Regular Verbs List in English (Regular Verbs Excercise)

“Mastering the English language involves understanding and using a wide array of verbs, which are the backbone of sentence structure. Regular verbs, distinguished by their predictable and consistent conjugation patterns, are essential in forming the past tense and past participle by simply adding ‘-ed’ or ‘-d’ to the base form.

This list of regular verbs is a comprehensive guide designed to aid learners in familiarizing themselves with these verbs, their meanings, and their correct usage. Whether you are a beginner or looking to refine your English skills, this list serves as a valuable resource for effectively enhancing your verbal expression.”

What are Regular Verbs?

Definition of Regular Verbs

Regular Verbs: Regular verbs are verbs in English grammar that follow a consistent pattern in forming their past tense and past participle. They are conjugated by adding a standard suffix, usually “-ed” or “-d,” to the base form.


  • Base: “talk,” Past: “talked,” Past Participle: “talked”
  • Base: “clean,” Past: “cleaned,” Past Participle: “cleaned”

Rules of Regular Verbs:

  1. Standard Addition: Add “-ed” to the base form.
    • Base: “jump,” Past: “jumped,” Past Participle: “jumped”
  2. Ending in ‘y’: If the verb ends in “y” preceded by a consonant, change ‘y’ to ‘i’ and add “-ed.”
    • Base: “try,” Past: “tried,” Past Participle: “tried”
  3. Double the Final Consonant: For verbs ending in a single vowel followed by a consonant (except “w,” “x,” or “y”), double the consonant and add “-ed.”
    • Base: “stop,” Past: “stopped,” Past Participle: “stopped”

Orthography Rules refer to the set of conventions for writing a language, including spelling, hyphenation, capitalization, word breaks, and punctuation. These rules are essential for maintaining clarity and consistency in written communication.

Examples of Orthography Rules:

  • Capitalization: Capitalize the first word of a sentence and proper nouns.
    • Example: “The Eiffel Tower is in Paris.”
  • Punctuation: Use punctuation marks like periods, commas, and question marks appropriately.
    • Example: “I’m going to the market, and I’ll buy apples, oranges, and bananas.”
  • Spelling: Follow standard spelling conventions for words.
    • Example: “Correct” instead of “Korrect.”

Pronunciation Rules are guidelines for how words are pronounced. These rules can vary based on dialects and accents but generally provide a basis for standard pronunciation in a language.

Examples of Pronunciation Rules:

    • Vowel Sounds: English vowels can have long and short sounds.
      • Example: The “a” in “apple” (short sound) vs. “apron” (long sound).
    • Consonant Sounds: Certain letters have different sounds based on their position in a word.
      • Example: The “c” in “cat” (hard sound) vs. “city” (soft sound).
    • Stress and Intonation: Words have specific stress patterns, and sentences have intonation patterns that can change the meaning.
      • Example: The word “record” can be “REcord” (noun) or “reCORD” (verb).

Regular Verbs List in English

Present Past Past Participle
Bake Baked Baked
Clean Cleaned Cleaned
Dance Danced Danced
Explain Explained Explained
Fetch Fetched Fetched
Guard Guarded Guarded
Hope Hoped Hoped
Introduce Introduced Introduced
Join Joined Joined
Kick Kicked Kicked
Laugh Laughed Laughed
Move Moved Moved
Nod Nodded Nodded
Observe Observed Observed
Pack Packed Packed
Qualify Qualified Qualified
Race Raced Racedn
Scream Screamed Screamed
Touch Touched Touched
Unite United United
Vanish Vanished Vanished
Whisper Whispered Whispered
Xerox Xeroxed Xeroxed
Yell Yelled Yelled
Zip Zipped Zipped
Arrange Arranged Arranged
Brush Brushed Brushed
Calculate Calculated Calculated
Decide Decided Decided
Enjoy Enjoyed Enjoyed
Film Filmed Filmed
Grate Grated Grated
Hang Hanged Hanged
Imitate Imitated Imitated
Judge Judged Judged
Knit Knitted Knitted
Lease Leased Leased
Match Matched Matched
Nail Nailed Nailed
Owe Owed Owed
Paint Painted Painted
Question Questioned Questioned
Repair Repaired Repaired
Share Shared Shared
Trace Traced Traced
Update Updated Updated
Value Valued Valued
Warn Warned Warned
X ray X
rayed X rayed
Yield Yielded Yielded
Zoom Zoomed Zoomed
Advise Advised Advised
Bump Bumped Bumped
Challenge Challenged Challenged
Deliver Delivered Delivered
Estimate Estimated Estimated
Frame Framed Framed
Guess Guessed Guessed
Harvest Harvested Harvested
Increase Increased Increased
Jump Jumped Jumped
Knock Knocked Knocked
Learn Learned Learned
Measure Measured Measured
Notice Noticed Noticed
Operate Operated Operated
Perform Performed Performed
Quit Quit Quit
Recall Recalled Recalled
Smile Smiled Smiled
Test Tested Tested
Understand Understood Understood
Verify Verified Verified
Wash Washed Washed
Xerox Xeroxed Xeroxed
Yearn Yearned Yearned
Zip Zipped Zipped
Approach Approached Approached
Believe Believed Believed
Chase Chased Chased
Drop Dropped Dropped
Fail Failed Failed
Greet Greeted Greeted
Handle Handled Handled
Identify Identified Identified
Jump Jumped Jumped
Kick Kicked Kicked
Listen Listened Listened
Mark Marked Marked
Name Named Named
Open Opened Opened
Play Played Played
Relax Relaxed Relaxed
Sing Sung Sung
Teach Taught Taught
Use Used Used
Visit Visited Visited
Walk Walked Walked
Yawn Yawned Yawned

