20 Examples of Present Tense

Imagine being able to experience the thrill of an event as if it were unfolding right before your eyes or immersing yourself in the rich tapestry of emotions woven into a scene.

The present tense has this remarkable ability to transport us into the heart of storytelling, allowing us to feel each heartbeat and hear every whispered word as if we were living those moments ourselves. Through these 20 captivating examples, we will unravel the artistry behind using present tense in literature and discover how it breathes life into tales both timeless and contemporary.

20 Examples of Present Tense

  1. She writes daily in her journal.
  2. Birds chirp melodiously every morning.
  3. The sun rises in the east.
  4. We often visit the local museum.
  5. He always carries a backpack.
  6. Trees shed their leaves in autumn.
  7. Children eagerly await the summer holidays.
  8. Fish thrive in clean water.
  9. The bakery sells fresh bread.
  10. Stars illuminate the night sky.
  11. She teaches mathematics at school.
  12. Dogs wag their tails when happy.
  13. Planes fly high in the sky.
  14. The garden blooms with colorful flowers.
  15. Cats purr when content.
  16. Trains arrive punctually at the station.
  17. The moon controls ocean tides.
  18. Chefs expertly prepare gourmet meals.
  19. The clock ticks every second.
  20. Rain refreshes the dry earth.

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20 present tense Examples

  • Birds sing melodiously every morning.
  • She writes in her journal.
  • We play football on Sundays.
  • He always drinks black coffee.
  • They teach at the university.
  • The sun sets in west.
  • I often visit the museum.
  • Cats love to chase mice.
  • She dances gracefully on stage.
  • The flowers bloom in spring.
  • He regularly jogs in park.
  • Children usually enjoy playing games.
  • The Earth orbits around Sun.
  • She frequently travels for work.
  • We watch movies on Fridays.
  • He reads a book nightly.
  • They speak multiple languages fluently.
  • I practice piano every day.
  • Dogs bark at strangers often.
  • The store opens at eight.

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