List Of Collective Noun For Animals And Birds (Mammals, Reptiles)

Do you ever stop to think about the peculiar names we give groups of animals and birds? From a murder of crows to a parliament of owls, these collective nouns are not only fascinating, but they also shed light on the behaviors and characteristics of these creatures.

In this article, we will explore the intriguing world of collective nouns for animals and birds, uncovering the origins behind these peculiar names and delving into the rich history that surrounds them.

Get ready to be amazed by the creative ways humans have found to describe these wild beings.

List of Collective Nouns for Animals and Birds

  • Army of ants
  • Troop of apes
  • Herd of buffalo
  • Flutter of butterflies
  • Wake of buzzards
  • Coalition of cheetahs
  • Intrusion of cockroaches
  • Murder of crows
  • Pack of dogs
  • Convocation of eagles
  • Parade of elephants
  • Business of ferrets
  • Flamboyance of flamingos
  • Leap of leopards
  • Troop of kangaroos
  • Exaltation of larks
  • Pride of lions
  • Troop of monkeys
  • Watch of nightingales
  • Bevy of quail
  • Unkindness of ravens
  • Crash of rhinos
  • Shiver of sharks
  • Streak of tigers
  • Bloat of hippopotami
  • Pod of dolphins
  • School of fish
  • Gaggle of geese (on the ground)
  • Skein of geese (in flight)
  • Band of gorillas
  • Thunder of hippopotamuses
  • Clowder of cats
  • Drift of pigs
  • Parliament of owls
  • Colony of penguins
  • Rafter of turkeys
  • Mob of emus
  • Shoal of bass
  • Horde of hamsters
  • Array of hedgehogs
  • Smack of jellyfish
  • Kindle of kittens
  • Lounge of lizards
  • Team of oxen
  • Pandemonium of parrots
  • Covey of partridges
  • Pod of seals
  • Drove of sheep
  • Siege of herons
  • Raft of ducks (on water)
  • Charm of finches
  • Flock of birds
  • Scourge of mosquitoes
  • Sounder of wild boar
  • Swarm of bees
  • Clutch of chicks
  • Peep of chickens
  • Quiver of cobras
  • Rag of colts
  • Cowardice of curs
  • Muster of peacocks
  • Nest of rabbits
  • Pity of prisoners (doves)
  • Team of horses
  • Passel of possums
  • Scuttle of spiders
  • Cloud of bats
  • Cete of badgers
  • Chain of bobolinks
  • Cast of falcons
  • Clattering of choughs
  • Scurry of squirrels
  • Fall of woodcocks
  • Flight of swallows
  • Skulk of foxes
  • Plague of locusts
  • Rout of wolves
  • Walk of snipe
  • Obstinacy of buffalo
  • Cast of hawks (in flight)
  • Building of rooks
  • Fesnyng of ferrets
  • Bask of crocodiles
  • Run of poultry
  • Mustering of storks
  • Descent of woodpeckers
  • Siege of bitterns
  • Hill of ruffs (birds)
  • Mutation of thrushes
  • Flock of camels
  • Bank of swans (in flight)
  • Herd of cranes
  • Bevy of swans (on water)
  • Dopping of sheldrake
  • Bevy of roe deer
  • Gam of whales
  • Host of sparrows
  • Stand of flamingos
  • Troop of giraffes
  • Knot of toads
  • Cry of hounds
  • Leap of hares
  • Richness of martens
  • Nest of vipers
  • Sloth of bears
  • Swarm of eels
  • Yoke of oxen
  • Prickle of porcupines
  • Cackle of hyenas
  • Clutch of dragons
  • Cloud of grasshoppers
  • Cluster of spiders
  • Den of snakes
  • Knot of frogs
  • Leash of greyhounds
  • Mute of hounds
  • Nest of mice
  • Pack of wolves
  • Parliament of rooks
  • Party of jays
  • Pod of walrus
  • Rhumba of rattlesnakes
  • Rout of knights (plovers)
  • String of ponies
  • Tiding of magpies
  • Trip of goats
  • Venue of vultures
  • Volery of birds
  • Wisp of snipe
  • Cauldron of bats
  • Congregation of plovers
  • Covey of ptarmigans
  • Deceit of lapwings
  • Dule of doves
  • Exaltation of larks
  • Gaggle of goslings
  • Herd of swans
  • Husk of hares
  • Muster of storks
  • Ostentation of peacocks
  • Paddling of ducks (on water)
  • Pod of pelicans
  • Raft of otters
  • Siege of cranes
  • Spring of teal
  • Sute of bloodhounds
  • Train of camels
  • Trip of dotterel
  • Wing of plovers
  • Bellowing of bullfinches
  • Chine of polecats
  • Clowder of wildcats
  • Dray of squirrels
  • Drove of bullocks
  • Fall of lambs
  • Fling of dunlins
  • Gaze of raccoons
  • Piteousness of doves
  • Plump of waterfowl
  • Pride of peacocks
  • Scold of jays
  • Sord of mallards (in flight)

