20 Examples of Future Tense

Welcome to a journey into the future! In the English language, the future tense is a fascinating aspect of grammar that allows us to express actions and events that have not yet occurred. From predicting tomorrow’s weather to envisioning life in outer space, the future tense opens up a world of possibilities and imagination.

In this article, we will explore 20 diverse examples of how the future tense can be used in both everyday conversations and futuristic scenarios.

20 Examples of Future Tense

  1. I will attend the meeting tomorrow.
  2. She will start her new job Monday.
  3. They will travel to Japan next year.
  4. He will finish the project by Friday.
  5. We will celebrate our anniversary next month.
  6. The sun will rise at 6:00 AM.
  7. She will buy a new car soon.
  8. I will learn to play the piano.
  9. The movie will begin in ten minutes.
  10. They will announce the results next week.
  11. We will plant a garden this spring.
  12. He will run a marathon in April.
  13. The shop will close permanently next Saturday.
  14. I will make dinner for us tonight.
  15. She will take her exam next Tuesday.
  16. They will build a new library downtown.
  17. We will go on a hiking trip.
  18. The concert will start at 8 PM.
  19. He will visit his grandparents in July.
  20. I will read that book over the weekend.

20 sentence of FUTURE TENSE

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