Phrasal verbs with Break |Phrasal verbs starting with Break

Phrasal verbs with break! Break away, break down, break off, break in, break into, break forth, break up, break through, break at, break open. Here is the list of all most common and conversational phrasal verbs starting with break. You can Download PDF of this lesson.

Phrasal verbs with break

Break away:

to free oneself from restraint

He held the horse by the bridle but it broke away.

Break down:

His health has broken down due to hard work.

The car broke down on the way.

Break off:

to stop suddenly

He broke off in the middle of his speech.

Break in:

to tame

He broke in the wild lion in no time.

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Phrasal verbs

Break into:

to enter forcibly

The thieves broke into his house last night.

Break forth:

to come out suddenly

The sun broke forth from the clouds.

Break through:

to enter forcibly

The robbers broke through the wall of the house.

break up:

(to come to an end )

The meeting broke up in a great confusion.

(to disintegrate )

Divorce breaks up a lot of families.

 Break with:

to cease to be friendly with (ii) to quarrel with a person

He broke with his sincere friend without any reason.

Break open: 

to open with force.

The thief broke open the window of my house last night.

Break out:    

to spread

Cholera has broken out in the city now-a-days.

Break at:     

to make better record.

He broke at his previous record in cricket.

Break in upon:

to interrupt by a sudden and unexpected appear

The police broke in upon the robbers in a lonely place.

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phrasal verbs with break
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