Collective Nouns For Flamingos (With Meaning and Examples)

Flamingos, with their vibrant plumage and graceful demeanor, have fascinated humans for centuries. These elegant birds are known for their unique behavior of congregating in large groups, creating a mesmerizing spectacle that captivates onlookers worldwide. In the realm of linguistics, these gatherings of flamingos are referred to as collective nouns. Collective nouns are singular words used to describe a collection or group of individuals. Understanding these collective nouns not only deepens our appreciation for the beauty and intricacies of language but also unveils fascinating insights into the social dynamics and behaviors displayed by flamingo communities.

What is the Collective Noun For Flamingos?

The collective noun for flamingos is a “flamboyance.” So, when you see a group of flamingos together, you can refer to them as a flamboyance of flamingos. It’s a rather fitting term given their vibrant pink color and graceful appearance when they gather in large numbers.

Here are the 10 Collective Nouns For Flamingos:

  1. A blush of flamingos
  2. A ribbon of flamingos
  3. A shimmer of flamingos
  4. A grace of flamingos
  5. A coral of flamingos
  6. A sunrise of flamingos
  7. A ballet of flamingos
  8. A cascade of flamingos
  9. A lagoon of flamingos
  10. A parade of flamingos

Collective Nouns For Flamingos

  1. A formation of flamingos
  2. A wading of flamingos
  3. A gaggle of flamingos
  4. A horde of flamingos
  5. A phalanx of flamingos
  6. An ensemble of flamingos
  7. A paddle of flamingos
  8. A whiteness of flamingos
  9. A rookery of flamingos
  10. A drift of flamingos
  11. A harmony of flamingos
  12. An army of flamingos
  13. A congregation of flamingos
  14. A gathering of flamingos
  15. A swarm of flamingos
  16. A squadron of flamingos
  17. A company of flamingos
  18. A fleet of flamingos
  19. A chorus of flamingos
  20. A clan of flamingos
  21. A tribe of flamingos
  22. A troop of flamingos
  23. A string of flamingos
  24. A regatta of flamingos
  25. A lotus of flamingos
  26. A congress of flamingos
  27. A kaleidoscope of flamingos
  28. A sweep of flamingos
  29. A bouquet of flamingos
  30. A ribbon of flamingos
  31. A host of flamingos
  32. A party of flamingos
  33. A corps of flamingos
  34. A panorama of flamingos
  35. A mob of flamingos
  36. A plume of flamingos
  37. A parade of flamingos
  38. A flourish of flamingos
  39. A brigade of flamingos
  40. A flight of flamingos
  41. A coterie of flamingos
  42. A cohort of flamingos
  43. A splash of flamingos
  44. A regiment of flamingos
  45. A group of flamingos
  46. A troupe of flamingos
  47. A swirl of flamingos
  48. A band of flamingos
  49. A blaze of flamingos
  50. A flock of flamingos
  51. A caravan of flamingos
  52. A ballet of flamingos
  53. A procession of flamingos
  54. A cauldron of flamingos
  55. A stand of flamingos
  56. A corona of flamingos
  57. A brood of flamingos
  58. A cluster of flamingos
  59. A gang of flamingos
  60. A bunch of flamingos
  61. A throng of flamingos
  62. A ring of flamingos
  63. A multitude of flamingos
  64. A flotilla of flamingos
  65. A team of flamingos
  66. A cloud of flamingos
  67. An assembly of flamingos
  68. A colony of flamingos
  69. A posse of flamingos
  70. A flamboyance of flamingos
  71. A pack of flamingos
  72. A pride of flamingos
  73. A constellation of flamingos
  74. An exhibition of flamingos
  75. A crew of flamingos

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What is the Collective Noun For Flamingos

Collective Nouns For Flamingos With Meaning and Examples

  1. Flock

Meaning – A group of flamingos in their natural habitat.


  • In the early morning, a magnificent flock of flamingos took flight over the lake.
  • The flock of flamingos waded gracefully through the shallow waters, searching for food.
  • We spotted a large flock of flamingos nesting by the marshland.
  1. Colony

Meaning – A breeding group of flamingos.


  • The coastal area is renowned for its vast colony of flamingos during the breeding season.
  • Researchers found a new colony of flamingos established in the wetlands.
  • The colony of flamingos creates stunning pink patches amidst the green vegetation.
  1. Stand

Meaning – A stationary group of flamingos in shallow waters.


  • From a distance, it appeared as if the stand of flamingos was painted pink against the horizon.
  • Tourists eagerly approached the stand of flamingos to capture photographs of their elegant poses.
  • The stand of flamingos remained undisturbed, unbothered by the passing boats.
  1. Regiment

Meaning – A tightly packed group of flamingos in flight.


  • The regiment of flamingos flew gracefully overhead, their synchronized movements a mesmerizing sight.
  • The sky was filled with a spectacular regiment of flamingos heading to their feeding grounds.
  • We watched in awe as the regiment of flamingos traversed the sky during their seasonal migration.
  1. Parliament

Meaning – A group of flamingos engaged in social interaction or courtship displays.


  • The vibrant colors of the flamingos in the parliament were a sight to behold during mating season.
  • During courtship, the parliament of flamingos showcased intricate and graceful dance moves.
  • A group of tourists observed a parliament of flamingos vocalizing and performing their courtship displays.
  1. Gathering

Meaning – A casual assembly of flamingos for feeding or resting.


