Most Common Participle Verbs List

Participles are versatile verb forms that play a crucial role in constructing clear and concise sentences. Whether used to form verb tenses, create adjectives, or serve as independent clauses, understanding participle verbs is essential for effective communication in both spoken and written English. However, with the vast number of participles available in the English language, it can be overwhelming to navigate through this grammatical landscape. That is why we have compiled an extensive participle verbs list that will serve as a comprehensive resource for writers and speakers alike.

What Is a Participle? And Rules of Participles?

Participles are verb forms that can function as adjectives, nouns, or as part of verb tenses. There are two types of participles in English: present participles and past participles.

Here are the rules for each type:

  1. Present Participles:
  • Formed by adding “-ing” to the base verb (e.g., talking, eating).
  • Used as adjectives to describe nouns (e.g., the barking dog).
  • Used in continuous tenses (e.g., I am eating dinner).
  1. Past Participles:
  • Regular verbs end with “-ed” (e.g., walked, talked).
  • Irregular verbs have unique forms (e.g., gone, done).
  • Used in perfect tenses (e.g., I have finished my work).
  • Also used as adjectives (e.g., the broken window).

Here are 10 Most common Participle Verbs:

  1. Doing
  2. Eating
  3. Writing
  4. Running
  5. Reading
  6. Singing
  7. Dancing
  8. Studying
  9. Loving
  10. Sleeping

Participle Verbs List

  • Taken
  • Broken
  • Written
  • Eaten
  • Seen
  • Slept
  • Run
  • Swum
  • Driven
  • Thrown
  • Built
  • Bought
  • Caught
  • Chosen
  • Forgotten
  • Hidden
  • Lost
  • Paid
  • Sung
  • Spoken
  • Stolen
  • Torn
  • Worn
  • Forgiven
  • Risen
  • Shaken
  • Swung
  • Frozen
  • Grown
  • Known
  • Lain
  • Sworn
  • Drawn
  • Sought
  • Told
  • Blown
  • Flown
  • Gone
  • Met
  • Spent
  • Swept
  • Woken
  • Jumped
  • Arrived
  • Played
  • Cooked
  • Found
  • Given
  • Smelled
  • Felt
  • Heard
  • Sold
  • Closed
  • Opened
  • Learned
  • Taught
  • Hurt
  • Lived
  • Begun
  • Studied
  • Held
  • Dreamed
  • Woven
  • Bitten
  • Ridden
  • Lied
  • Beaten
  • Finished
  • Painted
  • Read

50 Verbs With Past And Past Participle



Past Participle

Eat ate eaten
Write wrote written
Run ran run
Read read read
Sing sang sung
Dance danced danced
Study studied studied
Love loved loved
Sleep slept slept
Work worked worked
Speak spoke spoken
Watch watched watched
Play played played
Listen listened listened
Buy bought bought
Cook cooked cooked
Travel traveled traveled
Teach taught taught
Drive drove driven
Fly flew flown
Help helped helped
Give gave given
Take took taken
Open opened opened
Close closed closed
Meet met met
Smile smiled smiled
Cry cried cried
Laugh laughed laughed
Jump jumped jumped
Talk talked talked
Think thought thought
Stand stood stood
Sit sat sat
Brush brushed brushed
Wash washed washed
Clean cleaned cleaned
Organize organized organized
Dance danced danced
Paint painted painted
Draw drew drawn
Plant planted planted
Climb climbed climbed
Swim swam swum
Ride rode ridden
Speak spoke spoken
Stand stood stood
Sleep slept slept
Wake woke woken

