Collective Nouns For Cards (With Meaning and Examples)

Collective nouns are a fascinating aspect of the English language, offering a unique way to describe groups of people, animals, or objects. With their ability to evoke imagery and capture the essence of a collective entity, collective nouns are commonly employed in various contexts. In this article, we delve into the realm of cards and explore an array of captivating collective nouns used specifically for these popular game pieces.

What is the Collective Noun For Cards?

The collective noun for “cards” can be “deck” or “pack.” Both terms are commonly used to refer to a collection of playing cards or similar items used in card games. For example, you might say, “I have a deck of cards for playing poker,” or “She brought a pack of cards to the party for some games.”

Here are the 10 Collective Nouns For Cards:

  1. Deck
  2. Pack
  3. Hand
  4. Pile
  5. Set
  6. Stack
  7. Bundle
  8. Assortment
  9. Collection
  10. Batch

Collective Nouns For Cards

  1. Clump
  2. Conference
  3. Party
  4. Group
  5. Squadron
  6. Legion
  7. Host
  8. Range
  9. Collection
  10. Crew
  11. Swarm
  12. Hand
  13. Lot
  14. Diversity
  15. Army
  16. Accumulation
  17. Cluster
  18. Combination
  19. Store
  20. Assemblage
  21. Posse
  22. Troop
  23. Mass
  24. Rally
  25. Compilation
  26. Patrol
  27. Herd
  28. Forum
  29. Library
  30. Pool
  31. Set
  32. Convocation
  33. Bundle
  34. Buildup
  35. Jumble
  36. Formation
  37. Cache
  38. Reserve
  39. Multiplicity
  40. Battery
  41. Lineup
  42. Suite
  43. Mob
  44. Pack-up
  45. Heap
  46. Coterie
  47. Team
  48. Battalion
  49. Division
  50. Settling
  51. Circle
  52. Repertoire
  53. Grouping
  54. Constellation
  55. Workshop
  56. Gathering
  57. Selection
  58. Clique
  59. Squad
  60. Sequence
  61. Company
  62. Deck
  63. Seminar
  64. Hoard
  65. Series
  66. Stack
  67. Load
  68. Regiment
  69. Congress
  70. Fleet
  71. Multitude
  72. Horde
  73. Assortment
  74. Set-up
  75. Brigade
  76. Band
  77. Gang
  78. Bunch
  79. Compendium
  80. Slew
  81. Assembly
  82. Row
  83. Flock
  84. Array
  85. Parcel
  86. Coven
  87. Variety
  88. Bevy
  89. Batch
  90. Meeting
  91. Convention
  92. Package
  93. Trove
  94. Pile
  95. Pack
  96. Mess
  97. Arrangement
  98. Pooling
  99. Lecture

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What is the Collective Noun For Cards

Collective Nouns For Cards With Meaning and Examples

  1. Deck

Meaning: A complete set of cards used in various card games.


  • She shuffled the deck before dealing the cards.
  • I need to buy a new deck of playing cards.
  • The deck was stacked against him in that poker game.
  1. Hand

Meaning: A set of cards held by a player during a game.


  • I had a winning hand with a pair of aces.
  • He revealed his hand, showing a royal flush.
  • She played her hand skillfully, winning the round.
  1. Pack

Meaning: A group of cards used in specific games or for a particular purpose.


  • The pack of tarot cards was used for fortune-telling.
  • We need a new pack of Uno cards for the game night.
  • The pack of trading cards contained rare collectibles.
  1. Stack

Meaning: A neat pile of cards placed on top of each other.


  • He built a tall stack of poker chips to intimidate his opponents.
  • The magician revealed the chosen card from the middle of the stack.
  • The cards toppled from the stack when the table shook.
  1. Handful

Meaning: A small quantity of cards that can be held in one hand.


  • She only had a handful of cards left in her hand.
  • The player played a handful of cards to win the trick.
  • I dealt a handful of cards to each player.
  1. Pat

Meaning: A perfect hand that cannot be beaten in a particular game.


  • He was lucky to get a pat hand in poker.
  • She held a pat hand and confidently raised the bet.
  • The player celebrated after receiving a pat hand in blackjack.
  1. Collection

Meaning: A diverse set of cards gathered or assembled over time.


  • His collection of trading cards included rare and valuable items.
  • She proudly displayed her stamp collection, including cards from different countries.
  • The museum exhibited a stunning collection of historical playing cards.
  1. Pile

Meaning: A disorganized or random stack of cards.


  • The cards were scattered in a messy pile on the floor.
  • He searched through the pile of discarded cards for a specific one.
  • The player drew a card from the top of the pile.
  1. Set

Meaning: A group of cards that belong together and can form combinations.


  • She completed a set of three cards of the same rank.
  • The player had a set of cards from the same suit.
  • He collected a set of cards with different designs.
  1. Assortment

Meaning: A varied mix of cards with different designs or attributes.


  • The gift box contained an assortment of greeting cards for different occasions.
  • The card shop offered an assortment of postcards from various tourist destinations.
  • He received an assortment of playing cards, each with unique artwork.
  1. Hand of Fate

Meaning: A metaphorical term referring to the cards that determine one’s destiny.


  • He bravely faced the hand of fate, hoping for a good hand in the poker game.
  • The protagonist’s life changed dramatically when he was dealt a fortuitous hand of fate.
  1. Hand of Doom

Meaning: A dramatic expression representing a threatening or ominous set of cards.


  • As the opponent played the hand of doom, his chances of winning dwindled.
  • The player’s heart sank as he saw the hand of doom being revealed.
  1. Suite

Meaning: A specific group of cards within a deck.


  • She collected a suite of four cards from the same suit.
  • The player completed a suite of cards to win the round.
  • The suite of spades had the highest value in that game.
  1. Gamble

Meaning: A risky selection of cards with uncertain outcomes.


  • He decided to gamble on the cards in his hand and bet heavily.
  • The player’s gamble paid off when he won with an unexpected combination of cards.
  • Gambling with those cards could lead to either a great victory or a significant loss.
  1. Hand of Tricks

Meaning: A group of cards used in magic tricks or illusions.


  • The magician skillfully manipulated the hand of tricks to amaze the audience.
  • He practiced for hours to perfect the hand of tricks for his performance.
  1. Shuffle

Meaning: A mixture of cards obtained by shuffling a deck.


  • After the game, they gathered to shuffle the cards for the next round.
  • The dealer carefully shuffled the cards to ensure fairness.
  • The player received a lucky hand after the shuffle.
  1. Draw

Meaning: A set of cards obtained by drawing from the deck.


  • Each player took turns to draw cards from the deck.
  • He drew a powerful card that turned the tide of the game.
  • The draw resulted in an unexpected combination of cards.
  1. Whist Hand

Meaning: Four cards dealt to each player in the game of whist.


  • She received a strong whist hand, giving her confidence to bid higher.
  • The whist hand determined the partnerships for the round.
  1. Bridge Hand

Meaning: Thirteen cards dealt to each player in the game of bridge.


  • He carefully studied his bridge hand to form a strategy for bidding.
  • The bridge hand was challenging, but he managed to win the contract.
  1. Trump Cards

Meaning: A special set of cards that outrank other suits in certain games.


  • In this game, hearts are the trump cards.
  • He played his trump cards wisely, winning most of the tricks.

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