  • A large gathering of flamingos enjoyed their afternoon meal at the edge of the lake.
  • The beach became a popular spot for the gathering of flamingos during the low tide.
  • The gathering of flamingos expanded as more individuals joined from neighboring areas.
  1. Phalanx

Meaning – A formation of flamingos standing close together in water.  Examples

  • The phalanx of flamingos stood steadfast, wary of potential threats in the surroundings.
  • Predators hesitated to approach the phalanx of flamingos, given their united stance.
  • The phalanx of flamingos seemed like a living wall, protecting the vulnerable members within.
  1. Squadron

Meaning – A group of flamingos flying together in a loose formation. Examples

  • A squadron of flamingos glided gracefully over the lake, their wings shimmering in the sunlight.
  • Birdwatchers were thrilled to witness a squadron of flamingos passing by their observation point.
  • The squadron of flamingos split into smaller groups to explore different areas of the wetland.
  1. Company

Meaning – A group of flamingos resting on the shore or dry land.


  • The company of flamingos took a break from their aquatic activities, preening and grooming on the beach.
  • A company of flamingos rested under the shade of palm trees, seeking respite from the scorching sun.
  • We came across a company of flamingos near the estuary, far from their usual water habitat.
  1. Horde

Meaning – A large, disorderly group of flamingos in flight or on the ground. Examples

  • The horde of flamingos made a spectacular sight as they lifted off from the lake all at once.
  • The horde of flamingos descended upon the wetland, creating a flurry of pink feathers.
  • We encountered a horde of flamingos, scattered in all directions, during their seasonal migration.
  1. Confluence

Meaning – A meeting point of two or more groups of flamingos.


  • At the confluence, the flamingos from different directions joined, forming a more extensive feeding area.
  • The confluence of flamingos resulted in a burst of vibrant colors, attracting photographers and nature enthusiasts.
  • Birdwatchers waited patiently at the confluence, hoping to witness the mingling of different flamingo communities.
  1. Assemblage

Meaning – A diverse collection of flamingos from various age groups.  Examples

  • The assemblage of flamingos demonstrated different behaviors and interactions between the older and younger birds.
  • Researchers observed the assemblage of flamingos, documenting the development of juvenile plumage.
  • The assemblage of flamingos painted a delightful picture of diversity as they mingled in the lagoon.
  1. Array

Meaning – A patterned formation of flamingos on the water’s surface.


  • The array of flamingos exhibited a breathtaking heart-shaped formation as they swam together.
  • Birdwatchers were amazed by the intricate geometric patterns formed by the array of flamingos in the lake.
  • We witnessed an impressive array of flamingos arranging themselves in perfect symmetry during a boat tour.
  1. Ballet

Meaning – A group of flamingos performing coordinated movements while feeding.


  • The ballet of flamingos waded through the water, their synchronized movements creating a captivating spectacle.
  • Tourists were delighted to see the ballet of flamingos gliding in harmony, searching for small aquatic creatures.
  • We sat quietly by the lake, observing the ballet of flamingos engaging in their delicate feeding routine.
  1. Troop

Meaning – A group of flamingos moving together on land during migration.  Examples

  • The troop of flamingos covered vast distances, making stops at various wetlands along their migratory route.
  • A troop of flamingos passed by our campsite, their striking pink plumage contrasting against the savannah landscape.
  • The troop of flamingos marched gracefully, showing determination as they continued their journey southwards.
  1. Ensemble

Meaning – A cohesive group of flamingos gathered for mutual protection.  Examples

  • The ensemble of flamingos huddled together, forming a united front against potential predators.
  • During adverse weather conditions, the ensemble of flamingos sought refuge in a sheltered part of the lake.
  • We witnessed an ensemble of flamingos cautiously scanning their surroundings while resting near the reeds.
  1. Coterie

Meaning – A small, close-knit group of flamingos with strong social bonds.  Examples

  • The coterie of flamingos displayed affectionate behaviors, preening each other’s feathers.
  • Researchers observed the coterie of flamingos engaging in playful interactions during their downtime.
  • The coterie of flamingos traveled and foraged together, demonstrating their strong social connections.
  1. Pod

Meaning – A small group of flamingos traveling together during migration. Examples

  • We spotted a pod of flamingos flying in a V-formation across the sky, a common migration pattern.
  • The pod of flamingos made a stopover at the oasis, resting and replenishing their energy.
  • A pod of flamingos arrived at the coastal marsh, ready to begin their annual nesting activities.
  1. Galaxy

Meaning – A large congregation of flamingos seen from a distance. Examples

    • As we reached the hilltop, we were awestruck by the galaxy of flamingos spread across the lake’s surface.
    • The vastness of the galaxy of flamingos left the onlookers spellbound as they observed from the observation deck.
    • From the aircraft’s window, we could see a galaxy of flamingos decorating the wetlands below.
  1. Congregation

Meaning – A general term for any gathering of flamingos.


  • The congregation of flamingos added life and color to the serene waters of the marshland.
  • Birdwatchers eagerly set up their binoculars, waiting to witness the congregation of flamingos take flight.
  • At the water’s edge, a diverse congregation of flamingos mingled, forming a picturesque scene.

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