Types of Preposition with Examples – Download PDF

Types of preposition with examples! All the types of preposition are described with examples. You can download the pdf of all the kinds of prepositions.


Prepositions are a class of words that indicate relationship between noun pronoun and other words in a sentence. Most often they come before a noun.


  1. In
  2. On
  3. Of
  4. Between
  5. At are the examples of the prepositions.

Classification of prepositions

Prepositions are classified as simple and compound.

  1. Simple
  2. Compound

Simple preposition

Simple prepositions are single word prepositions form, of, on, with are the simple prepositions.


  1. The book is on the chair.
  2. I don’t work at night.

Compound preposition

Compound prepositions are more than one word prepositions “in between” and because of are the preposition made up of two words in front of and on behalf of are preposition made up of three words.


  1. The book is “ in front of” the clock.
  2. My English textbook is lying “ In between “ the two books “ War and peace” and “ The lord of the Rings”.

Kinds of preposition

  1. Preposition of time
  2. Preposition of place
  3. Preposition of direction

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Preposition of time

The preposition which is show the time when something is happens.

The preposition of time are “at , on, for, to, during, by are the preposition of the time.


  1. I start work at 5a;00 am.
  2. My brother birthday is on Tuesday.
  3. In winter its too cold to work.

Preposition of place

Prepositions can be used to show where something is located.

simple mean  prepositions which shows the place where something is located is called preposition of place.

The prepositions of place are “In, at, after, among, between are preposition of place.


They ran after the thief.

I hold the book between my thumb and fingers.

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Prepositions of direction

Prepositions are used to show movement to or from a place.

Prepositions of direction are “To through, across, back to, are the direction prepositions.


  1. I moved to Karachi in 1992.
  2. She swam across the river.
  3. He walked around the home.
kinds of prepositions
preposition of place
preposition of place

Download PDF

You can Download PDF of the types preposition with examples.

Some questions about prepositions and its kinds for more information about it.

What is preposition?

A preposition is a word or group of words used before a noun pronoun or noun phrases.

Give three examples of prepositions?

Prepositions are words like “In, on, of, at, to.

Classification of preposition?

Prepositions are classified into two:

  1. Simple preposition
  2. Compound preposition

What kinds of prepositions?

There are three types of prepositions:

  1. Preposition of time
  2. Prepositions of place
  3. Prepositions of direction

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