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Synonyms list in English! 1000+ very useful synonyms list in English. All the basic and daily use synonyms words are listed. These synonyms are very important if you want to speak English fluently.

Words list of synonyms in English are so important for people to know because they allow you to describe a person in a more detailed way. When you use words like “bad” or “evil”, it doesn’t give the person you’re describing much depth.

However, when you use words like “vindictive”, “jealous”, or “selfish”, you’re able to create a more well-rounded picture of the person in your mind. As a result, words lists of synonyms in English can be incredibly useful when you’re trying to communicate your thoughts and feelings about someone.

Here is 20 words list of synonyms in English:

  1. Beautiful: Attractive
  2. Happy: Joyful
  3. Small: Tiny
  4. Smart: Intelligent
  5. Angry: Furious
  6. Good: Excellent
  7. Sad: Unhappy
  8. Brave: Courageous
  9. Kind: Benevolent
  10. Rich: Wealthy
  11. Strong: Powerful
  12. Generous: Charitable
  13. Friendly: Amicable
  14. Quiet: Silent
  15. Love: Adore
  16. Help: Assist
  17. Interesting: Intriguing
  18. Safe: Secure
  19. Pretty: Attractive
  20. Old: Elderly

Synonyms List in English

Assure <———> Affirm, give one’s word
Astounded <———> Amazed, startled
Attitude <———> Viewpoint, approach
Authentic <———> Reliable, true
Beneath <———> Below, under, lower than
Beside <———> Adjacent to, close to
Bottom <———> Underside, lower side
Broiler <———> Stove, grill
Cabinet <———> Case, container
Call on <———> Pay visit to, go and see
Care <———> Be concerned, bother, be worried
Challenge <———> Invite to prove
Chops <———> Pieces, fragments, bits
Connected <———> Joined, linked
Couch <———> Settee, sofa, ottoman
Crazy <———> Absurd, foolish, unwise
Curious <———> Inquisitive, interested, intrigued
Cutlets <———> Pieces, bits, fragments
Define <———> Give the meaning of, describe
Demand <———> Ask, inquire, question
Disgusted <———> Displeased
Eccentric <———> Odd, queer, strange
Eccentric <———> Strange man, queer fish, character
Elevator <———> Lift, hoist
Envelope <———> Casing, covering
Exactly <———> Just so, quit so, indeed
Expect <———> Look for, look forward
Explain <———> Describe, define, make clear
Fastened <———> Attached, fixed
Folded <———> Doubled, creased, turned
Frown <———> Disapprove of
Gadget <———> Appliance, tool, device
Genuine <———> True, open, honest
Glare <———> Stare angrily, scowl, frown
Hallway <———> A corridor in a building
Hesitate <———> Pause, abide, linger
Hung up <———> Put down
Immoral <———> Bad, wicked, sinful, vile
Impulsively <———> Carelessly, quickly
Incredulous <———> Disbelieving, doubtful, suspicious
Inquire <———> Ask, make inquiries about
Intrigue <———> Attract, draw one’s
Introduce <———> To present by name to another.

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List of Synonyms in English

  • Happy: Joyful, delighted, content
  • Sad: Unhappy, sorrowful, miserable
  • Beautiful: Attractive, stunning, gorgeous
  • Angry: Furious, irate, enraged
  • Smart: Intelligent, clever, knowledgeable
  • Good: Excellent, great, superb
  • Kind: Benevolent, compassionate, generous
  • Strong: Powerful, robust, sturdy
  • Generous: Charitable, benevolent, magnanimous
  • Friendly: Amicable, affable, sociable
  • Quiet: Silent, hushed, tranquil
  • Love: Adore, cherish, affection
  • Help: Assist, support, aid
  • Interesting: Intriguing, captivating, engaging
  • Safe: Secure, protected, shielded
  • Pretty: Attractive, lovely, charming
  • Old: Elderly, senior, aged
  • Small: Tiny, little, miniature
  • Clever: Ingenious, resourceful, sharp
  • Brave: Courageous, fearless, valiant
  • Funny: Hilarious, comical, amusing
  • Rich: Wealthy, affluent, prosperous
  • Scared: Terrified, frightened, panicked
  • Tired: Exhausted, fatigued, weary
  • Honest: Truthful, sincere, candid
  • Difficult: Challenging, demanding, formidable
  • Beautiful: Lovely, captivating, enchanting
  • Clean: Pristine, spotless, immaculate
  • Famous: Renowned, celebrated, well-known
  • Different: Distinct, unique, disparate
  • Smart: Ingenious, shrewd, astute
  • Peaceful: Serene, tranquil, calm
  • Big: Enormous, vast, colossal
  • New: Novel, fresh, innovative
  • Friendly: Cordial, amiable, affable
  • Clever: Resourceful, brilliant, inventive
  • Kind: Considerate, compassionate, tender
  • Hardworking: Diligent, industrious, conscientious
  • Annoyed: Irritated, vexed, agitated
  • Fast: Swift, rapid, quic

