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Synonyms list in English! 1000+ very useful synonyms list in English. All the basic and daily use synonyms words are listed. These synonyms are very important if you want to speak English fluently.


Synonyms list in English

Assure <———> Affirm, give one’s word
Astounded <———> Amazed, startled
Attitude <———> Viewpoint, approach
Authentic <———> Reliable, true
Beneath <———> Below, under, lower than
Beside <———> Adjacent to, close to
Bottom <———> Underside, lower side
Broiler <———> Stove, grill
Cabinet <———> Case, container
Call on <———> Pay visit to, go and see
Care <———> Be concerned, bother, be worried
Challenge <———> Invite to prove
Chops <———> Pieces, fragments, bits
Connected <———> Joined, linked
Couch <———> Settee, sofa, ottoman
Crazy <———> Absurd, foolish, unwise
Curious <———> Inquisitive, interested, intrigued
Cutlets <———> Pieces, bits, fragments
Define <———> Give the meaning of, describe
Demand <———> Ask, inquire, question
Disgusted <———> Displeased
Eccentric <———> Odd, queer, strange
Eccentric <———> Strange man, queer fish, character
Elevator <———> Lift, hoist
Envelope <———> Casing, covering
Exactly <———> Just so, quit so, indeed
Expect <———> Look for, look forward
Explain <———> Describe, define, make clear
Fastened <———> Attached, fixed
Folded <———> Doubled, creased, turned
Frown <———> Disapprove of
Gadget <———> Appliance, tool, device
Genuine <———> True, open, honest
Glare <———> Stare angrily, scowl, frown
Hallway <———> A corridor in a building
Hesitate <———> Pause, abide, linger
Hung up <———> Put down
Immoral <———> Bad, wicked, sinful, vile
Impulsively <———> Carelessly, quickly
Incredulous <———> Disbelieving, doubtful, suspicious
Inquire <———> Ask, make inquiries about
Intrigue <———> Attract, draw one’s
Introduce <———> To present by name to another.

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List of synonyms in English

Liberty <———> Right, permission
Mirror <———> Looking
Nod <———> Signal, motion
Nonetheless <———> However, still, yet
Nerve <———> The worst kind of rudeness
Offend <———> Vex, irritate, provoke
Offensive <———> Unpleasant, disagreeable, rough
Package <———> Parcel, packet
Payment <———> Pay, wages
Pitch <———> Tone, sound, talk, way of talking
Politely <———> Gently, respectfully
Practical joke <———> A playful trick
Proposition <———> Proposal, scheme
Psychological <———> Mental, of the mind
Receive <———> Gain, acquire, achieve
Reflection <———> Image, mirror image
Represent <———> Act for, appear for
Repress <———> Hold back, restrain
Restrain <———> Prevent, hold back, hinder, delay
Scope <———> Renown, importance, repute
Scuffing <———> Jeering, mocking
Sealed <———> Fastened, secured, shut
Sense <———> Meaning, message, point
Shook <———> Nodded, motioned
Shrug <———> To rise and lower the shoulders
Sick <———> offensive
Stare <———> Gaze, gape, look
Stiffen <———> Tighten, become stiff
Suppose <———> Assume, take for granted
Surprised <———> , stunned
Swallow <———> Believe, accept
Tear <———> Rip, pull apart
Throat <———> Gullet
Thrust <———> Push, shove, give
Toss <———> Throw, cast, fling
Valuable <———> Useful, beneficial
Withdraw <———> Draw, pull out

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