Phrasal verbs with Bear (on, upon, in, out, up, with)

Phrasal verbs with bear! bear up, bear in, bear out, bear away, bear down, bear against, bear upon, bear with. You can download complete PDF of this lesson.

Phrasal verbs with Bear

Bear away:

to win, to carry off as a conqueror.

He bore away the first prize in the essay competition.

He bore off the first prize in the debate.

Bear out

to confirm.

Your story bears out my truth.

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Bear up:

You should bear up the hardships of life bravely.

Bear with

I could not bear with this angry mood. (V.lmp)

Bear upon:

Pertaining to

History does not bear upon the matter under discussion.

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Bear on: 

refer to

The fact does not bear on the matter under discussion.

Bear up against:

to resist, to endure

He bore up against all his hardships with a smile on his face.

Bear down:                

to crush by force

He bore down Lis enemy with a heavy hand.

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Bear down upon:

attack of a warship on the ship of an enemy

The American battleship bore down upon the other warship and gave it a crushing defeat.

O Bear to:

I cannot bear to see my son going to school without books.

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phrasal verbs with bear with meanings
phrasal verbs with bear

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