List of Prepositional Phrases with Examples

List of Prepositional phrases with examples are groups of words that add detail to our sentences, telling us where or when something happens. In this post, we’ll explore a variety of these phrases, each with its own example to show how it’s used. This will help you speak and write more clearly by describing actions and locations better. Understanding these phrases can also make reading easier and more enjoyable. Let’s dive into the world of prepositional phrases and learn how to use them effectively!

Prepositional Phrase Definition

A prepositional phrase is a group of words that begins with a preposition and ends with a noun, pronoun, gerund, or clause, the “object” of the preposition. The purpose of a prepositional phrase is to provide additional information about time, location, direction, or to introduce an object. They can function as adjectives or adverbs, modifying nouns, verbs, or entire clauses by specifying when, where, how, and why something happens. For example, in the sentence “She sat on the chair,” the phrase “on the chair” is a prepositional phrase that tells where she sat.

What Are Examples of Prepositional Phrases

  • In the morning – Specifies when
  • On the table – Specifies location
  • With a fork – Specifies manner
  • By the author – Specifies agency
  • Under the bridge – Specifies place
  • At a glance – Specifies manner
  • For the children – Specifies purpose
  • During the meeting – Specifies time
  • Without hesitation – Specifies manner
  • Through the park – Specifies route

List of Prepositional Phrases with Examples

  • Above the clouds – Planes fly above the clouds.
  • Across the river – They live across the river.
  • After the party – Clean up after the party.
  • Against the wall – Lean the ladder against the wall.
  • Along the road – Trees planted along the road.
  • Amid the chaos – Found calm amid the chaos.
  • Among the trees – A cabin among the trees.
  • Around the corner – Shop is around the corner.
  • As for meAs for me, I’ll stay.
  • At the beach – Relaxing at the beach.
  • Before the game – Meet before the game.
  • Behind the scenes – Worked behind the scenes.
  • Below the surface – Secrets lie below the surface.
  • Beneath the stars – Sleeping beneath the stars.
  • Beside the point – That’s beside the point.
  • Between the lines – Read between the lines.
  • Beyond the horizon – Sailing beyond the horizon.
  • By the book – Doing things by the book.
  • Close to the edge – Standing close to the edge.
  • Despite the rain – Picnic went on despite the rain.
  • Down the stairs – Ran down the stairs.
  • During the show – Applauded during the show.
  • Except for you – Everyone left except for you.
  • For a moment – Paused for a moment.
  • From my perspectiveFrom my perspective, it’s wrong.
  • In addition toIn addition to milk, buy eggs.
  • Inside the box – Found it inside the box.
  • Instead of her – Went instead of her.
  • Into the night – Disappeared into the night.
  • Like a pro – Handled it like a pro.
  • Near the window – Sit near the window.
  • Of the city – The heart of the city.
  • Off the record – Said it off the record.
  • On a journey – Went on a journey.
  • Out of time – We’re out of time.
  • Outside the law – Operating outside the law.
  • Over the fence – Threw the ball over the fence.
  • Past the deadline – Finished past the deadline.
  • Regarding your requestRegarding your request, no.
  • Since the accident – Improved since the accident.
  • Through the window – Looked through the window.
  • To the store – Went to the store.
  • Toward the sun – Moving toward the sun.
  • Under the bridge – Slept under the bridge.
  • Until the end – Stayed until the end.
  • Up the hill – Climbed up the hill.
  • Via the internet – Ordered via the internet.
  • With a smile – Greeted me with a smile.
  • Within the rules – Operated within the rules.
  • Without a doubt – Sure without a doubt.
  • By means of – Communicated by means of
  • In front of – Stood in front of the building.
  • In place of – Substituted in place of
  • In regard to – Spoke in regard to the issue.
  • In spite of – Proceeded in spite of the risk.
  • On behalf of – Spoke on behalf of the group.
  • On top of – The book is on top of the shelf.
  • Out of respect – Quiet out of respect.
  • Under pressure – Works well under pressure.
  • Without permission – Left without permission.
  • By way of – Travelled by way of the coast.
  • In response to – Reacted in response to the news.
  • In search of – Went in search of
  • In the face of – Brave in the face of
  • On the verge ofOn the verge of
  • Out of control – The car went out of control.
  • Under construction – Building is under construction.
  • Without regard to – Acted without regard to
  • By order of – Sealed by order of the court.
  • In light of – Changed plans in light of the weather.
  • In the course of – Lost in the course of the trip.
  • On account of – Absent on account of
  • Out of place – Felt out of place at the party.
  • Under the assumption – Operated under the assumption it was safe.
  • Without the need for – Left without the need for an umbrella.
  • By virtue of – Successful by virtue of hard work.
  • In contrast to – Quiet in contrast to his brother.
  • In the interest of – Kept secret in the interest of
  • On the brink ofOn the brink of
  • Out of reach – The shelf was out of reach.
  • Under the impression – Was under the impression it was later.
  • Without further ado – Began without further ado.
  • By comparison – Small by comparison.
  • In the absence of – Leader in the absence of the manager.
  • In the presence of – Nervous in the presence of
  • On the grounds of – Arrested on the grounds of
  • Out of necessity – Lied out of necessity.
  • Under oath – Testified under oath.
  • Without hesitation – Jumped in without hesitation.
  • By the side of – Walked by the side of the road.
  • In the name of – Acting in the name of
  • In the wake of – Rebuilding in the wake of the storm.
  • On the side of – Erring on the side of
  • Out of sight – Kept it out of sight.
  • Under wraps – Kept the project under wraps.
  • Without question – Trusted her without question.
  • By the end of – Finished by the end of the day.
  • In the direction of – Moved in the direction of the sound.
  • In the hands of – The decision is in the hands of the jury.
  • On the basis of – Hired on the basis of