Happy Synonyms List

  1. Joyful: Delighted, elated, exuberant
  2. Content: Satisfied, fulfilled, pleased
  3. Ecstatic: Euphoric, rapturous, overjoyed
  4. Blissful: Serene, heavenly, euphoric
  5. Merry: Jolly, cheerful, mirthful
  6. Elation: Rapture, exhilaration, exultation
  7. Radiant: Beaming, glowing, resplendent
  8. Buoyant: Upbeat, vivacious, lighthearted
  9. Cheerful: Joyous, sunny, optimistic
  10. Thrilled: Excited, enthusiastic, thrilled
  11. Exhilarated: Energized, invigorated, elated
  12. Jubilant: Celebratory, triumphant, ecstatic
  13. Festive: Celebratory, merry, joyous
  14. Gleeful: Joyful, euphoric, overjoyed
  15. Delighted: Happy, pleased, gratified
  16. Satisfied: Content, fulfilled, pleased
  17. Contented: Happy, satisfied, gratified
  18. Euphoric: Ecstatic, elated, overjoyed
  19. Overjoyed: Ecstatic, elated, jubilant
  20. Upbeat: Optimistic, buoyant, enthusiastic

Good Synonyms List

  1. Excellent: Outstanding, superb, exceptional
  2. Great: Fantastic, wonderful, terrific
  3. Fine: Splendid, exquisite, exceptional
  4. Superior: Supreme, top-notch, preeminent
  5. Positive: Favorable, beneficial, constructive
  6. Outstanding: Remarkable, extraordinary, impressive
  7. Beneficial: Advantageous, helpful, advantageous
  8. Superb: Outstanding, magnificent, splendid
  9. Terrific: Fantastic, amazing, terrific
  10. Exceptional: Outstanding, extraordinary, remarkable
  11. First-rate: Top-notch, excellent, superb
  12. Marvelous: Amazing, fantastic, wonderful
  13. Splendid: Excellent, magnificent, superb
  14. Notable: Remarkable, noteworthy, notable
  15. Exemplary: Model, ideal, commendable
  16. Commendable: Praiseworthy, laudable, admirable
  17. Adequate: Satisfactory, acceptable, passable
  18. Favorable: Positive, advantageous, propitious
  19. Worthy: Deserving, meritorious, commendable
  20. Prime: Optimal, first-rate, top-quality
  21. Supreme: Superior, preeminent, highest
  22. Praiseworthy: Commendable, laudable, admirable
  23. Superlative: Excellent, outstanding, incomparable
  24. Laudable: Praiseworthy, commendable, admirable
  25. Exceptionable: Faultless, flawless, impeccable
  26. Admirable: Praiseworthy, commendable, excellent
  27. Impressive: Remarkable, extraordinary, striking
  28. Creditable: Praiseworthy, commendable, respectable
  29. Grand: Magnificent, glorious, grandiose
  30. Fine: Superb, exquisite, marvelous

Beautiful Synonyms List

  1. Gorgeous: Stunning
  2. Attractive: Alluring
  3. Lovely: Charming
  4. Stunning: Breathtaking
  5. Exquisite: Delicate
  6. Radiant: Glowing
  7. Captivating: Enchanting
  8. Mesmerizing: Fascinating
  9. Appealing: Enticing
  10. Elegant: Graceful
  11. Majestic: Regal
  12. Picturesque: Scenic
  13. Enchanting: Bewitching
  14. Alluring: Tempting
  15. Fascinating: Intriguing
  16. Dazzling: Blinding
  17. Ravishing: Entrancing
  18. Aesthetic: Artistic
  19. Serene: Calm
  20. Splendid: Magnificent

Important Synonyms List

  1. Significant: Meaningful
  2. Crucial: Essential
  3. Vital: Necessary
  4. Essential: Indispensable
  5. Key: Fundamental
  6. Paramount: Supreme
  7. Pivotal: Central
  8. Critical: Crucial
  9. Fundamental: Basic
  10. Indispensable: Necessary
  11. Imperative: Urgent
  12. Necessary: Required
  13. Weighty: Heavy
  14. Substantial: Large
  15. Momentous: Significant
  16. High-priority: Urgent
  17. Grave: Serious
  18. Major: Significant
  19. Notable: Remarkable
  20. Noble: Admirable
  21. Prominent: Outstanding
  22. Eminent: Distinguished
  23. Influential: Powerful
  24. Supreme: Highest
  25. Crucial: Essential
  26. Mandatory: Obligatory
  27. Pertinent: Relevant
  28. Invaluable: Priceless
  29. Cardinal: Primary
  30. Monumental: Massive

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