Collective Nouns For Animals (With Meaning and Examples)

Collective nouns, also known as group nouns, are fascinating linguistic constructs that refer to a collection or group of individuals. These nouns serve a purpose in simplifying language and creating vivid imagery by attributing a single term to represent multiple entities within a particular category. When it comes to animals, collective nouns of  add an extra layer of intrigue and charm to our vocabulary.

What is the Collective Noun For Animals?

The collective noun for animals is a term used to describe a group of animals of the same species. These nouns can be quite fascinating and often reflect the characteristics or behavior of the animals. Herd: Cattle, deer, elephants, and buffalo. Flock: Birds (e.g., ducks, geese, and pigeons).

  • Pod: Whales and dolphins.
  • Pack: Wolves and dogs.
  • Pride: Lions.

Here are the 10 Collective Nouns For Animals:

  1. A pride of lions
  2. A herd of elephants
  3. A swarm of bees
  4. A flock of birds
  5. A school of fish
  6. A pack of wolves
  7. A pod of dolphins
  8. A gaggle of geese
  9. A colony of ants
  10. A troop of monkeys

Collective Nouns For Animals

  1. Army
  2. Bale
  3. Ballet
  4. Band
  5. Cackle
  6. Caravan
  7. Cast
  8. Charm
  9. Cloud
  10. Clowder
  11. Cluster
  12. Coalition
  13. Colony
  14. Company
  15. Congress
  16. Convocation
  17. Covey
  18. Crash
  19. Creep
  20. Descent
  21. Drift
  22. Drove
  23. Exaltation
  24. Fever
  25. Flight
  26. Flock
  27. Flotilla
  28. Gaggle
  29. Game
  30. Grist
  31. Grumble
  32. Gulp
  33. Herd
  34. Horde
  35. Host
  36. Huddle
  37. Kaleidoscope
  38. Knot
  39. Lamentation
  40. Leash
  41. Litter
  42. Lounge
  43. Memory
  44. Mob
  45. Murder
  46. Nest
  47. Pack
  48. Pandemonium
  49. Parliament
  50. Party
  51. Piteousness
  52. Plague
  53. Pod
  54. Pride
  55. Quiver
  56. Raft
  57. Rafter
  58. Rhumba
  59. Richness
  60. School
  61. Sedge
  62. Shoal
  63. Siege
  64. Skulk
  65. Sleuth
  66. Smack
  67. Sounder
  68. Stud
  69. Swarm
  70. Troop
  71. Wake
  72. Watch
  73. Wisdom
  74. Zeal
  75. Battery
  76. Bed
  77. Belt
  78. Bevy
  79. Bloat
  80. Boar
  81. Boast
  82. Brood
  83. Business

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Collective Nouns For Animals With Meaning and Examples

Collective Nouns For Animals With Meaning and Examples

  1. A herd

Meaning: A group of animals, usually hoofed mammals, that live and move together.


    • A herd of elephants trudging through the savannah.
    • A herd of cattle grazing in the field.
    • A herd of bison roaming the prairie.
  1. A pack

Meaning: A group of wild animals, particularly carnivores, that hunt and travel together.


  • A pack of wolves howling in the moonlight.
  • A pack of wild dogs hunting in the forest.
  • A pack of hyenas scavenging near a watering hole.
  1. A swarm

Meaning: A large number of insects or small animals, typically moving together.

  • Examples: A swarm of bees buzzing around a hive.
  • A swarm of locusts devouring crops.
  • A swarm of ants marching towards their nest.
  1. A colony

Meaning: A  group of animals, often insects, living together in a specific area.


  • A colony of penguins huddling for warmth in the Antarctic.
  • A colony of termites building intricate nests in the rainforest.
  • A colony of bats hanging upside down in a cave
  1. A pride

Meaning: A family group of lions, typically consisting of multiple lionesses and their cubs.


  • A pride of lions basking in the African sun.
  • A pride of lionesses hunting together on the savannah.
  • A pride of young cubs playfully wrestling with each other.
  1. A troop

Meaning: A group of primates, such as monkeys or baboons, moving and foraging together.


  • A troop of monkeys swinging through the trees.
  • A troop of baboons grooming each other on the riverbank.
  • A troop of gorillas peacefully feeding in the jungle.
  1. A pod

Meaning: A social group of marine mammals, like dolphins or whales, that swim together.


  • A pod of dolphins leaping playfully in the waves.
  • A pod of killer whales hunting for fish.
  • A pod of humpback whales singing their majestic songs.
  1. A flock

Meaning: A group of birds flying or feeding together.


  • A flock of geese migrating south for the winter.
  • A flock of seagulls scavenging at the beach.
  • A flock of starlings creating mesmerizing patterns in the sky.
  1. A congress

Meaning: A gathering of owls.

Examples: A congress of owls hooting in the moonlit forest.

  1. A shiver

Meaning: A group of sharks

Examples: A shiver of sharks circling around a school of fish.

  1. A bloat

Meaning: A congregation of hippopotamuses.

Examples: A bloat of hippos wallowing in a river.

  1. A tower

Meaning: A  group of giraffes.

Examples: A tower of giraffes gracefully moving through the savannah.

  1. An army

Meaning: A group of ants.

Examples: An army of ants marching in a straight line.

  1. A crash

Meaning: A gathering of rhinoceroses.

Examples: A crash of rhinos drinking at a watering hole.

  1. A parliament

Meaning: A congregation of owls.


  • A parliament of owls perched on tree branches.
  1. A leap

Meaning:  A group of leopards.


  • A leap of leopards resting in the shade.
  1. A cackle
  2. Meaning: A gathering of hyenas.


  • A cackle of hyenas communicating in the night.
  1. A charm

Meaning: A  group of hummingbirds.


  • A charm of hummingbirds sipping nectar from flowers.
  1. A knot

Meaning: A congregation of toads.


  • A knot of toads gathered around a pond.
  1. A dazzle

Meaning: A group of zebras.


  • A dazzle of zebras grazing on the grasslands.

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