Prepositional Phrases In English

  • Above suspicion
  • Across the board
  • After hours
  • Against all odds
  • Alongside the river
  • Amidst the storm
  • Among the best
  • Around the world
  • As per usual
  • At first glance
  • Before the deadline
  • Behind closed doors
  • Below zero
  • Beneath the waves
  • Beside herself
  • Beyond belief
  • By all accounts
  • Close by
  • Despite everything
  • Down to earth
  • During our conversation
  • Except in emergencies
  • For better or worse
  • From start to finish
  • In accordance with
  • Inside out
  • Instead of me
  • Into the wild
  • Like never before
  • Near the end
  • Off the record
  • On good terms
  • Out of bounds
  • Outside the box
  • Over the top
  • Past your prime
  • Regarding the matter
  • Since then
  • Through thick and thin
  • To the max
  • Toward the future
  • Under the radar
  • Until tomorrow
  • Up to par
  • Via satellite
  • With regard to
  • Within reach
  • Without fail
  • By the sea
  • In case of
  • Out of the blue
  • Under the weather
  • Over the counter
  • At your convenience
  • Beyond compare
  • For the sake of
  • In light of
  • With respect to
  • Under the influence
  • At the helm
  • Beyond the scope
  • For the duration
  • In lieu of
  • With the exception of
  • Under the guise
  • At the risk
  • Beyond the pale
  • For the record
  • In the vicinity of
  • With a view to
  • Under the terms
  • At the forefront
  • Beyond the shadow
  • For the time being
  • In the throes of
  • With an eye to
  • Under the auspices
  • At the instance
  • Beyond the reach
  • For the purpose of
  • In the grip of
  • With the aim of
  • Under the cloak
  • At the crossroads
  • Beyond the call
  • For the sake of argument
  • In the heart of
  • With the advent of
  • Under the pretense
  • At the edge of
  • Beyond your control
  • For the benefit of
  • In the process of
  • With the rise of
  • Under the cover
  • At the stroke of
  • Beyond a shadow of a doubt
  • For the love of
  • In the shadow of
  • With the support of
  • Under the table
  • At the expense of
  • Beyond one’s ken
  • For all intents and purposes
  • In the face of adversity
  • With the help of
  • Under the banner
  • At the mercy of
  • Beyond the confines
  • For a change
  • In the wake of disaster
  • With the onset of
  • Under the spotlight
  • At the crack of dawn
  • Beyond the grave
  • For old times’ sake
  • In the nick of time
  • With the passage of time
  • Under the moonlight
  • At the pinnacle of
  • Beyond the stars
  • For the thrill
  • In the blink of an eye
  • With the decline of
  • Under the sun
  • At the brink of
  • Beyond the limit
  • For no reason
  • In the dead of night
  • With the growth of
  • Under the stars
  • At the turn of the century
  • Beyond the mountains
  • For a split second
  • In the heat of the moment
  • With the collapse of
  • Under the clouds
  • At the end of the rope
  • Beyond the river
  • For the greater good
  • In the line of duty
  • With the fall of
  • Under the shadow
  • At the foot of the mountain
  • Beyond the seas
  • For a moment’s peace
  • In the realm of
  • With the completion of
  • Under the sky
  • At the break of day
  • Beyond the fence

Adjective And Adverb Phrases Examples

Adjective Phrases

Adjective phrases modify nouns and pronouns, providing more detail about the noun.

  1. Covered in mud – The car covered in mud needs washing.
  2. Full of joy – The child full of joy skipped down the street.
  3. Happy with her decision – She was happy with her decision to move.
  4. Eager to please – The new employee is eager to please.
  5. Rich in flavor – This dish is rich in flavor.
  6. Known for its robustness – This software is known for its robustness.
  7. Afraid of heights – He is afraid of heights.
  8. Excited about the journey – They were excited about the journey
  9. Famous for its architecture – The city is famous for its architecture.
  10. Suitable for children – This movie is suitable for children.

Adverb Phrases

Adverb phrases modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs, indicating how, when, where, or to what extent an action is performed.

  1. With great enthusiasm – She sang with great enthusiasm.
  2. In a hurry – He left the house in a hurry.
  3. At high speed – The car moved at high speed.
  4. With a deep sigh – He sat down with a deep sigh.
  5. Under the stars – They danced under the stars.
  6. In the morning – She exercises in the morning.
  7. For a long time – They talked for a long time.
  8. Without hesitation – She answered the question without hesitation.
  9. By the window – He sat by the window reading a book.
  10. At a snail’s pace – Traffic was moving at a snail’s pace.

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list of prepositional phrases examples

list of prepositional phrases with examples list of prepositional phrases

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