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The conjunction is a word which merely joins two sentences together and sometimes words.


  1. Birds fly but cattle don’t.
  2. She is brave but her sister is coward.
  3. He is 12 years old and his brother is 11 years.
  4. Ali can’t walk because he is ill.
  5. He is a good boy but he will not come with you.
  6. Elena is a pretty girl but not good from inside.
  7. I like to go outside but not on his car.
  8. I bought a new Bike but not comfortable.
  9. I will work hard until i got success.
  10. Elena was going to market whereas John was returning home.

Kinds of conjunctions

  1. Cumulative conjunction
  2. Adverse conjunction
  3. Correlative conjunction
  4. Compound conjunction

List of conjunctions

and still Either-or Not only
Until however So-as than
if whereas Both-and Whether-or
till only Such-as No soon

List of conjunction

list of conjunction

Cumulative conjunction

Cumulative conjunction is used to add one sentence with another.

Examples of the cumulative conjunctions:

  1. Tariq stood first in the class and his father gave him a pizza.
  2. They toil not, neither do they spin.
  3. She must weep, or she will die.
  4. He worked hard and achieved success.
  5. I lend him my brand new Camera and he broke it.
  6. She is very beautiful and loves me.
  7. I want to visit moon and want to explore the world beyond Earth.
  8. You should go there and brought some cutlets.

Adverse conjunction

It is used to show adverse relationship between two sentences.


Arena is hardworking but she is greedy also.

He will do my work but charge money.

You are a great man but you don’t have dressing sense.

I like you but i will not marry to you.

Elena is very cute but she has small height.

Correlative conjunction

As the name indicates, it is the conjunction which is used in pairs.


Tipu sultan was not only a king but also a great soldier.

Mr. khan is not only his teacher but also a spiritual father.

He is not only a businessman but also a human.

We should not only have an aim but also work hard.

I saw not only a donkey but also monkey in the zoo.

Compound conjunction

Some compounds are used as conjunctions like:

He gets up early in the morning so that he may reach the school in time.

cumulative conjunction with examples
adverse, corelative and compound coonjunctions

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Some questions about conjunctions are given below:

What are the examples of the conjunction?

The most common coordinating conjunctions are for, but, yet, so and you.

What is conjunction?

The conjunction is a word which merely joins together two sentences and sometimes words.

The kinds of conjunctions?

  1. Cumulative conjunction
  2. Adverse conjunction
  3. Correlative conjunction
  4. Compound conjunction

Why it is important to use conjunctions?

Conjunction have a great role to understand the meaning of the person who is talking to you. Either in writings if we use conjunctions properly the meaning of the sentences becomes more clear instead of stuffing simple words without conjunction. Moreover conjunctions makes your sentences more attractive and listener capturing.

SO, we should make a habit to use more conjunctions in our sentences so that we can convey a  clear and comprehensive thought to others.


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