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Competitive exams are important tests that help students show how much they know and what they can do. Often, these exams can open doors to great schools and exciting opportunities. If you’re getting ready for one of these tests, knowing different ways to say ‘competitive exams’ can make your learning more fun and help you understand more about what you read and hear.

On this website, we explore some of these synonyms to add more words to your vocabulary toolbox. Let’s dive into the world of words that mean the same as ‘competitive exams’.

Synonyms For Competitive Exams

  • Qualifying tests – Entry requirement
  • Entrance exams – Admission tests
  • Assessment tests – Evaluation exams
  • Placement tests – Positioning exams
  • Standardized tests – Uniform exams
  • Certification exams – Credentialing tests
  • Aptitude tests – Skill assessment
  • Achievement tests – Performance exams
  • Screening tests – Selection exams
  • Eligibility tests – Qualification exams
  • Preliminary exams – Initial tests
  • Benchmark tests – Standard tests
  • Board exams – Official tests
  • National exams – Countrywide tests
  • State exams – Regional tests
  • Academic tests – School exams
  • Professional exams – Career tests
  • Scholarship exams – Financial aid tests
  • Diagnostic tests – Identifying exams
  • Comprehensive exams – Detailed tests
  • Proctored exams – Supervised tests
  • Final exams – Concluding tests
  • Midterm exams – Mid-course tests
  • Oral exams – Spoken tests
  • Written exams – Paper tests
  • Practical exams – Hands-on tests
  • Mock exams – Practice tests
  • Exit exams – Graduation tests
  • Entrance tests – Gateway exams
  • Qualification exams – Credential tests
  • Recruitment exams – Hiring tests
  • Admission tests – Entry exams
  • Competency tests – Ability exams
  • End-of-term exams – Semester tests
  • Module exams – Unit tests
  • Subject tests – Topic exams
  • College boards – University exams
  • Graduate exams – Advanced tests
  • Undergraduate exams – Degree tests
  • Mastery tests – Proficiency exams
  • Public exams – Open tests
  • Private exams – Restricted tests
  • Internal exams – Inside tests
  • External exams – Outside tests
  • Objective tests – Fact-based exams
  • Subjective tests – Opinion exams
  • Theory exams – Conceptual tests
  • Application exams – Usage tests
  • Skill tests – Ability exams
  • Talent tests – Gift exams
  • Credential exams – Certification tests
  • Aptitude assessments – Skill evaluations
  • Skill assessments – Ability evaluations
  • Capability tests – Competence exams
  • Evaluation tests – Judgment exams
  • Qualifying rounds – Preliminary tests
  • Examination tests – Testing exams
  • Merit tests – Worthiness exams
  • Performance tests – Execution exams
  • Verification tests – Confirmation exams
  • Review tests – Revision exams
  • Trial tests – Test runs
  • Mock trials – Simulation tests
  • Pilot tests – Preliminary exams
  • Pre-tests – Before exams
  • Post-tests – After exams
  • Baseline tests – Starting exams
  • Summative tests – Conclusive exams
  • Formative tests – Developmental exams
  • Diagnostic assessments – Identifying tests
  • Validation tests – Approval exams
  • Cognitive tests – Mental skill exams
  • Psychometric tests – Psychological exams
  • Literacy tests – Reading skill exams
  • Numeracy tests – Math skill exams
  • Language tests – Linguistic exams
  • Technical tests – Skill-specific exams
  • Trade tests – Profession exams
  • Vocational tests – Career skill exams
  • Graduate record exams – Advanced tests
  • Law school exams – Legal tests
  • Medical board exams – Healthcare tests
  • Bar exams – Lawyer tests
  • Licensing exams – Permission tests
  • Certifying exams – Qualifying tests
  • Preparatory tests – Preparational exams
  • Intermediate tests – Middle level exams
  • Advanced tests – High level exams
  • Progress tests – Advancement exams
  • Promotional exams – Advancement tests
  • Ranking tests – Order exams
  • Filtering exams – Selection tests
  • Elimination tests – Removal exams
  • Final assessments – Last tests
  • Initial assessments – First tests
  • Periodic tests – Regular exams
  • Ad hoc tests – As-needed exams
  • Manual tests – Hand-operated exams
  • Computerized tests – Digital exams
  • Online tests – Internet exams
  • Offline tests – Paper-based exams
  • Open-book exams – Resource open tests
  • Closed-book exams – Resource closed tests
  • Timed tests – Time-limited exams
  • Untimed tests – No time limit exams
  • Competitive assessments – Rivalry exams
  • Selective tests – Choice exams
  • Mandatory tests – Required exams
  • Optional tests – Voluntary exams
  • Academic evaluations – School assessments
  • Field-specific tests – Specialty exams
  • Comprehensive evaluations – Thorough assessments
  • Focused tests – Concentrated exams
  • General tests – Broad exams
  • Special tests – Specific exams
  • Thematic tests – Theme-based exams
  • Oral assessments – Spoken tests
  • Practical assessments – Hands-on tests
  • Theoretical tests – Conceptual exams
  • Applied tests – Practical use exams
  • Subject-specific tests – Topic focused exams
  • Interdisciplinary tests – Multiple fields exams
  • Cross-functional tests – Varied skills exams
  • Equivalency tests – Equality exams
  • Credit exams – Accreditation tests
  • Exit assessments – Leaving tests
  • Entry assessments – Joining tests
  • Follow-up tests – Subsequent exams
  • Recurrent tests – Repeating exams
  • Seasonal tests – Time-specific exams
  • Annual tests – Yearly exams
  • Quarterly tests – Every quarter exams
  • Monthly tests – Each month exams
  • Weekly tests – Every week exams
  • Daily tests – Everyday exams
  • Hourly tests – Every hour exams
  • Snap tests – Sudden exams
  • Surprise tests – Unexpected exams
  • Scheduled tests – Planned exams
  • Unscheduled tests – Unplanned exams
  • Routine tests – Regular exams
  • Special occasion tests – Event-specific exams
  • Benchmarking tests – Standard setting exams
  • Comparative tests – Relative exams
  • Competitive challenges – Contest exams
  • Skill verification tests – Skill proving exams
  • Knowledge tests – Information exams
  • Understanding tests – Comprehension exams
  • Memory tests – Recall exams
  • Learning tests – Education exams

