70+ Business Phrasal Verbs in English

Phrasal verbs, a combination of a verb and a preposition or adverb, are integral in conveying precise actions and intentions efficiently and effectively. These versatile expressions can simplify complex business concepts, facilitate negotiations, and enhance interpersonal communications within the workplace.

Whether you are discussing strategic plans, managing projects, or networking, a strong command of business phrasal verbs can significantly improve your linguistic fluency and professional credibility. Below, we explore over 70 business phrasal verbs, each provided with a definition and a practical example sentence, designed to bolster your business vocabulary and help you navigate the corporate environment with confidence.

Business Phrasal Verbs

1. Branch Out

Meaning: Expand or extend one’s interests.

Example: The company is planning to branch out into the Asian market next year.

2. Buy Out

Meaning: Purchase someone’s share in a company.

Example: He was bought out by his partner and left the business.

3. Close Down

Meaning: Cease operations permanently.

Example: The small factory closed down due to financial difficulties.

4. Cut Back

Meaning: Reduce in amount.

Example: We need to cut back on our spending to avoid layoffs.

5. Draw Up

Meaning: Prepare a written document, like a contract.

Example: The lawyer drew up a contract that satisfied both parties.

6. Dress Down

Meaning: Wear less formal clothes.

Example: Fridays are dress down days in the office.

7. Fill Out

Meaning: Complete a form.

Example: Please fill out the application form neatly and legibly.

8. Follow Up

Meaning: Check the status of a project or a task.

Example: I will follow up next week to see if the report is ready.

9. Lay Off

Meaning: Dismiss employees temporarily or permanently.

Example: The downturn in sales forced the company to lay off several employees.

10. Line Up

Meaning: Arrange or prepare.

Example: We have several meetings lined up with potential clients this week.

11. Mark Up

Meaning: Increase the price of something.

Example: The shop marks up its goods by at least 30%.

12. Note Down

Meaning: Write something to remember it.

Example: She noted down the key points during the meeting.

13. Pay Off

Meaning: Result in success after effort.

Example: All the hard work paid off when the team secured the contract.

14. Phase Out

Meaning: Gradually stop using something.

Example: The company is phasing out its older models of smartphones.

15. Scale Down

Meaning: Reduce in size or amount.

Example: The company had to scale down operations during the economic crisis.

16. Set Up

Meaning: Establish or start a business.

Example: He set up his own marketing firm last year.

17. Sort Out

Meaning: Organize or resolve a problem.

Example: We need to sort out the issues with our supply chain.

18. Step Down

Meaning: Resign from a top position.

Example: The CEO stepped down after ten years at the helm.

19. Take Over

Meaning: Assume control of something.

Example: The larger firm took over the smaller company.

20. Team Up

Meaning: Collaborate with someone.

Example: We teamed up with another firm for this project.

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21. Tie Up

Meaning: Complete final details.

Example: We need to tie up all the loose ends before the product launch.

22. Touch Base

Meaning: Briefly contact someone.

Example: Let’s touch base next week to discuss progress.

23. Wind Down

Meaning: Gradually end business operations.

Example: The shop is winding down as the owner prepares to retire.

24. Write Off

Meaning: Accept a loss on a debt or a bad investment.

Example: The company had to write off the money owed by the bankrupt customer.

25. Zero In On

Meaning: Focus closely on something.

Example: The management team zeroed in on cost-cutting strategies.

26. Hammer Out

Meaning: Negotiate details.

Example: We need to hammer out the terms of the agreement before proceeding.

27. Iron Out

Meaning: Remove small difficulties or problems.

Example: We still have to iron out some issues with the software.

28. Kick Off

Meaning: Start or launch a project.

Example: The project kicked off with an opening ceremony.

29. Knock Off

Meaning: Finish work (informal).

Example: We usually knock off work around six o’clock.

30. Lay Out

Meaning: Explain in detail.

Example: The manager laid out her plans for the team.

31. Look Over

Meaning: Review something.

Example: Could you look over this report and give me your feedback?

32. Mop Up

Meaning: Complete the final parts of a task.

Example: After the negotiation, there were still some details to mop up.

33. Pair Off

Meaning: Form pairs from a group.

Example: We paired off team members for the training exercises.

34. Pass On

Meaning: Decline an opportunity.

Example: I had to pass on the job offer to focus on my current projects.

35. Pin Down

Meaning: Get a firm decision or information.

Example: We need to pin down a date for the next meeting.

36. Roll Out

Meaning: Officially launch a new product or service.

Example: The company is rolling out its new line of products next month.

37. Run By

Meaning: Inform someone about something to gain approval.

Example: Let me run this idea by you before we make it public.

38. Sign Off On

Meaning: Give approval.

Example: The director needs to sign off on the budget before we proceed.

39. Spell Out

Meaning: Explain clearly.

Example: Please spell out the instructions so there is no confusion.

40. Square Away

Meaning: Arrange or settle satisfactorily.

Example: Let’s square away the details before announcing the plan.

41. Stand By

Meaning: Support or standby for action.

Example: We need to stand by for any updates from headquarters.

42. Talk Down

Meaning: Speak to someone as if they are not intelligent.

Example: Don’t talk down to the interns; they’re here to learn.

43. Think Through

Meaning: Consider all possibilities.

Example: You should think through all the implications before deciding.

44. Thrash Out

Meaning: Discuss in detail to resolve something.

Example: We need to thrash out our strategy for the next quarter.

45. Tide Over

Meaning: Help to overcome a difficult period.

Example: This loan will tide us over until the business picks up again.

46. Track Down

Meaning: Find something or someone after a search.

Example: It took weeks to track down the right part for the machine.

47. Trade Off

Meaning: Exchange one thing for another, often as a compromise.

Example: There are significant trade-offs between speed and quality.

48. Weigh Up

Meaning: Consider the pros and cons of a decision.

Example: We need to weigh up the benefits against the risks.

49. Whip Up

Meaning: Quickly create something.

Example: He whipped up a business proposal in just a few hours.

50. Work Through

Meaning: Deal with a problem until it is resolved.

Example: We need to work through these issues to improve our workflow.



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