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Adjective and its types

An adjective is a word that describes something about noun or pronoun. Indeed it qualifies the noun or pronoun.

There are examples of Adjective:

  1. He is naughty baby.
  2. She has pretty hair.
  3. He is my fast but good friend.
  4. They are not best players.
  5. They are beautiful group.
  6. The foolish old crow tried to sing.

There are some kinds of adjectives:

Five basic kind of adjective:

  1. Adjective of quality
  2. Adjective of quantity
  3. Demonstrate adjective
  4. Interrogative adjective
  5. Possessive adjective
kinds of adjective

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Degree of adjective

There are three degrees of adjectives:

  1. Positive degree
  2. Comparative degree
  3. Superlative degree

Positive degree

Positive degree simply shows the quality of a person or thing.

Examples of the positive degree:

  1. He is a clever boy.
  2. It is cheap pen.
  3. She is an intelligent.

Comparative degree

Comparative degree shoes comparison between two persons or thing.


  1. She is clever than him.
  2. He is more intelligent than her.
  3. This pen is not cheaper than that.

In comparative degree “than” is always used to show comparison.

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Superlative degree

Superlative degree shows comparison of more than two persons or things:

Some examples of the superlative degree:

  1. She is the cleverest girl.
  2. She is the most intelligent girl.
  3. It is the cheapest pen.
how many degrees of adjective

With the superlative degree of adjective “the” is always used.

For example rich is the positive degree and richer is the comparative degree and richest is the superlative degree of adjectives.

Some questions of adjective are given below for more and important information about adjectives:

What is an example of an Adjective?

They are best players.

What are adjective give 5 examples?

  1. They are bad boys.
  2. He is a good student.
  3. He has beautiful eyes.
  4. The sparrow tried to sing song.
  5. He is a worse enemy.

What is an adjective mean?

Adjective mean that word which describes something about noun or pronoun and it also describe the noun and pronoun.

What are the four types of adjectives?

  1. Adjective of quality
  2. Adjective of quantity
  3. Demonstrate adjective
  4. Interrogative adjective

These are the four types of the adjectives.

Give five sentences of adjectives?

  1. They live in a beautiful house.
  2. She wore a beautiful watch.
  3. Ben is an adorable baby.
  4. Areeba’s hair is gorgeous.
  5. He is a funny little boy.

Types of adjectives

Adjective of quality

Adjective of degree also called the descriptive adjective.

It refer to that kind degree or quality of something .so the simple mean of the quality is the qualification or some good thing some other thing.

Examples of adjective of degree:

  1. Happy
  2. Greasy
  3. Heavy
  4. Excited
  5. Yearly

Adjective of quantity

Adjective of quantity is used with the help of noun.

We get these numeral adjectives to know the quantity by asking some question ‘how much? To a noun or person .

In this just we find the quantity of something not knowing the amount of the number of thing.

Examples are here below:

  1. Some
  2. Any
  3. Enough
  4. Sufficient
  5. Whole

These are the examples of the adjective of the quantity in which we just find the the quantity of the thing not their number.

Demonstrate adjective

A demonstrate adjectives always comes first in the noun phase.

It identifies the noun or pronoun by expressing its position as near as far.

Examples of the demonstrative of adjectives are given below:

  1. Give me the red water bottle.
  2. I can’t forget that incident.
  3. I can’t give you money at this moment.

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Interrogative adjective

A simple mean of interrogative is asking a question. Interrogative adjective also called interrogative determiner.


In interrogative adjective we used the which, what, whose interrogative adjective modify nouns and are used in interrogative sentences.

  1. Whose book did you bring me?
  2. Did we make a cake for you?
  3. What kind of music do you like?

Possessive adjective

Possessive adjectives are my, your, his, its, our, whose are possessive adjectives.


  1. Your child is not doing well in the school.
  2. We are concerned about his performance.
interrogative adjective
demonstrative adjective
adjective of quantity

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