List Of Telephone Phrasal Verbs

Telephone Phrasal Verbs. Telephone Phrasal Verbs are a crucial component of everyday communication, particularly in the business world. These verbs are essentially multi-word verbs that consist of a base verb and one or two additional words (such as prepositions or adverbs) that change the meaning of the verb entirely.

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Telephone Phrasal Verbs

Telephone Phrasal Verb

  • Dial up
  • Hang up
  • Pick up
  • Cut off
  • Ring off
  • Call back
  • Get through
  • Hold on
  • Speak up
  • Pass on
  • Put through
  • Ring back
  • Follow up
  • Break up
  • Hold off
  • Ring up
  • Put down
  • Call off
  • Get off
  • Speak out
  • Turn off
  • Put on hold
  • Speak to
  • Cut in
  • Hold the line
  • Let down
  • Patch in
  • Reach out
  • Switch off
  • Call in
  • Dial in
  • Hang on
  • Keep in touch
  • Leave a message
  • Screen out
  • Take down
  • Trace back
  • Check in
  • Conference in
  • Dial out
  • Forward on
  • Hang over
  • Log off
  • Press on
  • Talk down
  • Tune in
  • Write down
  • Hold up
  • Listen in
  • Look up.

Telephone Phrasal Verbs with Meaning and Sentence

Telephone Phrasal Verbs with meaning and sentence in english

Phone Phrasal Verbs with Examples

Hang up – To end a phone call by disconnecting the line.

Example: Please don’t hang up until I finish my sentence.

Call back – To return a phone call.

Example: I missed his call, so I will call him back as soon as possible.

Put on hold – To temporarily suspend a phone call, usually with music or a message playing in the background.

Example: I had to put her on hold while I checked with my manager.

Pick up – To answer a ringing phone.

Example: Could you please pick up the phone? It’s been ringing for a while.

Dial up – To enter a phone number on a phone’s keypad.

Example: I had to dial up customer service to fix my billing issue.

Ring off – To end a phone call by hanging up.

Example: She rang off without saying goodbye, which was quite rude.

Speak up – To speak louder on the phone.

Example: Sorry, could you speak up? I can’t hear you very well.

Get through – To successfully make a phone connection.

Example: I tried calling him several times but couldn’t get through because his line was busy.

Hold on – To wait on the phone for a moment.

Example: Can you hold on for a minute while I find my notes?

Phrasal Verbs Telephone

Phrasal Verbs Telephone

Hang up: to end a telephone call by putting down the receiver.

Example: I had to hang up quickly because I was running late for my meeting.

Pick up: to answer a telephone call.

Example: Can you please pick up the phone? I am unable to get through to your voicemail.

Dial up: to call someone on the telephone.

Example: I need to dial up the customer service number to inquire about my order.

Ring off: to end a telephone conversation by putting down the receiver.

Example: I had to ring off because my battery was running low.

Hold on: to wait on the phone while the person you are calling is busy or unavailable.

Example: Can you please hold on for a moment while I transfer your call to the relevant department?

Call back: to return a phone call that was missed earlier.

Example: I missed your call earlier, can you please leave me a message and I will call you back as soon as possible?

Get through: to successfully connect with the person you are trying to call.

Example: I had trouble getting through to the receptionist, but finally managed to speak to her after several attempts.

Cut off: to suddenly lose connection during a phone call.

Example: I was in the middle of an important conversation when my phone cut off due to poor signal.

Speak up: to talk louder so that the person on the other end of the line can hear you better.

Example: Can you please speak up? I’m having trouble hearing you over the background noise.

Pass on: to give someone else a message that was received over the phone.

Example: Can you please pass on the message that the meeting has been rescheduled for next week?

Put through: to connect someone to the person they are trying to reach on the phone.

Example: I’ll put you through to the manager now so that you can discuss the issue with her directly.

Hang on: to wait on the phone for a short period of time.

Example: Hang on for a minute, I just need to check something before we continue with our conversation.

Check in: to confirm your arrival or presence by calling someone or an organization.

Example: I need to check in with my supervisor before I start working on the project.

Break up: to have a phone conversation interrupted by static or interference.

Example: I couldn’t hear anything because our call kept breaking up due to bad weather.

Speak out: to express an opinion or belief in a clear and direct way over the phone.

Example: I decided to speak out about the issue during the conference call, even though I knew it would be controversial.

Phone Phrasal Verbs Phrasal Verbs Telephone in English

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