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List of Phrasal verbs is an essential part of the English language, especially in spoken and informal contexts. They consist of a verb combined with one or more particles, usually prepositions or adverbs, which together create a meaning different from the original verb. Mastering phrasal verbs can significantly enhance your fluency and understanding of English, as they are commonly used by native speakers in everyday conversation. This list provides a variety of phrasal verbs along with their meanings and examples, helping learners to grasp their usage and nuances effectively.

List of Phrasal Verbs

  1. Act Up

Meaning: Behave badly or strangely.

Example: The kids are acting up today, making it difficult to focus on work.

  1. Add Up

Meaning: Make sense, seem reasonable.

Example: His explanation just doesn’t add up, given the facts of the situation.

  1. Back Down

Meaning: Withdraw a claim or retreat from a position.

Example: He had to back down after they proved his allegations were false.

  1. Blow Up

Meaning: Explode or lose one’s temper.

Example: The minor disagreement caused her to blow up unexpectedly.

  1. Break Down

Meaning: Stop functioning; become upset.

Example: Her car broke down on the way to the airport.

  1. Break Up

Meaning: End a relationship.

Example: They decided to break up after five years of dating.

  1. Bring Up

Meaning: Mention or raise a subject.

Example: He brought up a sensitive issue during the meeting.

  1. Call Off

Meaning: Cancel something.

Example: They called off the wedding at the last minute.

  1. Carry On

Meaning: Continue an activity.

Example: Despite the noise, the lecturer carried on with his presentation.

  1. Catch Up

Meaning: Reach the same point as someone else.

Example: Let’s catch up later to discuss the project details.

  1. Check Out

Meaning: Examine, investigate, or consider something.

Example: You should check out that new coffee shop downtown.

  1. Cheer Up

Meaning: Become happier.

Example: She cheered up after seeing her friends.

  1. Chip In

Meaning: Contribute (usually money).

Example: Everyone chipped in to buy the gift.

  1. Come Across

Meaning: Find by chance.

Example: I came across some old letters in the attic.

  1. Come Up With

Meaning: Think of something such as an idea or plan.

Example: He came up with a brilliant idea for the science fair.

  1. Cut Back

Meaning: Reduce in amount.

Example: We need to cut back on our expenses.

  1. Cut Off

Meaning: Stop the supply of something.

Example: The city cut off water supply due to the pipe break.

  1. Die Down

Meaning: Become less intense.

Example: The wind died down by evening.

  1. Drop Out

Meaning: Quit a class, school etc.

Example: He dropped out of college to start his own business.

  1. Fill In

Meaning: Add information in a space.

Example: Please fill in the form before your appointment.

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  1. Find Out

Meaning: Discover information.

Example: I need to find out who is in charge of training.

  1. Get Along

Meaning: Have a good relationship.

Example: She gets along well with her colleagues.

  1. Give Up

Meaning: Quit a habit.

Example: He gave up smoking last year.

  1. Go On

Meaning: Continue; happen.

Example: The show must go on, despite the technical issues.

  1. Hang Out

Meaning: Spend time relaxing (informal).

Example: We used to hang out at the arcade after school.

  1. Hold On

Meaning: Wait (usually on the phone).

Example: Could you hold on while I check your file?

  1. Keep On

Meaning: Continue doing something.

Example: She kept on singing despite the heavy rain.

  1. Kick Off

Meaning: Start or cause something to start.

Example: The annual sports meet kicks off with a parade.

  1. Lay Off

Meaning: Dismiss from employment.

Example: Unfortunately, the company had to lay off several employees last month.

  1. Let Down

Meaning: Disappoint someone.

Example: I didn’t want to let down my team, so I worked extra hours.

31. Look Up

Meaning: Search for information.

Example: Whenever you come across a new word, look it up in the dictionary.

32. Make Up

Meaning: Invent a story or lie.

Example: She made up a story about why she was late.

33. Mix Up

Meaning: Confuse two or more things.

Example: I mixed up the meeting dates and missed the important one.

34. Move On

Meaning: Start a new activity or topic.

Example: After discussing the budget, let’s move on to the next agenda item.

35. Pass Out

Meaning: Faint or lose consciousness.

Example: It was so hot in the room that someone passed out.

36. Pay Back

Meaning: Return owed money.

Example: I need to pay back the money I borrowed from you.

37. Pick Up

Meaning: Lift something; improve.

Example: Can you pick up that book from the floor?

38. Put Off

Meaning: Delay doing something.

Example: We’ve put off making a decision until next week.

39. Put Up

Meaning: Provide accommodation.

Example: We can put you up for the night if you’d like to stay.

40. Run Into

Meaning: Meet by accident.

Example: I ran into an old friend at the grocery store.

41. Run Out

Meaning: Have none left.

Example: We ran out of coffee, so I need to buy some more.

42. Set Up

Meaning: Arrange, establish.

Example: They set up a new branch on the west coast.

43. Show Off

Meaning: Display proudly.

Example: He likes to show off his guitar skills at parties.

44. Shut Down

Meaning: Close permanently.

Example: The factory shut down after 30 years in business.

45. Sit Down

Meaning: Take a seat.

Example: Let’s sit down and discuss the details.

46. Stand Out

Meaning: Be noticeable.

Example: Her bright style really makes her stand out from the crowd.

47. Take Off

Meaning: Remove something; when a plane departs.

Example: He took off his shoes before entering the house.

48. Talk Over

Meaning: Discuss thoroughly.

Example: Let’s talk over the plans again to make sure everything is clear.

49. Think Over

Meaning: Consider carefully.

Example: I need some time to think over your proposal.

50. Throw Away

Meaning: Discard.

Example: Don’t throw away those papers; we need to keep them.

51. Try Out

Meaning: Test.

Example: I want to try out the new software before we buy it.

52. Turn Down

Meaning: Refuse or reject.

Example: He turned down the job offer because it required too much travel.

53. Turn Up

Meaning: Increase volume or appear unexpectedly.

Example: Can you turn up the music a bit?

54. Wake Up

Meaning: Stop sleeping.

Example: I wake up at 6 AM every morning.

55. Warm Up

Meaning: Prepare body for exercise.

Example: Always warm up before starting your workout.

56. Wear Out

Meaning: Become old and unusable.

Example: My shoes have worn out after just a year of use.

57. Work Out

Meaning: Exercise; resolve a problem.

Example: He works out at the gym three times a week.

58. Wrap Up

Meaning: Complete or finish something.

Example: Let’s wrap up this meeting and resume tomorrow.

59. Write Down

Meaning: Record in writing.

Example: Write down your name and email for our records.

60. Zone Out

Meaning: Not pay attention.

Example: I completely zoned out during the lecture.

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