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List of idioms in English! Here is the list of all important and most common conversational idioms in English grammar. You can download the PDF of these idioms. A list of idioms in English is a great resource for learners of the language. Idioms are phrases or expressions that are not taken literally, but instead have a figurative meaning that conveys an emotion or idea. Commonly used in everyday speech and writing, using idioms helps to make conversations more interesting as well as expressing unique perspectives.

List of Idioms in English

  1. Null and void:
    Meaning: (of a legal agreement) no longer effective or valid
    Sentence: The contract was declared null and void.
  2. Root and branch :
    We cannot root out corruption from Pakistan root and branch.
  3. Odds and ends:
    Please try to pick up the odds and ends of this story.
  4. Safe and sound:
    Safe, not hurt or harmed
    The missing child reached home safe and sound.
  5. Spick and span:
    Clean, tidy and fresh
    The nurses look spick and span in their white dress in the hospital.
  6. Through thick and thin:
    In good and bad times, in spite of difficulties
    He stood by me through thick and thin.
  7. Through and through
    He is a gentleman through and through.
  8. To all intents and purposes:
    Almost exactly in all important ways
    The two plans are the same to all intents and purposes.
  9. Ups and downs:
    Time of good and bad luck
    I have seen many ups and downs of life.
  10. Ways and means:
    Sources, plans
    The police have various ways and means to get information about people.
  11. At home in:
    Feeling comfortable and relaxed, as if you are in your own home
    I am quite at home in new business.
  12. Around or round the corner:
    very near , soon to happen
    The new drug for cancer is round or around the corner.
  13. By dint of:
    He got through the examination by dint of hard work.
  14. At a stretch:
    (Of periods of time) without stopping
    She works at the computer for hours at a stretch.
  15. By virtue of:
    an account of
    He passed the B.A examination by virtue of hard work.
  16. Be a by word:
    to be well known for a quality
    Our political system has become a by word for fraud.
  17. For God’s sake:
    In the name of God
    For God’s sake, give me a loaf of bread.
  18. For the sake of:
    He laid down his life for the sake of his country.
  19. In accordance with:
    According to
    He refused to work in accordance with my orders.
  20. In addition:
    Lee received a pencil in addition to a pen.

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  1. In consequence of:
    As a result of
    He will not take the examination in consequence of his illness.
  2. In defiance of:
    He went to Murree in defiance of my orders.
  3. In honor of:
    For respect
    A party was given in honors of the Chief Guest.
  4. In keeping with:
    Your actions are not in keeping with your words.
  5. In lieu of:
    Instead of
    We shall get a holiday tomorrow in lieu of Sunday.
  6. In the light of:
    The facts stated above
    The application for the grant of scholarship is rejected in the light of above discussion.
  7. In the nick of time:
    Just in time
    He reached the hospital in the nick of time.
  8. In quest of:
    In search of
    The police man is in quest of the thief.
  9. In spite of:
    In spite of the noise, I kept on studying.
  10. In the teeth of:
    He showed rare courage in the teeth of difficulties.
  11. On touch with:
    To informed
    I am on touch with the happenings in the country.
  12. On the verge of:
    On the brine
    This bank was on the verge of ruin.
  13. On the whole:
    Considering everything
    On the whole, he is quite good at studies.
  14. Owing to:
    An account of
    Owing to illness, he could not come to college.
  15. With reference to:
    Pertaining to
    I have nothing to say with reference to his character.
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