • You’re unreal.
  • I’m head over heels in like.
  • You’re a star.
  • I’m totally captivated by you.
  • You’re irreplaceable.

Idiomatic Ways to Say I Like You

  1. I’ve got a crush on you: “I can’t help it, but I’ve got a crush on you.”
  2. You’re my cup of tea: “Your sense of humor is just my cup of tea.”
  3. I’m fond of you: “I’m really fond of spending time with you.”
  4. You’re a breath of fresh air: “Meeting you was like a breath of fresh air in my life.”
  5. You’re growing on me: “At first, I wasn’t sure, but you’re definitely growing on me.”
  6. You’ve won me over: “Your kindness has won me over completely.”
  7. You’re quite the charmer: “I must say, you’re quite the charmer.”
  8. I’m sweet on you: “I must admit, I’m pretty sweet on you.”
  9. You’re my favorite person: “Out of everyone, you’re my favorite person.”
  10. You’re a gem: “Your support during tough times proves that you’re a gem.”
  11. I’m head over heels for you: “I’m head over heels for you, and I can’t hide it.”
  12. You’re a delight to be around: “Your positivity makes you such a delight to be around.”
  13. I’ve taken a liking to you: “I’ve taken a liking to your adventurous spirit.”
  14. You’re my kind of wonderful: “Your thoughtful gestures make you my kind of wonderful.”
  15. I’m smitten with you: “I find myself utterly smitten with you.”
  16. You’re the bee’s knees: “Your unique style is truly the bee’s knees.”
  17. You light up my day: “Just seeing you smile can light up my day.”
  18. You’re top-notch in my book: “Your dedication puts you right at the top in my book.”
  19. You’ve caught my attention: “Your talents have definitely caught my attention.”
  20. I’m enchanted by you: “There’s something about you that I’m completely enchanted by.”
  21. You’re a star in my eyes: “In my eyes, you’re an absolute star.”
  22. You’re a keeper: “With your kindness, you’re definitely a keeper.”
  23. I’m drawn to you: “There’s an undeniable magnetism – I’m drawn to you.”
  24. You’re someone special: “Among all, you’re someone truly special to me.”
  25. You’ve stolen my heart: “I can’t deny it – you’ve completely stolen my heart.”

Professional Ways to Say I Like You

  • You’re impressive.
  • Your skills shine.
  • Your work stands out.
  • I value your approach.
  • Your efforts are valued.
  • You’re commendable.
  • Your expertise is notable.
  • Your insights matter.
  • I appreciate your dedication.
  • Your professionalism shows.
  • Your contributions matter.
  • You excel consistently.
  • Your commitment is recognized.
  • Your talents are evident.
  • You’re highly capable.
  • Your input is respected.
  • Your work ethic impresses.
  • Your proficiency is clear.
  • I admire your performance.
  • You’re remarkably skilled.
  • Your insights are valuable.
  • Your efforts are respected.
  • Your work quality shines.
  • Your competence is evident.
  • You make a difference.
  • Your dedication is noted.
  • Your qualities stand out.
  • I value your skills.
  • Your work is exceptional.
  • Your professionalism is evident.
  • Your commitment is clear.
  • Your insights contribute.
  • You’re a valuable asset.
  • Your approach is effective.
  • Your work ethic matters.
  • Your abilities impress.
  • Your contributions count.
  • I’m impressed by you.
  • Your skills are valued.
  • Your dedication is evident.


How can I convey my appreciation for someone?

You can express your admiration or liking by saying things like “I think highly of you” or “I hold you in high regard.”

What’s a professional way to show I enjoy someone’s company?

You could say, “I genuinely enjoy spending time with you” or “Your presence is truly pleasant.”

How do I let someone know I have positive feelings towards them?

You can communicate your sentiments by stating “I have a favorable opinion of you” or “I have a positive impression of you.”

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