Collective Nouns For Students (With Meaning and Examples)

Whether you’re a student yourself or simply curious about the English language, understanding collective nouns is an essential part of mastering vocabulary. These unique words are used to describe groups of people, animals, objects, or concepts as a single unit. They add depth and precision to our communication by allowing us to refer to multiple individuals or things as one cohesive entity.

What is the Collective Noun For Students?

The collective noun for students is typically “class” or “group.” For example:

  1. “The class of students went on a field trip.”
  2. “A group of students gathered in the library to study.”

Both “class” and “group” are commonly used when referring to a collection of students in an educational setting. However, other terms like “cohort” or “assembly” might also be used depending on the context.

Here are the 10 Collective Nouns For Students:

  1. Assembly
  2. Cohort
  3. Crowd
  4. Ensemble
  5. Gathering
  6. Horde
  7. Posse
  8. Team
  9. Tribe
  10. Swarm

Collective Nouns For Students

  1. Bunch
  2. Union
  3. Division
  4. Academicians
  5. Teamwork
  6. Throng
  7. Wits
  8. Academia
  9. Squadron
  10. Crew
  11. Company
  12. Schooling
  13. Instruction
  14. Council
  15. Tribe
  16. Syndicate
  17. Study Group
  18. Society
  19. Faculty
  20. Legion
  21. Pundits
  22. Unit
  23. Batch
  24. Classroom
  25. Mob
  26. Gathering
  27. Pack
  28. Assembly
  29. Protégés
  30. School
  31. Brigade
  32. Tutoring
  33. Troop
  34. Club
  35. Community
  36. Recruits
  37. Novices
  38. Tuition
  39. Mentoring
  40. Clique
  41. Guild
  42. Knowledge
  43. Consortium
  44. Cohort
  45. Family
  46. Interns
  47. Convocation
  48. Body
  49. Scholars
  50. Flock
  51. Trainees
  52. Squad
  53. Symposium
  54. Graduates
  55. Platoon
  56. Party
  57. Apprentices
  58. Pedagogy
  59. Bevy
  60. Brain Trust
  61. Institute
  62. Ensemble
  63. Corps
  64. Team
  65. Researchers
  66. Coven
  67. Gang
  68. Coaching
  69. Conference
  70. Seminar
  71. Herd
  72. Congress
  73. Workshop
  74. Alumni
  75. Association
  76. Thinkers
  77. Cadets
  78. Crowd
  79. Learning
  80. Organization
  81. Array
  82. Learners
  83. Postgraduates
  84. Band
  85. Pupils
  86. Swarm
  87. Guidance
  88. Education
  89. Cluster
  90. Posse
  91. Think Tank
  92. Academy
  93. Horde
  94. Disciples
  95. Undergraduates

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What is the Collective Noun For Students

Collective Nouns For Students With Meaning and Examples

  1. Academy

Meaning: a group of students in a particular school or institution.


  • The academy of young artists held an exhibition to showcase their work.
  • Our school academy is known for producing top-notch athletes.
  • The coding academy is offering a new course in web development.
  1. Cohort

Meaning: a group of students sharing a particular characteristic or experience.


  • The new international students formed a cohort to help each other adjust to campus life.
  • The online learners formed a close-knit cohort to study together and discuss course materials.
  • The engineering students are part of a special cohort focusing on sustainable technology.
  1. Class

 Meaning: a group of students taught together by a teacher.


  • The chemistry class conducted exciting experiments in the laboratory.
  • The advanced mathematics class is challenging, but the students are enthusiastic learners.
  • The music class prepared a beautiful performance for the school concert.
  1. Ensemble

Meaning: a group of students performing together, especially in music or drama.


  • The school’s jazz ensemble won first place in the regional competition.
  • The drama ensemble put on a captivating performance of Shakespeare’s play.
  • The choral ensemble sang harmoniously at the community event.
  1. Flock

 Meaning: a group of students moving together in a unified manner.


