Collective Nouns For Pictures (With Meaning and Examples)

When it comes to describing a group of pictures, we often rely on collective nouns. These unique words add depth and character to our language, providing a vivid and imaginative way to express the essence of a collection. From gallery to portfolio, these collective nouns encompass more than just the physical presence of images; they encapsulate the emotions, stories, and experiences that each picture represents. In this article, we will explore some fascinating collective nouns for pictures.

What is the Collective Noun For Pictures?

A group of pictures is called an album.The collective noun for pictures are “Collection – Gallery, Album, Compilation, and Collage.” Just like a gallery in an art museum or exhibition, this term suggests a collection of images displayed together. It’s commonly used to refer to a group of photographs or artworks.

Here are the 10 Collective Nouns For Pictures:

  1. A gallery of pictures
  2. An album of pictures
  3. A collection of pictures
  4. A montage of pictures
  5. A collage of pictures
  6. A frame of pictures
  7. A portfolio of pictures
  8. A reel of pictures
  9. A mosaic of pictures
  10. A set of pictures

Collective Nouns For Pictures

  1. An album of photographs
  2. A montage of images
  3. A collage of artworks
  4. A collection of visuals
  5. A portfolio of photos
  6. A reel of snapshots
  7. A frame of pictures
  8. A panorama of images
  9. A cluster of snapshots
  10. An assemblage of photographs
  11. A composition of artworks
  12. A stack of prints
  13. An arrangement of visuals
  14. A set of illustrations
  15. A series of snapshots
  16. A medley of pictures
  17. A compilation of photos
  18. A tableau of images
  19. A lineup of photographs
  20. A display of artworks
  21. An assortment of pictures
  22. A selection of visuals
  23. A variety of snapshots
  24. A batch of photos
  25. A jumble of images
  26. A gathering of pictures
  27. A scatter of photographs
  28. A treasure trove of visuals
  29. A library of artworks
  30. A spread of snapshots
  31. A spectrum of images
  32. An array of pictures
  33. A sequence of photographs
  34. A roll of prints
  35. A heap of pictures
  36. A bank of photos
  37. A blend of visuals
  38. A congregation of snapshots
  39. A mix of images
  40. A bundle of photographs
  41. A horde of artworks
  42. A fusion of pictures
  43. A stockpile of visuals
  44. An aggregation of photographs
  45. A melange of snapshots
  46. A conglomerate of pictures
  47. A consignment of photos
  48. An ensemble of images
  49. A batch of artworks
  50. A clutch of pictures
  51. A cornucopia of photographs
  52. A treasure chest of visuals
  53. A patchwork of snapshots
  54. A hive of images
  55. An exhibit of pictures
  56. A tapestry of photographs
  57. A multitude of visuals
  58. A repertoire of artworks
  59. A compilation of snapshots
  60. A conglomeration of pictures
  61. A cluster of photos
  62. A mixtape of visuals
  63. A stock of images
  64. An anthology of pictures
  65. A trove of photographs
  66. A display case of snapshots
  67. An amalgamation of visuals
  68. A menagerie of pictures
  69. A pile of photographs
  70. A constellation of photographs
  71. A composition of snapshots
  72. A treasury of visuals
  73. An assortment of images
  74. A mosaic of pictures
  75. A compendium of artworks
  76. A repertoire of photographs
  77. A mixtape of pictures
  78. A bundle of visuals
  79. A showcase of snapshots
  80. A compilation of photos
  81. A diversity of pictures
  82. A curation of images
  83. An anthology of artworks
  84. A selection of photographs
  85. A cluster of visuals
  86. A portfolio of pictures
  87. A medley of photos
  88. A gallery of snapshots
  89. An array of artworks
  90. A collage of images
  91. A collection of photographs
  92. A montage of visuals
  93. A heap of pictures
  94. A fusion of snapshots
  95. A diversity of photos
  96. A mix of artworks
  97. An assemblage of images
  98. A compilation of visuals
  99. A display of photographs

What are the Collective Nouns For Pictures

Collective Nouns For Pictures With Meaning and Examples

  1. Collection

Meaning: A grouping or gathering of pictures.


  • The museum showcased an extensive collection of famous artworks.
  • Her photo album held a treasured collection of family memories.
  • The art gallery presented a diverse collection of modern photographs.
  1. Compilation

Meaning:  A collection of pictures assembled or gathered together.


