Collective Nouns For Birds (With Meaning and Examples)

Birds are marvelous creatures that inhabit various ecosystems around the world, captivating us with their vibrant colors, melodious songs, and graceful flights. With over 10,000 species known to mankind, these feathered beings possess a wide array of characteristics and behaviors that never cease to amaze us. Beyond their individual beauty lies another intriguing aspect of avian life: their collective nouns. Collective nouns are words used to describe groups of birds or other animals in a specific context.

What is the Collective Noun For Birds?

The collective noun for birds is “flock.” A flock is a fascinating sight to behold, as it represents a cohesive congregation of birds that have come together for various reasons. This gathering can consist of birds belonging to the same species or sometimes even different species, united in a shared purpose or driven by instinctual behaviors.

Here are the 10 Collective Nouns For Birds:

  1. Flock of birds
  2. Murmuration of starlings
  3. Colony of penguins
  4. Parliament of owls
  5. Exaltation of larks
  6. Congregation of eagles
  7. Preening of peacocks
  8. Band of jays
  9. Raft of ducks
  10. Gaggle of geese

Collective Nouns For Birds

  1. Ambush
  2. Assembly
  3. Asylum
  4. Aviary
  5. Ballet
  6. Band
  7. Bevy
  8. Bloom
  9. Brood
  10. Broodiness
  11. Camouflage
  12. Cast
  13. Chattering
  14. Circus
  15. Cloud
  16. Clutch
  17. Colony
  18. Congregation
  19. Deceit
  20. Diplomacy
  21. Disguise
  22. Echelon
  23. Echo
  24. Eruption
  25. Exaltation
  26. Festival
  27. Flamboyance
  28. Flight
  29. Flock
  30. Flutter
  31. Foraging
  32. Gaggle
  33. Galaxy
  34. Gander
  35. Harvest
  36. Hatch
  37. Herd
  38. Horde
  39. Host
  40. Hover
  41. Illusion
  42. Isthmus
  43. Jam
  44. Jamboree
  45. Jubilee
  46. Kettle
  47. Kibitz
  48. Knack
  49. Knot
  50. Lamentation
  51. Leash
  52. Loaf
  53. Maelstrom
  54. Mallard
  55. Mob
  56. Murmuration
  57. Narcotherapy
  58. Nimbus
  59. Nomad
  60. Oratorio
  61. Ostentation
  62. Outrider
  63. Ovation
  64. Pandemonium
  65. Parade
  66. Parliament
  67. Plume
  68. Quaver
  69. Quest
  70. Quill
  71. Rally
  72. Rhubarb
  73. Roister
  74. Roost
  75. Run
  76. Scurry
  77. Sedge
  78. Senate
  79. Skein
  80. Team
  81. Thunder
  82. Tiding
  83. Troop
  84. Tuft
  85. Uncertainty
  86. Unkindness
  87. Volery
  88. Vortex
  89. Watch
  90. Whisper
  91. Wisdom
  92. Xerophthalmia
  93. Yarn
  94. Yearning
  95. Zap
  96. Zeal
  97. Zenith
  98. Zephyr

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What is the Collective Noun For Birds

Collective Nouns For Birds With Meaning and Examples

  1. Flock:

Meaning: A group of birds flying or feeding together.


  • A flock of geese flew south for the winter.
  • We saw a flock of sparrows in the garden.
  • The sky was filled with a flock of starlings.
  1. Flight:

Meaning: A large group of birds in the air.


  • We witnessed a spectacular flight of pelicans along the coastline.
  • The migratory flight of swans was a breathtaking sight.
  • The autumnal flight of wild ducks painted the sky.
  1. Colony:

Meaning: A group of birds that nest and live together in a specific area.


  • The coastal cliffs are home to a thriving colony of seagulls.
  • We explored the nesting grounds of a colony of penguins.
  • The forest supports a diverse colony of songbirds.
  1. Aviary:

Meaning: A large enclosure where birds are kept for observation or conservation.


  • The zoo has a beautiful aviary featuring various tropical birds.
  • We visited an aviary to learn about endangered species.
  • The conservation center houses a diverse aviary of parrots.
  1. Congregation:

Meaning: A gathering of birds, often in a specific location or for a particular purpose.


  • The riverbank became a congregation of herons searching for fish.
  • A congregation of crows gathered in the park at dusk.
  • During migration, a congregation of robins stopped in our backyard.
  1. Brood:

Meaning: A group of young birds hatched and cared for together by the same parent or parents.

  1. Examples:
  • The mother bird diligently fed her brood of chicks.
  • We spotted a brood of ducklings swimming with their mother.
  • The nest held a tiny brood of songbird hatchlings.
  1. Bevy:

Meaning: A small group of birds, usually of the same species.

  1. Examples:
  • A bevy of quail scurried across the meadow.
  • The garden was visited by a bevy of colorful hummingbirds.
  • We saw a bevy of swans gliding gracefully on the lake.
  1. Cast:

Meaning: A group of falcons or hawks on the hunt.


  • The cast of falcons soared high above, searching for prey.
  • A cast of hawks circled the open field, ready to swoop down on their target.
  • The sky was filled with a cast of raptors during migration.
  1. Cloud:

Meaning: A large group of insects or birds in flight, often resembling a cloud in the sky.


  • The migration of butterflies created a beautiful cloud in the air.
  • The murmuration of starlings moved like a dark cloud across the horizon.
  • The field was filled with a cloud of tiny sparrows.
  1. Clutch:

Meaning: A group of eggs or chicks belonging to one bird.


  • The mother bird guarded her clutch of eggs in the nest.
  • We spotted a clutch of young robins hopping around the backyard.
  • The owl’s clutch of fluffy chicks waited patiently for food.
  1. Band:

Meaning: A small group of birds, often used for migratory species.


  • We observed a band of warblers resting in the trees before continuing their journey.
  • A band of finches frequented the bird feeder in our garden.
  • The researchers tagged a band of sparrows to track their movements.
  1. Sedge:

Meaning: A group of herons or bitterns.


  • The wetlands provided a perfect habitat for a sedge of herons.
  • We were fortunate to witness a sedge of bitterns during our nature hike.
  1. Host:

Meaning: A large number of birds in one location.


  • The lakeside was teeming with a host of waterfowl.
  • We saw a host of robins searching for worms in the lawn.
  1. Assembly:

Meaning: A gathering or meeting of birds.


  • The forest came alive with the assembly of songbirds during spring.
  • The birdwatchers eagerly awaited the assembly of eagles on the cliffs.
  1. Chattering:

Meaning: A group of birds making noise or vocalizing together.


  • The trees were filled with the chattering of parakeets.
  • The rooftop echoed with the chattering of starlings.
  1. Exaltation:

Meaning: A group of larks in flight.


  • We witnessed an exaltation of larks ascending into the sky.
  • The meadow was graced by an exaltation of skylarks.
  1. Foraging:

Meaning: A group of birds searching for food together.


  • The beach was frequented by a foraging of seagulls.
  • We observed a foraging of sparrows hopping around the bushes.
  1. Kettle:

Meaning: A group of birds soaring and circling in the air.


  • The raptors formed a kettle as they rode the thermals.
  • A kettle of vultures circled high above, searching for carrion.
  1. Knot:

Meaning: A group of sandpipers or shorebirds.


  • The sandy shore was dotted with a knot of sandpipers.
  • A knot of plovers scurried along the water’s edge.
  1. Murmeration:

Meaning: A large group of starlings in intricate flight patterns.


  • The evening sky was mesmerizing with the murmuration of starlings.
  • We marveled at the coordinated movements of the murmuration of starlings.

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