50+ Phrasal Verbs with Bring (Bring down, bring up)

Phrasal verbs are essential components that enrich English, providing depth and colloquial nuances. The verb “bring” is particularly prolific, combining with prepositions and adverbs to form numerous phrasal verbs. These expressions, such as “bring about” or “bring up,” enhance communication by adding specificity and variety to our language usage. This guide delves into the diverse applications of “bring” in phrasal verbs, illustrating their practicality and importance in everyday English.

Phrasal Verbs with Bring

1. Bring about

  • Meaning: To cause something to happen.
  • Example: The new law brought about significant changes in the industry.

2. Bring along

  • Meaning: To bring someone or something with oneself.
  • Example: Don’t forget to bring along your ID to the event.

3. Bring around

  • Meaning: To convince someone or change someone’s opinion.
  • Example: It took some time, but I finally brought him around to my point of view.

4. Bring back

  • Meaning: To return something or reintroduce.
  • Example: They are planning to bring back the old fashion trends next summer.

5. Bring down

  • Meaning: To reduce or decrease.
  • Example: We need to bring down costs to keep the project viable.

6. Bring forth

  • Meaning: To produce something or make something appear.
  • Example: The discussion brought forth many interesting ideas.

7. Bring forward

  • Meaning: To move a schedule or plan to an earlier time.
  • Example: The meeting has been brought forward to this Friday instead of next week.

8. Bring in

  • Meaning: To involve someone in a project or discussion.
  • Example: We should bring in a consultant to give us a better perspective.

9. Bring off

  • Meaning: To succeed in doing something.
  • Example: It was a tough project, but we managed to bring it off in the end.

10. Bring on

  • Meaning: To cause something, usually something bad.
  • Example: Overeating can bring on serious health issues.

11. Bring out

  • Meaning: To highlight or make visible.
  • Example: This spice really brings out the flavor in the soup.

12. Bring over

  • Meaning: To bring someone or something from one place to another.
  • Example: Can you bring over some chairs from the other room?

13. Bring through

  • Meaning: To help someone survive a difficult period.
  • Example: Her strength and determination brought her through the crisis.

14. Bring to

  • Meaning: To revive someone who has fainted or passed out.
  • Example: They used smelling salts to bring her to.

15. Bring up

  • Meaning: To raise a topic or mention something.
  • Example: He brought up an interesting point during the meeting.

16. Bring around

  • Meaning: To visit someone’s place with someone or something.
  • Example: When you visit, can you bring your sister around?

17. Bring together

  • Meaning: To unite or gather people together.
  • Example: The event brought together artists from all over the world.

18. Bring under

  • Meaning: To gain control or dominion over something.
  • Example: The new manager quickly brought the department under control.

19. Bring up the rear

  • Meaning: To be at the end of a line or procession.
  • Example: He preferred to bring up the rear during group hikes.

20. Bring to bear

  • Meaning: To use or apply pressure or influence.
  • Example: She brought all her negotiation skills to bear to close the deal.

21. Bring to light

  • Meaning: To reveal or disclose information.
  • Example: The investigation brought new facts to light.

22. Bring into play

  • Meaning: To cause something to begin to have an effect or to be involved.
  • Example: The new regulations will bring several changes into play.

23. Bring to a close

  • Meaning: To conclude or finish something.
  • Example: The director brought the meeting to a close with a few final remarks.

24. Bring to a halt

  • Meaning: To stop something or someone.
  • Example: The protest brought the city traffic to a halt.

25. Bring to mind

  • Meaning: To recall or remember something.
  • Example: That song brings to mind the wonderful summer we spent together.

26. Bring to pass

  • Meaning: To make something happen, especially through effort.
  • Example: Through hard work, he brought his dreams to pass.

27. Bring to life

  • Meaning: To animate or energize something or someone.
  • Example: The actor’s performance really brought the character to life.

28. Bring under scrutiny

  • Meaning: To examine or investigate closely.
  • Example: The sudden rise in profits brought the company under scrutiny from regulators.

29. Bring into question

  • Meaning: To doubt or dispute something.
  • Example: His recent actions have brought his motives into question.

30. Bring into service

  • Meaning: To begin to use something.
  • Example: The airline brought new aircraft into service last month.

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phrasal verbs with bring and their meanings
phrasal verbs with bring

31. Bring into focus

Meaning: To clarify or highlight something.

 Example: The seminar helped bring the key issues into focus for the new team members.

32. Bring to attention

Meaning: To notify or inform someone about something important.

 Example: I’d like to bring to your attention some discrepancies in the report.

33. Bring under fire

Meaning: To criticize or attack someone verbally.

 Example: The politician was brought under fire for her controversial statements.

34. Bring into line

Meaning: To ensure agreement or conformity.

 Example: The director is working to bring all departments into line with the new policy.

35. Bring into effect

Meaning: To implement or put something into action.

 Example: The government will bring the new tax regulations into effect starting next month.

36. Bring into view

Meaning: To make visible or apparent.

 Example: The hiker climbed higher to bring the entire valley into view.

37. Bring into existence

Meaning: To create or establish something.

 Example: The founders brought the organization into existence with a clear vision and mission.

38. Bring under consideration

Meaning: To think about or contemplate something seriously.

 Example: We will bring your proposal under consideration at the next board meeting.

39. Bring into balance

Meaning: To adjust so that different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.

 Example: It took some time to bring the budget into balance.

40. Bring to terms

Meaning: To reach an agreement or a settlement.

 Example: After long negotiations, the two parties were finally brought to terms.

41. Bring into compliance

Meaning: To ensure that actions or conditions meet the required standards or laws.

 Example: The facility must be brought into compliance with the new safety regulations.

42. Bring into conflict

Meaning: To cause a clash or dispute between parties.

 Example: His statements brought him into conflict with the board.

43. Bring to completion

Meaning: To finish or conclude something entirely.

 Example: She is eager to bring her studies to completion this spring.

44. Bring into disrepute

Meaning: To cause harm to someone’s reputation.

 Example: The scandal brought the organization into disrepute.

45. Bring into relief

Meaning: To make something more noticeable or prominent.

 Example: The lighting in the exhibit brings the details of the painting into relief.

46. Bring to satisfaction

Meaning: To fulfill or please someone.

 Example: The resolution of the complaint did not bring the customer to satisfaction.

47. Bring into the fold

Meaning: To include someone in a group or organization.

 Example: We hope to bring more local businesses into the fold of the chamber of commerce.

48. Bring under the spotlight

Meaning: To focus attention on someone or something.

 Example: The award brought the young artist under the spotlight.

49. Bring to the forefront

Meaning: To make something the most prominent or important issue.

 Example: Recent events have brought environmental issues to the forefront.

50. Bring into play

Meaning: To make something begin to operate or take effect.

 Example: Unexpected circumstances brought new strategies into play during the negotiations.

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