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Pronoun and its types with examples pdf! All the kinds of pronoun are explained with examples. Relative, reflexive, indefinite and personal pronouns are explained with examples. You can Download PDF.

Pronoun and its types with examples and PDF

The word which is used in place of a noun is called Pronoun.


Ahmad is a good boy. He obeys his teachers.

Here in this sentence “he” and “his” Ahmad to avoid repeatition.

Kinds of pronoun

The Pronouns are divided into following kinds:

  1. Personal Pronoun
  2. Reflexive pronoun
  3. Possessive pronoun
  4. Indefinite pronoun
  5. Relative pronoun

Personal pronoun

A personal pronoun is used for the name of a person or thing.


I, we, you, he, she, they, me, us, my, your

The persons of personal pronoun:

According to conversation, the personal pronoun has three kinds:

  • First person        I, we, us, me, our,
  • Second person        you, your,
  • Third person       he, she, it, they, him, her, his, them, their, its.


  1. He is my friend.
  2. It is a black cat.
  3. They are eating apples.
  4. She likes us.

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Reflexive pronoun:

When the action done by the subject reflects upon the subjects, it is called “reflexive pronoun”.


Myself, yourself, herself, himself, itself,

  1. They enjoyed themselves.
  2. I will do it myself.
  3. You will hurt yourself.
  4. She herself says so.
  5. The village itself is not very small.

Indefinite pronoun:

These pronouns refer to people, place and things not in particular but in general way.

Any, all, some, many, few, none, somebody, several, both are called indefinite pronoun.


  1. There is some milk in the jug.
  2. Is anybody there?
  3. Everybody is talking.
  4. A few are going to abroad.
  5. There are many flowers in the basket.

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Relative pronouns:

A relative pronoun is a word that works as a contact in a sentence.

Relative pronouns are “who, whose, whom, which,


  1. He is the boy who kicked me.
  2. This is the car which I want to buy.
  3. This is the pen that I bought yesterday.
  4. The moment which is lost forever.
indefinite pronoun
personal pronoun
reflexive pronoun
reflexive pronoun

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