Phrasal verbs with Bear (on, upon, in, out, up, with)

Phrasal verbs are an integral part of the English language, adding nuanced meanings to everyday conversations. The verb “bear” forms the basis of many such expressions. Here, we explore a variety of phrasal verbs using “bear,” each offering unique insights into its versatile usage in different contexts.

Phrasal Verbs with Bear

1. Bear away

Meaning: To win a prize or competition.

 Example: Sarah bore away the trophy at the annual chess tournament.

2. Bear down

Meaning: To exert maximum effort or pressure.

 Example: The team bore down in the last minutes to secure a victory.

3. Bear down on

Meaning: To move towards someone aggressively.

 Example: The storm bore down on the coastline, causing everyone to evacuate.

4. Bear on

Meaning: To influence or affect.

 Example: His decision will bear on the future of our company.

5. Bear out

Meaning: To support or confirm.

 Example: The facts bear out her claim about the missing funds.

6. Bear up

Meaning: To endure a difficult situation with resilience.

 Example: He is bearing up under the pressure of his new job quite well.

7. Bear with

Meaning: To be patient and tolerant with.

 Example: Please bear with me while I sort out these files.

8. Bear up against

Meaning: To resist or withstand.

 Example: It’s hard to bear up against such criticism.

9. Bear upon

Meaning: To have relevance or influence on.

 Example: These facts bear upon the case significantly.

10. Bear away from

Meaning: To steer away or divert.

 Example: The captain bore the ship away from the iceberg just in time.

11. Bear back

Meaning: To return or recall.

 Example: His thoughts bore back to the happy days of his childhood.

12. Bear forth

Meaning: To carry out or away.

 Example: The officers bore forth the stolen goods from the hideout.

13. Bear in on

Meaning: To approach in a threatening way.

 Example: The deadline is bearing in on us rapidly.

14. Bear off

Meaning: To win or carry away.

 Example: He bore off the highest honors in his graduating class.

15. Bear towards

Meaning: To move or be directed towards.

 Example: His kindness bore towards genuine concern for others.

16. Bear against

Meaning: To oppose or be adverse to.

 Example: She bore against the proposed changes in policy.

17. Bear ahead

Meaning: To move forward or proceed.

 Example: They bore ahead with the plan despite the risks.

18. Bear apart

Meaning: To separate or keep apart.

 Example: The judge ordered that the feuding parties be borne apart.

19. Bear aside

Meaning: To turn aside or divert.

 Example: He bore aside to avoid the mud puddle.

20. Bear into

Meaning: To enter into forcefully.

 Example: The truck bore into the wall, causing significant damage.

21. Bear out of

Meaning: To exit or move out of.

 Example: The crowd bore out of the stadium after the concert.

22. Bear past

Meaning: To surpass or go beyond.

 Example: Her performance bore past all expectations.

23. Bear through

Meaning: To manage to get through an ordeal.

 Example: They bore through the crisis with great courage.

24. Bear to

Meaning: To be able to endure.

 Example: I can’t bear to see you so upset.

25. Bear across

Meaning: To carry or convey across.

 Example: They bore the logs across the river by raft.

26. Bear after

Meaning: To follow or pursue.

 Example: The police bore after the suspect into the alley.

27. Bear alongside

Meaning: To come alongside or parallel to.

 Example: The patrol car bore alongside the speeding vehicle.

28. Bear among

Meaning: To be part of or included within.

 Example: He is well liked, bearing among the community leaders.

29. Bear around

Meaning: To spread or circulate around.

 Example: Rumors about the merger are bearing around the office.

30. Bear at

Meaning: To target or aim at.

 Example: She bore at the problem with great focus.

31. Bear before

Meaning: To go ahead or in front of.

 Example: The scout bore before the group to ensure the path was clear.

32. Bear behind

Meaning: To remain or lag behind.

 Example: He bore behind to finish some unfinished business.

33. Bear beneath

Meaning: To support from below.

 Example: The pillars bear beneath the weight of the ancient temple.

34. Bear between

Meaning: To mediate or intervene between parties.

 Example: She bore between the two parties to broker a peace.

35. Bear beyond

Meaning: To extend beyond.

 Example: His influence bears beyond the confines of his community.

36. Bear by

Meaning: To stand by or support.

 Example: She bore by her friend through thick and thin.

37. Bear close

Meaning: To keep close to.

 Example: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, as they bear close.

38. Bear down upon

Meaning: To approach someone in a threatening manner.

 Example: The creditor bore down upon him for the unpaid debts.

39. Bear off from

Meaning: To change direction or diverge from.

 Example: The path bears off from the main road near the old oak tree.

40. Bear over

Meaning: To influence or affect someone.

 Example: Her calm demeanor bore over the entire team, soothing their anxieties.

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41. Bear against

  • Meaning: To resist or push against.
  • Example: The old gates bore against the strong winds throughout the storm.

42. Bear along

  • Meaning: To carry or move along with.
  • Example: The river bore the fallen leaves along its course to the sea.

43. Bear up under

  • Meaning: To endure or withstand adversity.
  • Example: She bore up under the strain of her multiple responsibilities quite admirably.

44. Bear open

  • Meaning: To hold open or make clear.
  • Example: He bore the door open for the guests to enter.

45. Bear outwards

  • Meaning: To extend or spread outwards.
  • Example: The branches of the oak tree bore outwards, creating a wide canopy.

46. Bear onward

  • Meaning: To continue or proceed forward.
  • Example: Despite the challenges, they bore onward with their expedition.

47. Bear together

  • Meaning: To bring together or unite.
  • Example: The crisis bore them together in ways they never expected.

48. Bear apart from

  • Meaning: To distinguish or separate from.
  • Example: His innovative ideas bore him apart from his peers.

49. Bear inwards

  • Meaning: To move or direct towards the inside.
  • Example: As you enter the cave, the path bears inwards and downward.

50. Bear off towards

  • Meaning: To veer or change direction towards.
  • Example: As we hiked, the trail bore off towards the mountain peak.

51. Bear down towards

  • Meaning: To press or move downward towards.
  • Example: The heavy snow bore down towards the fragile roof, threatening to collapse it.

52. Bear out from

  • Meaning: To emerge or come out from.
  • Example: The path bore out from the woods into a bright, open field.

53. Bear under

  • Meaning: To be positioned underneath.
  • Example: The bridge bears under the weight of constant traffic.

54. Bear within

  • Meaning: To contain or hold within.
  • Example: The ancient chest bore within it treasures untold.

55. Bear close to

  • Meaning: To remain near or close to.
  • Example: He always bore close to his family, no matter where his work took him.

56. Bear over to

  • Meaning: To transfer or convey over to a different place or person.
  • Example: Could you bear these files over to the manager’s office?

57. Bear through to

  • Meaning: To make something clear or understood through to the end.
  • Example: The teacher bore through to the students the importance of ethical behavior.

58. Bear back to

  • Meaning: To return or revert to.
  • Example: Her thoughts always bore back to those sunny days of her childhood.

59. Bear off from

  • Meaning: To keep or maintain distance from.
  • Example: The ship bore off from the rocky coastline to avoid damage.

60. Bear onto

  • Meaning: To come into contact or onto a surface.
  • Example: The paint bore onto the canvas, creating vibrant streaks of color.
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