  • During the fire drill, the students exited the building in an organized flock.
  • The tour guide led the flock of students through the historical museum.
  • The school organized a trip, and the flock of students enjoyed exploring the zoo.
  1. Group

Meaning: a generic term for a gathering of students with a common purpose.


  • The science fair required students to work in a group to conduct experiments.
  • The study hall was filled with groups of students collaborating on assignments.
  • The debate club divided into groups to prepare arguments for the upcoming competition.
  1. Gathering

Meaning: a group of students assembled for a specific reason or event.


  • The school arranged a gathering to celebrate the end of the academic year.
  • The alumni gathering brought former students together to reconnect.
  • The college organized a career fair, and a large gathering of students met with employers.
  1. Posse

 Meaning: a close-knit group of students who often socialize together.


  • Mary and her posse of friends always eat lunch together in the cafeteria.
  • The posse of students enjoyed spending weekends hiking in the mountains.
  • The soccer team members were like a close posse both on and off the field.
  1. Squad

Meaning: a small group of students working together, often in sports or military settings.


  • The cheerleading squad practiced tirelessly to perfect their routines.
  • The school’s robotics squad competed in regional competitions and won awards.
  • The military training included challenging exercises for the cadet squad.
  1. Team

Meaning: a group of students collaborating to achieve a common goal.


  • The science team won the inter-school competition with their innovative project.
  • The basketball team trained hard to reach the finals and eventually became champions.
  • The coding team developed an app that received widespread recognition.

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  1. Tribe

 Meaning: a group of students with shared interests or cultural affiliations.


  • The anime tribe gathered weekly to watch and discuss their favorite shows.
  • The environmental tribe organized campaigns to raise awareness about sustainability.
  • The international tribe celebrated their diverse cultures during a cultural exchange event.
  1. Cluster

 Meaning: a small group of students or things close together.


  • A cluster of students formed around the noticeboard to read the latest announcements.
  • The teacher noticed a cluster of talented artists in the art class.
  • A cluster of students volunteered to help with the charity event.
  1. Herd

Meaning: a large group of students moving or acting together.


  • A herd of students exited the auditorium after the inspiring motivational speech.
  • The school organized a picnic, and a herd of excited students gathered at the park.
  • During the school fair, a herd of students flocked to the food stalls.
  1. Array

Meaning: an ordered arrangement of students or things.


  • The school displayed an array of student artwork at the annual exhibition.
  • The choir stood in an array on stage, ready to perform the beautiful musical piece.
  • The science fair showcased an impressive array of projects and experiments.
  1. Batch

 Meaning: a group of students admitted or graduating together.


  • The school welcomed a new batch of eager first-year students.
  • The engineering department organized a farewell party for the graduating batch.
  • The scholarship program selected a batch of outstanding students to support.
  1. Platoon

Meaning: a subdivision of students, often used in military or police training.


  • The military academy divided the cadets into several platoons for training exercises.
  • The police academy organized a platoon of students for field practice.
  • The leadership training included various platoons participating in team-building activities.
  1. Mob

Meaning: a large and often unruly group of students.


  • A mob of students gathered around the stage to get a glimpse of the famous guest speaker.
  • The cafeteria was chaotic with a mob of hungry students during lunchtime.
  • The protest saw a mob of passionate students marching for a cause.
  1. Union

Meaning: a group of students affiliated together for a specific purpose.


  • The student union organized events and represented the interests of the student body.
  • The literary union hosted regular book discussions and creative writing workshops.
  • The environmental union campaigned for sustainable practices on campus.
  1. Club

Meaning: a group of students sharing common interests or hobbies.


  • The astronomy club met every week to stargaze and discuss celestial phenomena.
  • The drama club rehearsed diligently to put on an impressive school play.
  • The photography club organized exhibitions to showcase members’ artistic works.
  1. Family

Meaning: a close and supportive group of students, often used metaphorically.


  • The school became a second family to the students, providing a nurturing environment.
  • The sports team felt like a family, supporting each other through victories and defeats.
  • The study group developed a strong bond and acted like a close-knit family.

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