Best British Slang Words (Expressions & Phrases)

British slang words

British slang words are a fascinating and often humorous aspect of the English language, particularly renowned for its uniqueness, creativity, and regional diversity. Originating from various social groups and regions across the United Kingdom, British slang words offer a colorful insight into British culture, attitudes, and humor. From Cockney rhyming slang in the East End … Read more

Most Common Slang Words Used Everyday

common english slang words

English slang is dynamic, reflecting cultural shifts and trends. For example, “ghost” means to abruptly cease communication, often in a dating context. “Lit” describes an exciting or excellent situation or event. “Salty” refers to feeling upset, bitter, or resentful. “Chill” means to relax or hang out. “Savage” indicates someone or something is extremely impressive, often … Read more