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All dry fruits name with picture! Here is huge collection of dry fruits which are more used in winter season. It is very useful for good health. Some of the dry fruits increase our intelligence .Dry fruits are simply fruits that usually grow up in hilly areas. Dry fruits are very famous these days. We use some of the dry fruits wholes of the year.

Dry fruits are the fruits from which original water content has been removed, either naturally, sun drying or using some of the chemical ways.Here is the list of some of the famous dry fruits that you will love to eat, due to their delicious taste.

Which Country Is Famous For Dry Fruits?

The United States, turkey, Iran, and Saudi Arabia are well famous for the production of dry fruits and have a great role in the production and supply of dry fruits to different parts of the world. There are dry fruits in Pakistan and India, none of them is the biggest producer.

Why Is Dried Fruit So Expensive?

Basically, before drying the dry fruits they have greater weight, and due to loss in weight most producers believe that there will be a loss of money if they sell them at the same less price. So obviously, dry fruits will have to be a bit expensive as compare to some of the other fruits.

Which Country Grows The Most Fruit?

According to the report of Maps of World China and India are the top-level producers of natural dry fruits. China has vast resources of dry fruits production

How Many Types Of Dry Fruits Are There?

There are almost 20 different types of dry fruits that exist naturally in the whole world.

Dry fruits list

Brazil Nut






Pine Nuts





Black Currants

Sunflower Seeds

Lotus Seeds


Soy Nuts


Dry fruits name with picture

All dry fruits name with picture | Download PDF

 Dry fruits name list pdf Dry fruits name with picture

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