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Regular verbs list in english pdf

Regular verbs Excercise

  1. Dogs bark at strangers loudly.
  2. She dances gracefully at parties.
  3. They paint pictures skillfully.
  4. He plays guitar beautifully.
  5. We travel to new places.
  6. The wind whispers through trees.
  7. Fish swim in clear water.
  8. She smiles warmly at everyone.
  9. Birds fly south in winter.
  10. He jogs around the park.
  11. Children laugh at funny jokes.
  12. She knits scarves for winter.
  13. They bake delicious cakes often.
  14. He fixes broken toys carefully.
  15. We collect stamps as hobby.
  16. She calls her mom nightly.
  17. Cats nap in sunny spots.
  18. He reads books every night.
  19. They clean their house weekly.
  20. We plant flowers in spring.
  21. She writes poems creatively.
  22. Birds nest in tall trees.
  23. He surfs on big waves.
  24. They hike in the mountains.
  25. We watch movies on weekends.
  26. She organizes her room neatly.
  27. Dogs dig holes in gardens.
  28. He coaches young athletes.
  29. They camp in the wilderness.
  30. We fish in the lake.
  31. She shops for groceries.
  32. Cars honk in busy traffic.
  33. He skates on frozen ponds.
  34. They picnic in the park.
  35. We cycle around the city.
  36. She jumps rope for fitness.
  37. Birds peck at seeds.
  38. He builds model airplanes.
  39. They sail on the ocean.
  40. We explore historic sites.
  41. She taps her feet rhythmically.
  42. Dogs fetch sticks eagerly.
  43. He gardens on weekends.
  44. They march in parades.
  45. We climb tall mountains.
  46. She decorates her home.
  47. Birds chirp at dawn.
  48. He invents useful gadgets.
  49. They stroll along the beach.
  50. We admire beautiful sunsets.
  51. She practices yoga daily.
  52. Dogs pant in hot weather.
  53. He sculpts clay figures.
  54. They row boats on lakes.
  55. We meditate for peace.
  56. She doodles in her notebook.
  57. Birds migrate in autumn.
  58. He designs web pages.
  59. They volunteer at shelters.
  60. We discover new things.
  61. She treats everyone kindly.
  62. Dogs sniff interesting scents.
  63. He lectures at universities.
  64. They harvest crops in fall.
  65. We appreciate fine art.
  66. She learns new languages.
  67. Birds forage for food.
  68. He trains for marathons.
  69. They sketch landscapes beautifully.
  70. We attend various events.
  71. She guides tourists expertly.
  72. Dogs protect their homes.
  73. He calculates complex equations.
  74. They compose lovely music.
  75. We debate important issues.
  76. She recycles diligently.
  77. Birds preen their feathers.
  78. He narrates interesting stories.
  79. They foster abandoned animals.
  80. We savor exquisite meals.
  81. She assembles model kits.
  82. Dogs obey training commands.
  83. He reviews books critically.
  84. They preserve historical artifacts.
  85. We cherish family moments.
  86. She sews beautiful dresses.
  87. Birds hover over flowers.
  88. He cooks gourmet dishes.
  89. They tutor students successfully.
  90. We contribute to charities.
  91. She arranges lovely bouquets.
  92. Dogs roll in the grass.
  93. He juggles multiple tasks.
  94. They restore old cars.
  95. We embrace new challenges.
  96. She solves puzzles quickly.
  97. Birds soar in the sky.
  98. He mentors young professionals.
  99. They inspect quality of products.
  100. We toast to good health.

past simple regular verbs examples

past tense for regular verbs regular verbs list english

500 Regular Verbs In English Pdf

Punish Punished Punished
Approve Approved Approved
Phone Phoned Phoned
Gather Gathered Gathered
Bake Baked Baked
Adopt Adopted Adopted
Control Controlled Controlled
Interrupt Interrupted Interrupted
Complain Complained Complained
Question Questioned Questioned
Hope Hoped Hoped
Joke Joked Joked
Add Added Added
Type Typed Typed
Open Opened Opened
Start Started Started
Push Pushed Pushed
Offend Offended Offended
Deliver Delivered Delivered
Copy Copied Copied
Lie Lied Lied
Pull Pulled Puled
Park Parked Parked
Laugh Laughed Laughed
Pray Prayed Prayed
Kick Kicked Kicked
Listen Listened Listened
Announce Announced Announced
Collect Collected Collected
Love Loved Loved
Enjoy Enjoyed Enjoyed
Visit Visited Visited
Establish Established Established
Assist Assisted Assisted
Cheat Cheated Cheated
Clean Cleaned Cleaned
Purchase Purchased Purchased
Like Liked Liked
Race Raced Raced
Borrow Borrowed Borrowed
Compare Compared Compared
Study Studied Studied
Murder Murdered Murdered
Scold Scolded Scolded
Appreciate Appreciated Appreciated
Count Counted Counted
Warn Warned Warned
Marry Married Married
Retire Retired Retired
Need Needed Needed
Attack Attacked Attacked
Cycle Cycled Cycled
Wait Waited Waited
Agree Agreed Agreed
Return Returned Returned
Clap Clapped Clapped
Select Selected Selected
Move Moved Moved
Greet Greeted Greeted
Use Used Used
Achieve Achieved Achieved
Exercise Exercised Exercised
Irritate Irritated Irritated
Employ Employed Employed
Argue Argued Argued
Harass Harassed Harassed
Want Wanted Wanted
Explain Explained Explained
Pick Picked Picked


Regular verbs list in english

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