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How To Improve English For Competitive Exams

Shrewd__ Cunning, craftly
Brave__ Courageous, bold, heroic
Lure__ Attract, entice
Vigilant__ Cautious, alert
Monotonous__ Boring, tedious dreary, humdrum
Fatal__ Deadly, mortal, killing
Hostile__ Antagonistic, aggressive, militant
Prejudiced__ Biased, opinionated, influenced
Neat__ Clean, orderly, tidy
Kind__ Considerate, tender, thoughtful
Subterfuge__ Deceit, stratagem
Correct__ Accurate, right, proper
Sufficient__ Ample, enough, adequate
Generosity__ Altruism, bounty
Rectify__ Amend, remedy
Dawn__ Daybreak, sunrise
Desolate__ Barren, forsaken
Care__ Concern, protection
Uncouth__ Boorish, clownish
Amateur__ Beginner, novice
Confuse__ Complicate, muddle, jumble
Destructive__ Catastrophic, pernicious
Winsome__ Beautiful, comely
Authentic__ Accurate, credible
Bustle__ Commotion, tumult
Qualified__ Competent, suited, capable
Conform__ Comply, submit
Cover__ Conceal, hide
Precarious__ Dangerous, uncertain, shaky
Busy__ Active, engaged
Eclipse__ Diminution, dimming
Prevalent__ Customary, widespread
Cheap__ Competitive, inexpensive
Justify__ Defend, exculpate
Shy__ Bashful, timid
Indigent__ Destitute, impoverished
Diverse__ Different, distinct
Reason__ Acumen, bounds
Immature__ Childish, inexperienced
Wary__ Cautious, circumspect
Dispute__ Debate, oppose
Prominent__ Distinguished, eminent
Compact__ Bunched, thick
Bewitching__ Alluring, charming
Knell__ Death knell, last blow
Precious__ Cherished, valuable, prized
Denounce__ Blame, censure, indict
Ascend__ Climb, escalate
Condemn__ Censure, denounce
Thick__ Chunky, massive
Subvert__ Demolish, sabotage
Hypocrisy__ Deception, pharisaic
Liable__ Accountable, bound
Awful__ Dreadful, atrocious
Fabricate__ Construct, produce
Gloomy__ Dark, dismal, depressing
Utterly__ Completely, entirely
Offensive__ Abhorrent, obnoxious
Concord__ Agreement, accord
Trenchant__ Assertive, forceful
Tame__ Compliant, subdued
Guile__ Cunning, deceit
Tangible__ Concrete, definite
Evil__ Bad, wrong, wicked
Alleviate__ Abate, relieve
Chilly__ Cool, nippy
Dry__ Arid, parched
Ornamental__ Decorative, adorned
Impair__ Diminish, deteriorate
Abash__ Disconcert, rattle
Coarse__ Bawdy, boorish
Accord__ Agreement, harmony
Different__ Distinct, unlike
Join__ Connect, unite, link
Imperative__ Compulsory, crucial, mandatory
Barrier__ Barricade, obstacle
Birth__ Beginning
Gather__ Collect, accumulate, compile
Hamstrung__ Cripple debilitate
Sacred__ Cherish, divine
Deliberate__ Cautious, intentional
Plausible__ Believable, reasonable, logical
Future__ Coming, tomorrow
Ravage__ Devastate, ruin, damage
Confident__ Bold, undaunted
Seize__ Apprehend, grab, snatch
Tyro__ Beginner, riotous
Wane__ Decline, dwindle
Capture__ Apprehend, seize, arrest
Persuade__ Convince, influence
Forsake__ Desert, renounce
Oracular__ Cryptic, vague
Cranky__ Cross, irritable
Insinuate__ Allude, hint
Insane__ Crazy, deranged, mad
Haughty__ Arrogant, pompous
Calumny__ Defamation, aspersion
Efface__ Destroy, obliterate
Valiant__ Courageous, brave, heroic
Fallacy__ Delusion, mistake
Succinct__ Concise, terse
