Collective Nouns For Fish (With Meaning and Examples)

Fish are a diverse and fascinating group of creatures that inhabit almost every body of water on our planet. From the majestic whales to the tiny guppies, these aquatic beings come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. But have you ever wondered how we refer to groups of fish? Just like many other animals, fish also have collective nouns that are used to describe them when they gather together or swim in unison.

What is the Collective Noun For Fish?

The collective noun for fish is “school.” When a group of fish swim together, it is called a school of fish. This term is often used to describe large groups of fish that swim and move together in coordinated patterns. The behavior of schooling provides certain advantages, such as protection from predators and increased efficiency in finding food.

Here are the 10 Collective Nouns For Fish:

  1. School
  2. Shoal
  3. Swarm
  4. Troop
  5. Pod
  6. Team
  7. Herd
  8. Colony
  9. Crowd
  10. Gathering

Collective Nouns For Fish

  1. Settlement
  2. Clubbing
  3. Vortex
  4. Crew
  5. River
  6. Troop
  7. Assembly
  8. Battalion
  9. Movement
  10. Flow
  11. Brood
  12. Cascade
  13. Herd
  14. Regiment
  15. Squad
  16. Cyclone
  17. Stream
  18. School
  19. Shoaling
  20. Cluster
  21. Hatch
  22. Arrayment
  23. Gyre
  24. Run
  25. Bunch
  26. Pod
  27. Group
  28. Gaggle
  29. Plunder
  30. Whirlwind
  31. Flock
  32. Community
  33. Party
  34. Army
  35. Mob
  36. Federation
  37. Mass
  38. Company
  39. Congression
  40. Shoal
  41. Horde
  42. Convoy
  43. Congress
  44. Legion
  45. Society
  46. Creek
  47. Maelstrom
  48. Schooling
  49. Clutch
  50. Array
  51. Torrent
  52. Brigade
  53. Band
  54. Colony
  55. Current
  56. Syndicate
  57. Crowd
  58. Litter
  59. Gathering
  60. Catch
  61. Team
  62. Guild
  63. Store
  64. Tangle
  65. Swarm
  66. Multitude
  67. Accumulation
  68. Tide
  69. Cavalcade
  70. Flight
  71. Association
  72. Clump
  73. Union
  74. Whirlpool
  75. Consortium
  76. Congregation
  77. Alliance
  78. Surge
  79. Stockpile
  80. Confederation
  81. Herding
  82. Platoon
  83. Club
  84. Syndication
  85. Batch
  86. Eddy
  87. Formation
  88. Pack

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What is the Collective Noun For Fish

Collective Nouns For Fish With Meaning and Examples

  1. School:

Meaning: A group of fish swimming together, often in a coordinated manner for safety and efficiency.

  • Example:
  • I saw a school of colorful tropical fish near the coral reef.
  • The dolphins were herding a school of herring closer to the shore.
  • A large school of anchovies passed by, attracting hungry seabirds.
  1. Shoal:

Meaning: A large group of fish that stay together but may not necessarily swim in a coordinated manner.


  • The river was teeming with a shoal of silver salmon during the spawning season.
  • We spotted a shoal of sardines shimmering just below the water’s surface.
  • A shoal of mackerel surrounded our fishing boat, making it easy to catch them.
  1. Pod:

Meaning: A small group of marine mammals, such as dolphins or whales, often used informally to refer to a small gathering of fish.


  • A pod of dolphins accompanied our boat, leaping in and out of the water playfully.
  • We observed a pod of killer whales hunting for fish near the ice edge.
  • A curious pod of pilot fish swam alongside the sharks.
  1. Gathering:

Meaning: A collective term for fish coming together in one place.


  • The annual herring gathering in the bay attracts a multitude of seabirds.
  • We witnessed a massive gathering of carp during their migration up the river.
  • The fishermen celebrated a successful gathering of trout at the lake.
  1. Trove:

Meaning: A group of valuable or precious fish.


  • The divers were astonished to discover a trove of rare seahorses.
  • The reef was a trove of various colorful fish species, making it a popular diving spot.
  • The marine researchers found a hidden trove of jewel-like fish in the deep ocean trench.
  1. Assembly:

Meaning: A gathering of fish for a specific purpose, such as mating or feeding.


  • The annual assembly of salmon in the river attracts numerous bears.
  • The fishermen patiently waited for the assembly of tuna in the open ocean.
  • During the coral spawning event, the reef became an assembly of various fish species.
  1. Horde:

Meaning: A large and chaotic group of fish, often seen during mass migrations or feeding frenzies.


  • A horde of anchovies swarmed around our boat, attracting hungry sea lions.
  • The sharks created a horde around a massive school of fish, causing a feeding frenzy.
  • During the migration, a horde of salmon filled the river, swimming upstream.
  1. Array:

Meaning: A visually striking group of fish arranged in a specific pattern or formation.


  • An array of parrotfish added vibrant colors to the coral reef.
  • The divers were amazed by the beautiful array of butterflyfish swimming in sync.
  • The groupers formed an impressive array, seemingly patrolling the shipwreck.
  1. Band:

Meaning: A small group of fish, usually of the same species, swimming together.


  • We noticed a band of clownfish hiding among the anemones.
  • A band of pufferfish was slowly moving along the sandy ocean floor.
    • The band of barracuda swiftly glided through the water, hunting for prey.
  1. Troop:

Meaning: A collective term for fish moving together in a single direction, often in search of food or shelter.


  • We followed a troop of angelfish as they explored the rocky reef.
  • A troop of silverfish swam near the surface, reflecting the sunlight beautifully.
  • The divers encountered a troop of lionfish during their night dive.
  1. Cluster:

Meaning: A small group of fish gathered closely together.


  • The cluster of guppies added life to the freshwater aquarium.
  • A cluster of herrings darted in and out of the kelp forest.
  • The divers spotted a colorful cluster of nudibranchs on the coral reef.
  1. Concourse:

Meaning: A large and busy gathering of fish, often seen during major migrations or breeding events.


  • The concourse of eels moved upstream to spawn in the freshwater rivers.
  • The annual concourse of manta rays attracted snorkelers and divers from all over the world.
  • The coral reef became a concourse of fish during the mass coral spawning event.
  1. Platoon:

Meaning: A group of fish swimming together in a single file.


  • A platoon of soldierfish patrolled the dark crevices of the reef.
  • The divers encountered a platoon of surgeonfish gracefully swimming through the water.
  • We followed a platoon of hake, hoping to catch some for dinner.

14. Throng :

Meaning: A bustling group of fish in a confined space.


  • The throng of anchovies drew the attention of larger predators.

15. Aggregate:

Meaning: A collection of various fish species in one location.


  • The coral reef provided shelter for an aggregate of marine life.

16. Mass:

Meaning: A large, tightly packed group of fish.


  • The migration of herring formed a massive swirling mass.

17. Assortment:

Meaning: A mixed group of fish with different colors and sizes.

    • The aquarium showcased an assortment of tropical fish.

18. Company:

Meaning: A group of fish swimming together for companionship.

    • The angelfish stayed in close company with each other.

19. Band :

Meaning: A small group of fish, often working together for protection or hunting.

    • The band of barracudas patrolled the reef in search of prey.

20. Mob:

Meaning: A disorderly and energetic group of fish.

    • The mob of mackerels created a frenzy during feeding time.

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