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Animal Group Names

  1. A parade of elephants
  2. A murder of crows
  3. A pride of lions
  4. A troop of monkeys
  5. A pod of dolphins
  6. A herd of deer
  7. A pack of wolves
  8. A school of fish
  9. A colony of penguins
  10. A clowder of cats
  11. A gaggle of geese
  12. A drift of pigs
  13. A swarm of bees
  14. A business of ferrets
  15. A sleuth of bears
  16. A bloat of hippos
  17. A tower of giraffes
  18. A shrewdness of apes
  19. A leap of leopards
  20. A warren of rabbits
  21. A knot of toads
  22. A gang of elk
  23. A flock of sheep
  24. A coalition of cheetahs
  25. A crash of rhinoceroses
  26. A rafter of turkeys
  27. A flamboyance of flamingos
  28. A mob of kangaroos
  29. A convocation of eagles
  30. A congregation of alligators
  31. A lounge of lizards
  32. A flutter of butterflies
  33. A mustering of storks
  34. A clash of bucks
  35. A troop of baboons
  36. A dazzle of zebras
  37. A skulk of foxes
  38. A surfeit of skunks
  39. A bevy of quail
  40. A cauldron of bats
  41. A muster of peacocks
  42. A clutter of spiders
  43. A cackle of hyenas
  44. A sounder of wild boar
  45. A cast of falcons
  46. A labor of moles
  47. A chattering of choughs
  48. A romp of otters
  49. A plague of locusts
  50. A band of gorillas

Collective Nouns For Birds

  1. A murder of crows
  2. A host of sparrows
  3. A parliament of owls
  4. A descension of woodpeckers
  5. A charm of finches
  6. A exaltation of larks
  7. A gaggle of geese (on the ground)
  8. A skein of geese (in flight)
  9. A murder of magpies
  10. A murmuration of starlings
  11. A pitying of turtle doves
  12. A bouquet of pheasants
  13. A bevy of swans (when in flight)
  14. A wedge of swans (when in flight)
  15. A ostentation of peacocks
  16. A pandemonium of parrots
  17. A company of parrots
  18. A rookery of penguins
  19. A flight of doves
  20. A deceit of lapwings
  21. A team of ducks (in flight)
  22. A paddling of ducks (on water)
  23. A sord of mallards
  24. A watch of nightingales
  25. A volery of birds
  26. A nide of pheasants (on the ground)
  27. A congregation of plovers
  28. A stand of flamingos
  29. A siege of herons
  30. A dole of doves
  31. A chain of bobolinks
  32. A wisp of snipe
  33. A spring of teal
  34. A fall of woodcock
  35. A crest of cockatoos
  36. A muster of storks
  37. A museum of waxwings
  38. A cast of hawks (when in flight)
  39. A kettle of hawks (when in flight)
  40. A boil of hawks (when two or more are spiraling in air)
  41. A conspiracy of ravens
  42. A scold of jays
  43. A gulp of swallows
  44. A nye of pheasants (on the ground)
  45. A quiver of cobras
  46. A confusion of chiffchaffs
  47. A chime of wrens
  48. A tiding of magpies
  49. A herd of cranes
  50. A peep of chickens

What Are Animal Group Names?

Animal group names are specific terms used to refer to a collection or a group of animals of the same species. These terms are often unique to each species and are sometimes derived from ancient or medieval hunting traditions, while others are based on observations of the behavior or appearance of the group. Knowing these names is not only interesting for language enthusiasts but also for nature lovers who enjoy the intricacies of animal behavior and society.

Collective Nouns for Mammals

  1. An army of caterpillars
  2. A drove of cattle
  3. A sloth of bears
  4. A bevy of roe deer
  5. A cackle of hyenas
  6. A flamboyance of flamingos
  7. A hover of trout
  8. A leap of hares
  9. A sounder of wild boars
  10. A troop of kangaroos
  11. A bloat of hippopotamuses
  12. A coalition of cheetahs
  13. A grumble of pugs
  14. A labor of moles
  15. A mischief of mice
  16. A prickle of porcupines
  17. A romp of otters
  18. A shrewdness of apes
  19. A team of oxen
  20. A tower of giraffes

Collective Nouns for Sea Animals

  1. A shiver of sharks
  2. A bale of turtles
  3. A cast of crabs
  4. A pod of whales
  5. A raft of sea otters
  6. A run of salmon
  7. A school of anchovies
  8. A shoal of bass
  9. A smack of jellyfish
  10. A stream of minnows
  11. A troupe of shrimp
  12. A gam of porpoises
  13. A glint of goldfish
  14. A grind of blackfish
  15. A leap of salmon
  16. A nest of clams
  17. A risk of lobsters
  18. A sedge of bitterns
  19. A siege of herons
  20. A wobble of ostriches

Collective Nouns for Amphibians, Reptiles, Invertebrates, Insects

  1. An army of frogs
  2. A bale of turtles
  3. A bed of clams
  4. A cluster of spiders
  5. A den of snakes
  6. An intrusion of cockroaches
  7. A kaleidoscope of butterflies
  8. A knot of toads
  9. A lounge of lizards
  10. A nest of vipers
  11. An obstinacy of buffalo
  12. A pandemonium of parrots
  13. A plump of wildfowl
  14. A quiver of cobras
  15. A rhumba of rattlesnakes
  16. A scurry of squirrels
  17. A scuttle of sea urchins
  18. A swarm of locusts
  19. A troop of monkeys
  20. A zeal of zebras

Collective Noun for Birds and animals

list of collective nouns for animals

Collective nouns for birds

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