50 Irregular Verbs Present Past Past Participle



Past Participle

Awake awoke awoken
Be was/were been
Bear bore borne/born
Beat beat beaten
Become became become
Begin began begun
Bend bent bent
Bet bet bet
Bid bid bid
Bite bit bitten
Blow blew blown
Break broke broken
Bring brought brought
Build built built
Buy bought bought
Catch caught caught
Choose chose chosen
Come came come
Cost cost cost
Cut cut cut
Do did done
Draw drew drawn
Drink drank drunk
Drive drove driven
Eat ate eaten
Fall fell fallen
Feed fed fed
Feel felt felt
Find found found
Fly flew flown
Forget forgot forgotten
Forgive forgave forgiven
Freeze froze frozen
Get got got/gotten
Give gave given
Go went gone
Grow grew grown
Hang hung hung
Have had had
Hide hid hidden
Hit hit hit
Hold held held
Hurt hurt hurt
Keep kept kept
Know knew known
Lay laid laid
Lead led led
Leave left left
Lend lent lent

Irregular Verbs Present Participle

  • Going
  • Eating
  • Sleeping
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Taking
  • Running
  • Breaking
  • Choosing
  • Falling
  • Giving
  • Finding
  • Thinking
  • Telling
  • Showing
  • Holding
  • Keeping
  • Leaving
  • Feeling
  • Bringing
  • Beginning
  • Cutting
  • Drinking
  • Swimming
  • Flying

Must Learn: List Of Common Verbs In English

Irregular Verbs Examples Sentences

  • She broke her favorite vase accidentally.
  • He came to the party with his friends.
  • They saw a shooting star in the night sky.
  • I ate a delicious pizza for dinner.
  • The cat caught a mouse in the kitchen.
  • We ran a marathon and finished in third place.
  • He fell off his bike but wasn’t injured.
  • She forgot to bring her umbrella on a rainy day.
  • They flew to Europe for their vacation.
  • The dog bit the mailman’s leg.
  • I swam across the lake and back.
  • We wrote letters to our pen pals.
  • He sang a beautiful song at the concert.
  • She drank a glass of orange juice.
  • They bought new clothes for the party.
  • The child slept peacefully through the night.
  • I saw an amazing movie yesterday.
  • We ate breakfast together as a family.
  • He ran into an old friend at the supermarket.
  • She took a photograph of the stunning landscape.
  • They swung on the swings at the park.
  • The tree grew tall and strong over the years.
  • I taught my younger sister how to ride a bike.
  • We rang the doorbell but nobody answered.
  • He sank his teeth into the juicy burger.
  • She wrote a heartfelt letter to her best friend.
  • They caught a fish while fishing in the lake.
  • The butterfly flew gracefully among the flowers.
  • I saw a rainbow after the rainstorm.
  • We ate dinner at a fancy restaurant.
  • He ran after the bus but couldn’t catch it.
  • She thought deeply about her career choices.
  • They sang together in a choir.
  • The baby slept soundly in her crib.
  • I drove to the beach for a relaxing day.
  • We swam in the clear blue ocean.
  • He threw the ball to his friend.
  • She wore a beautiful dress to the party.
  • They wrote their names on the chalkboard.
  • The lion ate its prey in the wild.
  • I spoke to my boss about a promotion.
  • We saw a stunning sunset on the horizon.
  • He ate a slice of cake for dessert.
  • She ran her first marathon and finished strong.
  • They forgot their passports and had to go back home.
  • The bird sang a melodious tune in the morning.
  • I swam with dolphins on my vacation.
  • We wrote a letter of appreciation to our teacher.
  • He thought carefully before making a decision.
  • She caught a ball during the baseball game.

Irregular Verbs Sentences

  • She broke her pencil while writing.
  • He came to the party late.
  • They saw a shooting star in the sky.
  • I ate a delicious piece of cake.
  • The cat caught a mouse in the kitchen.
  • We ran a marathon and finished strong.
  • He fell off his bike but didn’t get hurt.
  • She forgot her keys at home.
  • They flew to a tropical island for vacation.
  • The dog bit the chew toy aggressively.
  • I swam across the river effortlessly.
  • We wrote a letter to our grandparents.
  • He sang a beautiful song at the concert.
  • She drank a glass of water.
  • They bought a new car.
  • The child slept peacefully through the night.
  • I saw a shooting star.
  • We ate breakfast together.
  • He ran a marathon last year.
  • She took a photograph of the sunset.
  • They swung on the swings at the park.
  • The tree grew tall and strong.
  • I taught my friend how to play guitar.
  • We rang the doorbell but nobody answered.
  • He sank the basketball into the hoop.
  • She wrote a novel in six months.
  • They caught a fish while fishing.
  • The butterfly flew gracefully in the garden.
  • I saw a rainbow after the rain.
  • We ate dinner at a fancy restaurant.

