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Noun and its types with examples pdf! All the types of noun are explained with examples.

Noun and its types

Noun is the name of person, place, thing, idea or feeling.


1.   Person

Man, Umar,  Allama Iqbal, boy, girl etc.

2.   Place

Badshahi Mosque, Lahore, Africa, Mount Everest, Market etc.

3.   Thing

Table, Cupboard, sweets, Black board, Computer etc.

These are the examples of the Noun.

Use of Noun in Sentences

•    Laptop is a great invention.

•    Death is the Universal truth.

•    Sweets were spread on the flour.

•    Jealousy destroys everything.

•    Love is the feelings which connect the people to one another.

•    Jay will go to the market.

•    Man always speaks the truth.

Kinds of Noun

Noun has Seven Basic kinds. That are as follows:

1.   Common Noun

2.   Proper Noun

3.   Collective Noun

4.   Material Noun

5.   Abstract Noun

6.   Countable Noun

7.   Uncountable Noun

These are the Kinds of the Noun which completely detail are given below:

Common Noun

The name of any common Person, place or thing is called Common Noun.

Examples of the common Noun are:

 Bag, tree, chair , tree, boy etc are the examples of the common Noun.

Uses of Common Nouns in Sentences

1)   Bag is on the table.

2)   There are many plants in the villages.

3)   I bought new perse from city Market.

4)   I bought an egg from city market.

5)   Girl has a beautiful ring.

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Proper Noun

The name of the specific person, place or thing is called Proper noun . It starts with a capital letter.

Examples of Proper noun

1)   Multan is Well-known for its historical importance.

2)   Sir Sayaad Ahmad khan worked hard for an independent country.

3)   Nisa is a beautiful girl.

4)   Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan.

5)   I recite Holy Quran every day.

Collective Noun

The name of persons or things which are taken together and spoken as a whole unit are called “Collective Noun”.


Examples of Collective noun are given below which are very important for more information about Collective Noun.

1)   Pakistan Army is the bravest army.

2)   I love my father.

3)   The jury found him guilty of murder.

4)   Pakistanis are a proud nation.

5)   Audience liked the film very much.

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Countable Noun

The names of persons or objects which can be counted are called “countable noun”.

 In countable noun are those which can be counted like any persons and some other objects.


Some examples are given below for more information about countable noun:

1)   There are nine ballpoints in my shirt.

2)   A pen is powerful than sword.

3)   Sparrows are flying in the sky.

4)   How many cusions do you have?

5)   I bought one dozen eggs from the market.

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Uncountable Noun

The names of thing that cannot be counted in numbers is called Uncountable noun.

Some Examples are here of uncountable noun:

1)   My mother gave me a good piece of advice.

2)   Sugar prices are going too high day by day.

3)   Unity is strength.

4)   Her anger is too high .

5)   He has long hair.

6)   Juice is a refreshing drink.

Noun having different meaning in different numbers

1)   For example force is a noun it has different meaning in different numbers like power, army.

2)   Wood means timber and forest.

3)   Air means wind but also airs means manners.

4)   Physic mean medicine and also mean a branch of science.

And some other words Noun which having different meaning in different numbers.

Noun and its types with examples pdf
proper noun
us eof common noun in sentences

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Questions about noun:

What is the example of noun?

The example of noun is “We need food and water to live” .

What are four types of noun?

There are four types of noun are:

1.   Countable noun

2.   Uncountable noun

3.   Material noun

4.   Abstract noun

What are noun give  10 examples?

Singular nouns name one person, place, thing, or idea.

Examples: cat , sock, ship, hero, monkey, baby, match.

Plural nouns name more than one person, place, thing or idea. They end with letter s.

Examples; Cats, Socks, Ships, monkeys, babies, matches.

What is noun in sentence?

A noun is a word that names something such as a person place or a thing.

In same way the definition of noun in a sentence is which play the roll in subject, object direct indirect object, object complement, appositive or adjective. That words which make your writing shine and also for good expression of words.

Is boy a noun?

As the definition of the noun place thing idea is a noun and person so the boy is a person and also noun.

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