Phrasal verbs with Bring |Bring down, bring up, bring forward

Phrasal verbs with bring! Here is a collection of phrasal verbs bring up, bring down, bring forward, bring forth, bring on, bring of, bring to, bring about, bring round. You can download the PDF of all the phrasal verbs starting with bring.

Phrasal verbs with Bring

Bring about:

to cause

His lack of hard work brought about his failure.

Bring down:

to humble down

His failure brought down his sense of honor.

Bring forward:

put forth

He brought forward a strange proposal.

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Bring in:

to earn, to collect

Our shop brings in a large income.

Bring forth:

to produce

This tree will bring forth fruit soon.

Bring on: 

to cause, to begin.

Dirt often brings on disease.

Bring over:

to persuade

I could not bring him over to my point of view.

Bring up:     

look after during childhood

I was brought up by my uncle in my childhood.

Bring under:              

to subdue

The mutiny was soon brought under control.

Bring round:

To cause to recover

Several boys fainted in heat but the doctor soon brought them round.

Bring through:

to cure an ailing

A careful nursing brought the ailing man through.

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Bring off:

to rescue

ii) to achieve success             

The life boat went to the sinking ship and brought off all the people.

The merchant brought off the deal.

Bring to:


The matter was brought to my notice.

Bring about:

cause to happen

What brought about the quarrel?

Bring one to:

The doctor brought the senseless girl to by the smelling the salt.

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phrasal verbs with bring

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