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verbs and its types with examples pdf! All the kinds of verb are explained with examples. transitive verb, intransitive verb, linking verb, modal verb. You can download pdf of this lesson.

Verb and its types with Examples and PDF

A verb is a word which expresses an action of a noun.

Some examples of the verb are given below:

  1. Nisa writes a letter.
  2. Child laughed in a loud voice.
  3. The lion roared in his cage.
  4. I am reading a noval.
  5. Will they visit park?

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Forms of verb

  1. Present
  2. Past
  3. Past participle

In every sentence a proper form of verb is used according to the sentence structure and their meanings.

For example: Awake is a present form and awoke is past form and awoken is third form mean past participle.

Kinds of verb

There are four types of the verb.

  1. Transitive verb
  2. Intransitive verb
  3. Linking verbs
  4. Adjective

First of all we discuss about transitive verbs:

Transitive verbs:

A verb which has an object to complete its meaning is called transitive verb.

Some examples of transitive verb:

  1. We ate an orange.
  2. He went to market.
  3. I bought a new ring.
  4. Sun rises in the east.
  5. Girls were writing an essay.

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Intransitive verb

A verb which does not need an object to complete its meaning is called intransitive verb.

Examples of intransitive verb are given below:

  1. I slept.
  2. Women laughed loudly.
  3. Dog barks.
  4. Boy run fast.
  5. Women were keeping.

Linking verb

Verb which merely links the subject to its predicate is called linking verb.


  1. She seems happy due to  her won match.
  2. The eggs smell rotten.
  3. The audience fell silent.
  4. Hopes proved false.
  5. He became angry.

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Modal verb

Modal verbs are those verb which are used before common verbs and express meaning such as possibility, obligation, certainly, permission or necessity.

Could ,Ought to, might, will, shall, should, ought.


  1. You should check the documents before sending.
  2. May I help you?
  3. I would like to visit Northern areas.
  4. We shall go for a picnic.
  5. You must stop when you see your father at the road.
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Some important questions about verbs to get more information about verbs

What is an example of verb?

She went to bazar. This is the example of the verbs.

What is a verb give two examples?

A verb is a word which expresses the action of the noun is called verb.

Example of the verb is: The lion roared in his cage.

Will they visit zoo?

Explain verb in own words?

Verbs are doing words. Which express a physical action , mental action or a state of being is called verbs.

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