Phrasal verbs with Come |come in, come up, come down, come out

Phrasal verbs with come! come up, come in, come away, come about, come down, come with, come upon, come for, come by, come upon, come out of. Here all the phrasal verbs starting with come are listed. You can download of this lesson.

Phrasal verbs with come

Come about:

To take place.

How did this incident come about?

Come down:

To be reduced

The prices of cotton nave come down.

Come of:

To descend from

He comes of a noble family.

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Come off:

to take place

When does your marriage come off.

Come by: 

To acquire

How did you come by this watch?

Come round:

To recover

It is hoped that he will come round soon.

Come out:

to become public, to appear

Several new books have come out this year.

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Come out of:

To get clear of

He came out of all hardships.

Come on:

To grow or thrive

The plants are coming on very soon.

Come over:

To come into one’s mind

A great longing came over me to see her again.

Come to

To arrive at the result

They came to a wise decision in the long run.

Come up to:

To be equal to

He did not come up to the expectation of his father.

List 2

Come up:

To be raised you

The question of co-education came up in the meeting.

Come up with:

To overtake

A man on a cycle can come up with a traveler in a Tonga.

Come at:

To get within reach of, to attain

I saw the fruit on the tree but it was too high for me to come at.

Come away:

The handle of the door came away.

Come upon:

Meet with accident

He came upon the news of his success in the newspaper.

Come in for:              

To be an heir

He came in for a good deal of property after the death of his uncle.

Come in:     

To come near to begin.

The flood is coming in.

When did this fashion of hair style come in?

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Come about:

To happy especially in a way that seems impossible to control

How did the solution of Kashmir problem come about?

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