Collective Nouns For Books (With Meaning and Examples)

Books are not just inanimate objects filled with words; they hold a world of knowledge, imagination, and stories within their pages. And while we often refer to books as a singular entity, they possess a unique characteristic that allows them to be part of a larger collective group the collective noun. Just like animals have packs or herds, and trees form forests or groves, books also have their own collective nouns that define their unity and significance

What is the Collective Noun For Books?

The collective noun for books is “a library of books” or simply “a stack of books.” Both phrases are commonly used to refer to a collection of books in a particular context. For example, you might say, “She has a library of books in her study,” or “I have a stack of books on my desk.

Here are the 10 Collective Nouns For Books:

  1. A shelf of books
  2. A tome of books
  3. A collection of books
  4. A bibliography of books
  5. A volume of books
  6. An anthology of books
  7. A compendium of books
  8. A literature of books
  9. A manuscript of books
  10. A parchment of books

Collective Nouns For Books

  1. A journal of books
  2. A photography book of books
  3. A fiction of books
  4. A romance novel of books
  5. A science book of books
  6. A biography of books
  7. A drama of books
  8. A self-help book of books
  9. A rare book of books
  10. A religious book of books
  11. A graphic novel of books
  12. A periodical of books
  13. A tome of books
  14. A geography book of books
  15. A volume of books
  16. A thriller novel of books
  17. A mythology book of books
  18. A picture book of books
  19. A shelf of books
  20. A memoir of books
  21. A paperback of books
  22. A compendium of books
  23. A suspense book of books
  24. A young adult novel of books
  25. A mystery novel of books
  26. A literature book of books
  27. A library of books
  28. A science fiction of books
  29. A fantasy book of books
  30. An art book of books
  31. A magazine of books
  32. An epic of books
  33. A series of books
  34. A language book of books
  35. A novel of books
  36. An adventure book of books
  37. A compendium book of books
  38. A children’s book of books
  39. A comedy of books
  40. An essay of books
  41. A drama book of books
  42. An opus of books
  43. A crime book of books
  44. A monograph of books
  45. A poetry book of books
  46. A non-fiction of books
  47. A cookbook of books
  48. A collection of books
  49. A fantasy of books
  50. A comedy book of books
  51. A psychology book of books
  52. A reference of books
  53. A history book of books
  54. A stack of books
  55. A tragedy of books
  56. A romance of books
  57. A sci-fi book of books
  58. A biography book of books
  59. A memoir book of books
  60. A guidebook of books
  61. A tragedy book of books
  62. A mystery book of books
  63. A manuscript of books
  64. A thriller of books
  65. A classic of books
  66. A novella of books
  67. A banned book of books
  68. A coffee table book of books
  69. A second edition of books
  70. A bestseller of books
  71. A hardcover of books
  72. A thriller book of books
  73. An encyclopedia of books
  74. A mystery of books
  75. A philosophy book of books
  76. A horror book of books
  77. A thesis of books
  78. A mathematics book of books
  79. A graphic book of books
  80. An anthology of books
  81. A coloring book of books
  82. A folklore book of books
  83. A non-fiction book of books
  84. A dissertation of books
  85. A historical fiction of books
  86. A poetry of books
  87. A first edition of books
  88. A bibliography of books
  89. A dictionary of books
  90. An atlas of books
  91. A travelogue of books
  92. A textbook of books

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What is the Collective Noun For Books

Collective Nouns For Books With Meaning and Examples

  1. Library

Meaning: A collection of books in a specific location, typically open for public use.


  • I spent hours exploring the ancient manuscripts in the library.
  • The university’s library boasts an impressive assortment of academic journals.
  • The children’s section in the local library is a favorite spot for families.
  1. Collection

Meaning: An assemblage of books gathered by a person or an institution for a specific purpose.


  • Her collection of rare first-edition novels is the envy of book enthusiasts.
  • The museum displayed an extensive collection of historical books and manuscripts.
  • Over the years, he built an impressive collection of science fiction books.
  1. Shelf

Meaning: A small group of books placed together on a horizontal support.


  • I noticed a neat shelf of poetry books in her living room.
  • The shelf in the study was lined with various travel guides.
  • The antique bookshop showcased a shelf of vintage cookbooks.
  1. Compilation

Meaning: A selection of writings or extracts from different authors or sources, often put together on a specific theme.


  • The professor published a compilation of essays on contemporary politics.
  • This magazine features a regular compilation of short stories submitted by readers.
  • The anthology presents a diverse compilation of poetry from around the world.
  1. Tome

Meaning: A large, heavy, or scholarly book.


