Phrasal verbs with meanings and sentences |Download PDF

Phrasal verbs with meanings and sentences! Here is the list of all most common and conversational phrasal verbs. You can download the PDF of this complete lesson.

Phrasal verbs with meanings & sentences

Above all:

before anything else

Above all, do not be rude to your parents.

All at once:


All at once, a lion sprang out of the bushes.

All the same:

all one

It is all the same to me whether you go there or not.

At all:

not a bit              

You are not working at all.

At large:


The murderer is still at large.

At length:

in full

He related the matter at length.

At once:

Go to the police station at once and report the matter.

At random:

Without any aim

You should not do things at random.

By and by:

(old fashioned) after a little time, soon

Things will be better by and by.

By the by:

by the way

By the by, what has become of your brother.

By and large:

generally, usually

By and large, rose bushes need lots of care.

Far and near:

People came to see the match from far and near.

Far and wide:

 to distant places

This news has spread far and wide.

First and foremost:

above all

First and fore most, you should take care of your health.

For good:

for ever

He is leaving this place for good.

In the long run:

at least

Ali is sure to surpasses all in the long run.

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Now and then:

off and on

He calls at my house every now and then.

Off and on:


By working off and on, you cannot hope to pass.

Off hand:

without any preparation

I cannot reply to your letter off hand.

On the whole

On the whole, he is a good boy.

Once for all:

for good

I have told him once for all that I cannot help him.           

Out of bounds:

Outside the boundaries of the playing

The ball went out of bounds, but the referee did not notice.

To and fro :

from side to side

The flowers were swinging to and fro in the cold wind.

Out and out:

completely, every inch

Khalid is out and out a liar.

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phrasal verbs with meanings and sentences
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