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List of phrasal verbs PDF!Here is the list of all important phrasal verbs used in English. You can download the PDF of this lesson.

What are phrasal verbs?

Ans: Phrasal verbs are multi-word verbs that consist of a base verb and one or more particles. These particles can change the meaning of the base verb in a significant way. Phrasal verbs can be separable or inseparable, depending on the arrangement of the particles. For example, “turn off” is a separable phrasal verb, as the verb and particle can be separated by the object (e.g. “Turn the lights off”). “Look after” is an inseparable phrasal verb, as the verb and particle cannot be separated (e.g. “Look after the children”). Phrasal verbs are common in English and can be difficult for non-native speakers to learn because their meaning can be idiomatic and not predictable from the meanings of the individual words.

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List of Phrasal Verbs

Ask after

I went to ask after his ill sister.

Back up

I will back you up in this matter.

Die down

Soon the noise died down.

Die out

This fashion will die out very soon.

Drop in

He dropped in for a few minutes to enquire after my health.

Fix up

The university  has fixed up the dates for the examination.

Jump at

When he was offered a job he jumped at the chance.

Live on

We cannot live on such a small income.

Pay out

I will pay you out for this harm.

Pay up

Unless you pay up I will not give you more.

Point out

He pointed out some mistakes in my essay.

Ring off

He rang off before I could ask his name.

Round up

After the riots the police rounded up all suspects.

Rub up

You must work hard to rub up your English.

To be sent down

He was sent down from the university and never got a degree.

Step up

This news machine will step up production.

Burst in

He burst interrupted our discussion.

Bring in

The army brought him in for disorderly behavior.

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Brush up

You had better brush up your English.

Clear off

Clear off and leave me alone.

Cry off

He promised to help me but now he has cried off.

Hand out

Please help me to hand out these pamphlets.

Hold back

You should not hold back such usefull information.

Head off

He always heads off awkward questions about his past.

Phrasal Verbs

Iron out

Let us iron our differences of opinion.

Knock off

Workers here usefully knock at six o’clock.

Let off

I will let you off this time but do not do it.

Leave up to

I will leave up to the expectation of my parents.

Mess around

Get on with your work and stop messing around.

Pass out

She passed out because of the heat and stuffy atmosphere.

Pin down

It is difficult to pin down the exact causes of this tragedy.

Play up

When the visitors come children start playing up.

Press on

Don’t be discouraged press on and hope for the best.

Pull round

The patient will soon pull round.

Sink in

I could not sink in what he had said.

Sit out

Some players sat out of the match.

Slip up

In a hurry I must have slipped up somewhere.

Stick at

When he has to stick up with some strangers there.

Go phut

On the way our car went phut.

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Get up steam

While talking of his achievements he got up steam.

Come to a head

Now the enmity between them has come to a head.

Own up

You will win respect if you own up to what you have done.

Nod off

 I was just nodding off when the telephone rang.

Miss out

We invited so many people but we messed up our picnic completely.

Lie up

The doctor advised me to lie up for a week.

Finish with

I have already finished with my new friends.

Hold with

I do nt hold with private schools and colleges.

Jump at

She jumped at the chance of going to England.

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