  • The ancient tome contained the complete works of Aristotle.
  • The encyclopedia was a massive tome that covered a wide range of topics.
  • He inherited a valuable tome of medieval literature from his grandfather.
  1. Manuscript

Meaning: A handwritten or typewritten document, often referring to an author’s original work before publication.


  • The author’s manuscript was carefully preserved in the library’s archives.
  • The curator showcased a valuable medieval manuscript for a limited time.
  • The historical society acquired a rare manuscript detailing local folklore.
  1. Volume

Meaning: A single book in a set or a series, or a book that is part of a larger work.


  • The first volume of the trilogy captivated readers with its intricate plot.
  • The encyclopedia had several volumes covering different subjects.
  • The collected works of Shakespeare span multiple volumes.
  1. Novel

Meaning: A fictional narrative of considerable length.


  • She couldn’t put down the latest suspense novel until she finished it.
  • The classic novel “Pride and Prejudice” remains popular among readers.
  • The bookstore had a section dedicated to romance novels.
  1. Folio

Meaning: A large-sized book or leaf of paper, often referring to historical or antique volumes.


  • The folio contained beautifully illustrated botanical drawings.
  • The rare book auction featured a medieval folio with illuminated text.
  • The antique dealer displayed a delicate folio from the Renaissance period.
  1. Textbook

Meaning: A book designed to provide knowledge and information on a specific subject, commonly used in education.


  • The students eagerly awaited the release of the new biology textbook.
  • The textbook on calculus was challenging but comprehensive.
  • The professor authored a widely-used economics textbook.
  1. Journal

Meaning: A periodical publication containing academic articles, research, or personal reflections.


  • The scientific journal published groundbreaking research on climate change.
  • She enjoyed reading medical journals to keep up with the latest advancements.
  • The writer documented his experiences in a travel journal.
  1. Encyclopedia

Meaning: A comprehensive reference work that provides information on various subjects or disciplines.


  • The family owned an outdated encyclopedia set from the 1980s.
  • The internet has largely replaced printed encyclopedias for quick information.
  • The library offered a digital encyclopedia accessible to all members.
  1. Magazine

Meaning: A periodic publication containing articles, photographs, and advertisements on various topics.


  • She subscribed to a fashion magazine to stay updated on the latest trends.
  • The science magazine featured captivating articles about space exploration.
  • He enjoyed reading the technology magazine during his daily commute.
  1. Biography

Meaning: A written account of a person’s life, usually written by another individual.


  • The biography of Albert Einstein shed light on his genius and struggles.
  • The library had an extensive collection of political leader biographies.
  • The actor’s biography revealed previously unknown details about his career.
  1. Compendium

Meaning: A concise but comprehensive collection of information, often presented in a single volume.


  • The medical compendium served as a quick reference guide for practitioners.
  • The compendium of world history offered a condensed overview of major events.
  • The travel compendium included essential tips and highlights for globe-trotters.
  1. Anthology

Meaning: A collection of selected writings or literary pieces from various authors, often organized by theme or genre.


  • The anthology of short stories showcased emerging writers’ talent.
  • The anthology of poetry celebrated diverse voices from different cultures.
  • The anthology of classic science fiction stories captivated readers.
  1. Epic

Meaning: A long narrative poem or literary work that tells the heroic adventures of a legendary figure.


  • “The Iliad” is an ancient epic that recounts the Trojan War.
  • The epic journey of Odysseus in “The Odyssey” is an enduring classic.
  • Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” is a modern epic of fantastical proportions.
  1. Graphic Novel

Meaning: A book that uses comic-style illustrations to tell a complete story or convey information.


  • “Maus” is a graphic novel that tells a poignant tale of Holocaust survival.
  • The graphic novel “Persepolis” offers a unique perspective on the Iranian Revolution.
  • The graphic novel adaptation of a classic novel attracted new readers.
  1. Rare Book

Meaning: A book that is scarce or uncommon, often possessing historical, cultural, or artistic value.


  • The antiquarian bookstore specialized in selling rare books to collectors.
  • The library displayed a valuable rare book under controlled lighting.
  • The museum acquired a rare book from a significant historical figure.
  1. First Edition

Meaning: The initial printing of a book, often considered the most valuable among collectors.


  • The bibliophile was thrilled to find a first edition of a beloved novel.
  • The auction featured a signed first edition of a renowned author’s work.
  • The bookstore displayed a section dedicated to first editions of classic literature.

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