40+ Phrasal Verbs with Come

Phrasal verbs are a fundamental aspect of English, enriching the language with their unique combinations of verbs and prepositions or adverbs. The verb “come” is particularly versatile in this regard, forming numerous phrasal verbs that are essential for fluent communication. These expressions cover a wide range of meanings, from arriving at a place to handling unexpected situations.

Understanding and using “come” phrasal verbs can enhance your ability to express movement, change, and progression with clarity and precision. Below, we delve into various phrasal verbs that start with “come,” each presented with definitions and contextual examples to help you master their usage in everyday conversations and professional communication.

Phrasal Verbs with Come

1. Come Across

Meaning: Find by chance.

Example: I came across an old diary in the attic.

2. Come Apart

Meaning: Break into pieces.

Example: The old book just came apart in my hands.

3. Come Around

Meaning: Change one’s opinion.

Example: He finally came around to my point of view.

4. Come Back

Meaning: Return.

Example: She left the room and came back with a drink.

5. Come By

Meaning: Acquire.

Example: Good jobs are hard to come by these days.

6. Come Down

Meaning: Decrease or fall.

Example: Prices have come down recently.

7. Come Forward

Meaning: Offer help or information.

Example: Witnesses to the incident are asked to come forward.

8. Come In

Meaning: Enter.

Example: Please come in and make yourself at home.

9. Come Into

Meaning: Inherit.

Example: He came into a large fortune when his uncle died.

10. Come Off

Meaning: Succeed or happen.

Example: I don’t think the party will come off as planned.

11. Come On

Meaning: Start to function or operate.

Example: The lights come on at dusk.

12. Come Out

Meaning: Be published or become known.

Example: The truth finally came out during the meeting.

13. Come Over

Meaning: Visit casually.

Example: Why don’t you come over for dinner tonight?

14. Come Through

Meaning: Survive a challenge or provide assistance.

Example: She came through the surgery with no complications.

15. Come Together

Meaning: Gather or unite.

Example: Everyone came together to help the community after the flood.

16. Come Under

Meaning: Become subject to something.

Example: The area will soon come under new management.

17. Come Up

Meaning: Arise or appear.

Example: A new problem has come up at work.

18. Come Upon

Meaning: Encounter or find by chance.

Example: She came upon a quaint little shop in the village.

19. Come Along

Meaning: Accompany or progress.

Example: How is your new project coming along?

20. Come Around to

Meaning: Gradually agree or accept.

Example: He finally came around to accepting the new policy.

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21. Come At

Meaning: Attack.

Example: The dog came at me aggressively.

22. Come Away

Meaning: Leave a place with a particular feeling or impression.

Example: I came away from the meeting feeling optimistic.

23. Come Down with

Meaning: Become ill with.

Example: She came down with the flu last weekend.

24. Come Into Play

Meaning: Become important or operative.

Example: Several factors come into play in making this decision.

25. Come Off It

Meaning: Stop acting or speaking foolishly.

Example: “Come off it,” she said, “you know that’s not true.”

26. Come Round

Meaning: Change one’s opinion; also, regain consciousness.

Example: He finally came round to my way of thinking.

27. Come Up Against

Meaning: Face a challenge.

Example: We’ve come up against some tough competition.

28. Come Up to

Meaning: Reach a standard or expectation.

Example: The film didn’t come up to my expectations.

29. Come Up With

Meaning: Suggest or think of an idea or plan.

Example: We need to come up with a solution quickly.

30. Come Clean

Meaning: Confess.

Example: He decided to come clean about his past.

31. Come Apart at the Seams

Meaning: Fall apart; fail completely.

Example: Their marriage is coming apart at the seams.

32. Come Down Hard On

Meaning: Criticize or punish severely.

Example: The judge came down hard on the repeat offenders.

33. Come Down On

Meaning: Express a harsh opinion.

Example: His parents came down on him after finding out about his grades.

34. Come Out With

Meaning: Say something suddenly and unexpectedly.

Example: He came out with a remark that shocked everyone.

35. Come Through With

Meaning: Provide something needed.

Example: We are counting on him to come through with the funds.

36. Come To Terms With

Meaning: Accept a difficult reality.

Example: She is still coming to terms with her illness.

37. Come Up Short

Meaning: Fail to reach a target or standard.

Example: Despite their efforts, they came up short of their quarterly targets.

38. Come To

Meaning: Regain consciousness.

Example: He came to a few minutes after fainting.

39. Come Between

Meaning: Interfere or cause conflict.

Example: Nothing will come between me and my ambitions.

40. Come By Honestly

Meaning: Inherit traits from parents.

Example: He comes by his musical talent honestly, both parents are musicians.

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