  • The photography book featured a beautiful compilation of landscapes.
  • The artist’s website displayed a stunning compilation of their artwork.
  • The magazine published a special edition with a compilation of wildlife photos.
  1. Gallery

Meaning:  A space or venue where pictures are exhibited.


  • The local art gallery hosts monthly exhibitions.
  • We visited a contemporary art gallery
  • The renowned artist displayed his latest work in the prestigious gallery.
  1. Assortment

Meaning:  A varied selection or range of pictures.


  • The photography shop offered an impressive assortment of camera gear.
  • The website had an extensive assortment of stock photos.
  • The album contained an interesting assortment of vintage snapshots.
  1. Montage

Meaning:  A composition made up of several pictures or elements.


  • The documentary included a powerful montage of historical footage.
  • The art exhibit featured a captivating montage of abstract paintings.
  • The video showed a creative montage of travel adventures.
  1. Mosaic

Meaning:  A picture made up of small pieces or fragments.


  • The artist crafted a stunning mosaic of colored glass.
  • The ancient wall displayed an intricate mosaic of historical scenes.
  • The modern building featured a massive mosaic made of ceramic tiles.
  1. Reel

Meaning:  A sequence of pictures displayed in quick succession.


  • The presentation included a captivating reel of nature photographs.
  • The filmmaker created an emotional reel of personal stories.
  • The photographer showcased a reel of black and white portraits.
  1. Frame

Meaning:  A single picture or image within a frame.


  • The gallery displayed an impressive frame of a famous painting.
  • She proudly hung a beautiful frame of her children’s portrait.
  • The antique shop sold a vintage frame with intricate carvings.
  1. Panorama

Meaning:  A wide and unbroken view of a landscape captured in pictures.


  • The photographer captured a breathtaking panorama of the sunset.
  • The travel brochure featured a stunning panorama of the mountains.
  • The website displayed a 360-degree panorama of a city skyline.
  1. Album

Meaning:  A book or collection containing pictures.


  • The newlyweds created a beautiful album of their wedding day.
  • The musician released a limited edition album with exclusive photos.
  • Her album of travel pictures received praise from friends and family.
  1. Collage

Meaning:  A collection of pictures combined to form a new artwork.


  • The artist’s collage depicted a surreal dreamlike world.
  • She created a sentimental collage using old family photographs.
  • The magazine cover featured a collage of popular celebrities.
  1. Array

Meaning:  A display or arrangement of pictures in a specific order.


  • The gallery had an impressive array of vintage photographs.
  • The photo exhibition showcased an array of wildlife pictures.
  • The artist’s website presented an array of abstract paintings.
  1. Set

Meaning:  A group of pictures belonging together or taken at the same time.


  • The photographer’s portfolio included a set of fashion shots.
  • The movie poster featured a set of action-packed scenes.
  • The website displayed a set of pictures from the event.
  1. Sequence

Meaning:  A series of pictures that follow a specific order or pattern.


  • The comic strip portrayed a humorous sequence of events.
  • The photographer captured the sequence of a dancer’s movement.
  • The artist’s painting depicted a sequence of changing seasons.
  1. Ensemble

Meaning:  A combination or arrangement of pictures, often complementing each other.


  • The art exhibit featured an ensemble of landscape paintings.
  • The photo album presented an ensemble of black and white portraits.
  • The website displayed an ensemble of abstract artwork.
  1. Selection

Meaning:  A carefully chosen group of pictures for display.


  • The magazine editor made a meticulous selection of cover photos.
  • The photography contest judges announced the winners’ selection.
  • The museum curators prepared an impressive selection of historical artifacts.
  1. Portfolio

Meaning:  A collection of an artist’s best works or a photographer’s samples.


  • The graphic designer presented a versatile portfolio of projects.
  • She built an impressive portfolio of fashion photography.
  • The aspiring artist showcased their artwork in an online portfolio.
  1. Exhibit

Meaning:  A display of pictures or artworks in a public space.


  • The art gallery featured an intriguing exhibit of contemporary art.
  • The museum hosted a special exhibit on ancient civilizations.
  • The photography club organized an exhibit to showcase local talent.
  1. Cluster

Meaning:  A group or collection of pictures located close together.


  • The bulletin board had a cluster of community event pictures.
  • The photo album contained a cluster of vacation snapshots.
  • The website’s homepage featured a cluster of featured photographs.
  1. Medley

Meaning:  A varied mixture or combination of different pictures.


  • The photography competition showcased a creative medley of entries.
  • The art show featured a vibrant medley of colors and styles.
  • The photographer presented a captivating medley of urban and natural scenes.

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