A List of Prepositional Phrases | What Are Examples of Prepositional Phrases

A-List of Prepositional Phrases! Here is  A List of Prepositional Phrases in English and a list of prepositional phrases with examples are listed here. It is a very big lesson for beginners to learn and speak fluently English with the help of prepositional phrases which are used as an adverb with prepositions and with adjectives.

A List of Prepositional Phrases

On occasion

On a motorbike

At a loss

With an eye to

At the end

At breakfast

With regard to

For fear of

At the age of

On approval

Out of the question

At ease

At the same time

On the understanding that

At once

At large

At the bottom of

On show

At first

For the good of

At face value

For ever

At a glance

Without (a) doubt

At home

a list of prepositional phrases

List of Prepositional Phrases with Examples

Out of in step

For the moment

At all costs

For lack of

At midnight

For good

Out of one’s mind

At a moment’s notice

On a summer evening

On the top of

On display

On reflection

At any rate

On the radio

For the time being

On sale

On the outskirts

On the hour

Out of curiosity

For a walk

At most

At heart

Without question

On suspicion of

At this point in time

list of prepositional phrases examples

Prepositional Phrases in English

On the roof

For the benefit (of)

At hand

At the top of

On the move

At sea

At on the double

On business

On a journey/ trip/ cruise

For instance

At the hands of

On the dot

On fire

On credit

At a loss for words

On vacation

Out of place


At a disadvantage

Prepositional Phrases with adjectives

At the expense of


On the phone

At university

On the second floor

Under orders

At will

Out of love

On the grounds of

At loose ends

At a time

At the thought of

Out of stock

On an expedition

On principle

For a change

At the time of

On a train

For the rest of

For granted

At a guess

At war

On a large/small scale

Examples of prepositional phrases

At full throttle

On the way

On a wall

At any cost

On my wedding day

On a regular basis

On edge

On parade

Out of doors

On the edge of

On the ceiling

Under arrest

At work

Under suspicion

On the corner

Without fail

At war with

Out of danger

At one’s request

Under review

At rest

At the foot of

Without exception

With the intention of

At the height of

At one’s disposal

At a loose and

On the stroke of

What are examples of prepositional phrases

Under pressure

On a pension

On time

Under consideration

At a low ebb

For lunch

At the table

At present

On the tip of

At one’s best

Under lock and key

Out of reach

Without a good foundation

At short notice

For example

On guard

On the menu

At high speed

Without respite

Out of work

Without foundation

Out of respect for

At all events

On purpose

On the part of

Under one’s protection

Out of jealousy

Out of print

Out of hatred

At all hours

On a bicycle

On order

On a plane

Out of hand

With reference to

Out of fashion

On file

At school

Under the age of

At first sight

Under the influence

At one’s discretion

At a speed of

Out of context

On good terms

Under age

On the strength of

Out of sight

On the horizon

For ages

On the first day

On condition that

At a stretch

At last

At fault

With regret

At midday

Out of breath

Under the pressure of

At times

For a good reason

At random

On behalf of

For sale

On a list

On horseback

On the verge of

For once

At the moment

At the door

At pains

On no account

For certain

On a bus

Without a plan

On remand

Out of the ordinary

Out of the kitchen

At a price

Under discussion

For life

Without respect

With approval

For a moment

At that

For a while

At the beginning of

Under the command of

Under the misapprehension

Out of control

At issue

Without delay

For a good cause

On end

At length

Under circumstances

On my birthday

On an island

With the view of

With respect to

At worst

On tiptoe

Out of pity

On a diet

At the mercy of

For real

With the aid of

On strike

On bail

On a ship

For safekeeping

On the agenda

On the increase

For love

At a discount

For dinner

On the off-chance

With attention

For want of

At one’s desk

At least

Out of duty

Out of school

For nothing

At from the outset

At this juncture

Out out struggle

At full tilt

On a spree

list of prepositional phrases pdf

At an advantage

On the job

With the compliments of

For a holiday

At noon

At places

At the latest

On leave

With the help of

On second thoughts

At a rate of

Out of order

At night

For fun

At a stand

At one’s leisure

At odds with

With the exception of

On holiday

For a reason

For hire

With a view to

Without a break

At the peak of

On the point of

At the wheel

Out of debt

At one time

At for a fraction of

Under repair

At a distance

At the ready

List of prepositional phrases examples

For sure

With the result that

On the way to

On hand

Out of spite

With abandon

Without thinking

On the run

On account of

At liberty

At the drop of a hat

On the assumption

At on sight

On impulse

Without precedent

For a visit

On patrol

On average

At stake

At full strength

On paper

On foot

Out of date

Without a hitch

For breakfast

Out of practice

At play

For short

On an island

With a will

Out of trouble

At peace

On the last day

On the brink of

At one’s side

Without education

Out of ideas

With the purpose of

On television

For the sake of

Without warning

For luck

At the risk of

Under construction

On trial

On the eve of

On that day

list of prepositional phrases with examples list of prepositional phrases

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