Friend__ Comrade, buddy
Naughty__ Bad, disobedient, wrong
Calamity__ Adversity, misfortune
Substantial__ Considerable, solid
Restrain__ Detain, confine
Axiom__ Adage, truism
Tenement__ Apartment, digs
Despair__ Depression, misery
Squalid__ Dirty, filthy
Combine__ Bled, unite, join
Clandestine__ Covert, fruitive
Quit__ Cease, stop, withdraw
Open__ Begin, unfold, originate
Ratify__ Approve, confirm, endorse
Contradict__ Deny, oppose
Valor__ Bravery, prowess
Dubious__ Doubtful, questionable
Condense__ Compress, concentrate
Militant__ Combative, aggressive, warlike
Exquisite__ Delightful, charming, lovely
Grisly__ Disgusting, atrocious
Vicious__ Corrupt, obnoxious
Recreation__ Amusement, pleasure, pastime
Baffle__ Astound, faze
Separate__ Divide, segregate, partition
Inclination__ Disposition, affection
Candid__ Blunt, bluff
Eternal__ Always, perpetual, everlasting
Notion__ Conceit, apprehension
Raze__ Destroy, demolish
Morbid__ Appalling, awful, ghastly
Lunacy__ Delusion, insanity
Bleak__ Austere, blank
Temperate__ Cool, moderate
Concur__ Agree, cooperate
Barren__ Desolate, sterile
Knotty__ Complicated difficult
Proud__ Arrogant, elated
Celebrated__ Acclaimed, lionized
Pacify__ Appease, chasten
Camouflage__ Cloak, disguise
Benevolent__ Benign, generous
Adhere__ Comply, observe
Transparent__ Diaphanous
Ecstasy__ Delight, exultation
Audacity__ Boldness, courage
Able__ Capable, qualified
Obliging__ Complaisant, willing
Ingenious__ Clever, creative, original
Admonish__ Counsel, reprove
Lenient__ Compassionate, merciful
Cunning__ Acute, smart
Face__ Confront, meet
Throng__ Assembly, crowd
Treacherous__ Dishonest, duplicitous
Approve__ Accept, ratify, endorse
Aggressive__ Assertive, pushy, militant
Hasty__ Abrupt, impetuous
Mollify__ Appease, assuage
Acumen__ Awareness, brilliance
Contrary__ Dissimilar, conflicting
Confine__ Contain, enclose, restrain
Zest__ Delight, enthusiasm
Glory__ Dignity
Daring__ Bold, audacious
Precarious__ Doubtful, insecure
Disagree__ Differ, dispute
Rowdy__ Boisterous, rambunctious
Comical__ Amusing, funny, humorous
Remonstrate__ Censure, protest
Vanity__ Conceit, pretension
Intolerant__ Bigoted, prejudiced
Constantly__ Always, continually
Negligent__ Careless, derelict, inattentive
Dwarf__ Diminutive, petite
Deceit__ Deception, artifice
Abundant__ Ample, sufficient
Genuine__ Absolute, factual
Vain__ Arrogant, egoistic
Complex__ Complicated, intricate
Refute__ Contradict, dispute
Empty__ Drain, unload
Yoke__ Connect, harness
Abandon__ Desert, forsake
Help__ Aid, assist
Consent__ Agree, permit
Noxious__ Baneful, injurious
Impute__ Attribute, ascribe
Poor__ Destitute, needy, impoverished
Defile__ Contaminate, pollute
Dull__ Blunt, dreary
Urgent__ Crucial, important, imperative
Fluctuate__ Deflect, vacillate
Identical__ Alike, duplicate
Captivate__ Charm, fascinate
Plentiful__ Ample, enough, abundant
Courage__ Bravery, valor
Cozy__ Comfortable, snug, homey
Large__ Big, massive, huge
Conservative__ Cautious, restrained
Gracious__ Courteous, beneficent
Dark__ Dismal, black
Capable__ Competent, able

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