Regular Verbs Examples Sentences

  • She walked to the park in the afternoon.
  • He cleaned his room before the guests arrived.
  • They listened to music on their road trip.
  • I played soccer with my friends at the park.
  • The cat jumped onto the counter to reach the food.
  • We watched a movie at the cinema last night.
  • He talked to his friend on the phone for an hour.
  • She opened the door and welcomed the guests.
  • They painted the walls of their house a vibrant color.
  • The dog barked loudly when the doorbell rang.
  • I cooked a delicious dinner for my family.
  • We cleaned the car inside and out.
  • He answered all the questions correctly in the quiz.
  • She helped her little sister with her homework.
  • They danced to the music at the party.
  • The children laughed at the clown’s funny tricks.
  • I worked on my project until late at night.
  • We planted flowers in the garden.
  • He studied diligently for his upcoming exam.
  • She played the piano beautifully at the concert.
  • They climbed to the top of the mountain.
  • I cleaned the windows to let in more light.
  • We talked about our plans for the weekend.
  • He hoped for good weather during the trip.
  • She watched the sunrise from her balcony.

10 Sentences Using Irregular Verbs

  • She broke her phone when it fell on the floor.
  • He swam across the river to reach the other side.
  • They ate a delicious meal at the new restaurant.
  • I saw a shooting star in the clear night sky.
  • The cat slept peacefully on the cozy cushion.
  • We wrote a heartfelt letter to our grandparents.
  • He ran a marathon and finished in first place.
  • She took a photograph of the breathtaking sunset.
  • They forgot to bring their passports for the trip.
  • The dog bit the stick during their playful game.

Irregular Sentences In English

  • She went to the store to buy groceries.
  • He ate a delicious meal at the restaurant.
  • They saw a breathtaking sunset at the beach.
  • I ran five miles this morning.
  • The cat caught a mouse in the backyard.
  • We slept under the stars during our camping trip.
  • He came home late last night.
  • She spoke eloquently during the presentation.
  • They gave me a thoughtful gift for my birthday.
  • The dog bit the mailman’s leg.
  • I swam across the river to reach the other side.
  • We wrote heartfelt letters to our loved ones.
  • He broke his phone when he dropped it.
  • She chose the blue dress for the party.
  • They flew to Paris for their anniversary.
  • The child fell off the bike but quickly got up.
  • I froze when I saw the ghostly figure.
  • The sun rose over the horizon, painting the sky with vibrant colors.
  • We forgot to lock the door before leaving.
  • She sang a beautiful song at the talent show.
  • They drew a stunning portrait of their friend.
  • He swung the bat and hit a home run.
  • I knew the answer to the difficult question.
  • The bird flew away to its nest in the tree.
  • We sank our feet into the warm sand at the beach.

Sentences Using Regular Verbs

  • She walks to work every morning.
  • He brushes his teeth before going to bed.
  • They cook dinner together on weekends.
  • I water the plants in the garden.
  • The cat purrs when you pet it.
  • We watch movies at the cinema.
  • He combs his hair neatly.
  • She opens the window to let in fresh air.
  • They sweep the floor after dinner.
  • The dog wags its tail when it’s happy.
  • I answer emails promptly.
  • We wash the dishes after every meal.
  • He mows the lawn on Saturdays.
  • She folds the clothes neatly.
  • They iron their clothes before wearing them.
  • The children play in the park.
  • I vacuum the carpets regularly.
  • We dust the furniture to keep it clean.
  • He hangs his coat on the hook.
  • She turns off the lights before leaving.
  • They set the table for dinner.
  • I polish my shoes before going out.
  • We close the door behind us.
  • He dries his hands with a towel.
  • She puts on her glasses to read.

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