Collective Nouns For People (With Meaning and Examples)

Collective nouns have a fascinating way of encapsulating groups of people, offering a unique and concise term to describe a collective entity. These nouns not only simplify communication but also add an element of charm to the English language. Whether it’s a flock of birds or a pack of wolves, collective nouns have long been used to portray animals collectively.

What is the Collective Noun For People?

The collective noun for people is “crowd.” For example, you could say, “There was a large crowd at the concert,” to refer to a group of people gathered together in one place. Other collective nouns that can be used to refer to groups of people include “group,” “team,” “audience,” “assembly,” “mob,” “gang,” and “community,” depending on the context and the specific type of gathering.

Here are the 10 Collective Nouns For People:

  1. Assembly
  2. Band
  3. Gathering
  4. Flock
  5. Company
  6. Crew
  7. Party
  8. Mob
  9. Tribe
  10. Staff

Collective Nouns For People

  1. Pioneers
  2. Ensemble
  3. Mass
  4. Unit
  5. Swarm
  6. Natives
  7. Masses
  8. Rabble
  9. Staff
  10. Brotherhood
  11. Order
  12. Union
  13. Lineage
  14. Coalition
  15. Cluster
  16. Battalion
  17. Multitude
  18. Occupants
  19. Cohort
  20. Gathering
  21. Network
  22. Cadre
  23. Collective
  24. Residents
  25. Community
  26. Association
  27. Posse
  28. Assembly
  29. Alliance
  30. Meet-up
  31. Herd
  32. Lineup
  33. Mob
  34. Crowd
  35. Legion
  36. Array
  37. Guild
  38. Synod
  39. Flock
  40. Society
  41. Horde
  42. Circle
  43. Civilians
  44. Crew
  45. Body
  46. Conclave
  47. Party
  48. Organization
  49. Band
  50. Throng
  51. Citizens
  52. Squad
  53. League
  54. Parliament
  55. Choir
  56. Tribe
  57. Clique
  58. Group
  59. House
  60. Public
  61. Family
  62. Comrades
  63. People
  64. Class
  65. Audience
  66. Entourage
  67. Locals
  68. Phalanx
  69. Brigade
  70. Subjects
  71. Pack
  72. Collection
  73. Nation
  74. Populace
  75. Settlers
  76. Batch
  77. Grouping
  78. Colonists
  79. Summit
  80. Host
  81. Platoon
  82. Council
  83. Coterie
  84. Committee
  85. Meeting
  86. Dwellers
  87. Symposium
  88. Faction
  89. Club
  90. Nationals
  91. Teamwork
  92. Troop
  93. Colloquium
  94. Panel
  95. Syndicate
  96. Kinfolk
  97. Denizens
  98. Gang
  99. Clan

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What is the Collective Noun For People

Collective Nouns For People With Meaning and Examples

  1. Assembly

Meaning: A gathering of people for a specific purpose or meeting.


  • The assembly of shareholders gathered to vote on important company decisions.
  • The assembly of protesters marched peacefully through the streets demanding justice.
  • The assembly of delegates discussed various issues at the international conference.
  1. Team

Meaning: A group of people working together to achieve a shared goal.


  • The marketing team collaborated to launch a successful advertising campaign.
  • The basketball team practiced diligently to win the championship.
  • The medical team worked tirelessly to treat patients during the pandemic.
  1. Flock

Meaning: A group of people or birds that move together.


  • The tourists followed the tour guide as they moved in a flock through the historical site.
  • During the birdwatching expedition, they observed a flock of migrating geese in the sky.
  • The kids ran in a flock towards the ice cream truck on a hot summer day.
  1. Crew

Meaning: A group of people working together on a ship, aircraft, or project.


  • The film crew worked tirelessly to shoot the movie on location.
  • The airline’s flight crew prepared the plane for departure.
  • The construction crew completed the building on schedule.
  1. Gang

Meaning: A group of people involved in criminal activities or mischief.


  • The police arrested a gang of thieves responsible for several burglaries.
  • The school took action against a gang of students involved in bullying.
  • The neighborhood watch was formed to protect against a local gang of vandals.
  1. Panel

Meaning: A group of experts or individuals brought together to discuss or make decisions.


  • The panel of judges evaluated the performances in the talent show.
  • The expert panel discussed climate change and its implications.
  • The advisory panel provided recommendations for the government’s policy.
  1. Crowd

Meaning: A large gathering of people in one place.


  • The crowd cheered enthusiastically at the sports stadium during the match.
  • A large crowd of supporters gathered for the political rally.
  • The concert attracted a massive crowd of music enthusiasts.
  1. Clique –

Meaning: A small, exclusive group of people with similar interests or social status.


  • The popular girls at school formed a tight clique and often ignored others.
  • The high-society clique attended glamorous events together.
  • The tech-savvy clique spent hours discussing the latest gadgets.
  1. Committee

Meaning: A group of individuals appointed or elected to manage or oversee a task or organization.


  • The committee organized the charity event to raise funds for a local cause.
  • The school’s disciplinary committee addressed student behavior issues.
  • The steering committee coordinated the planning of the annual conference.
  1. Consortium

Meaning: An association of individuals, companies, or organizations collaborating on a project.


  • The consortium of companies worked together to develop a new technology.
  • The research consortium pooled resources to explore outer space.
  • The consortium of universities collaborated on a groundbreaking study.
  1. Tribe

Meaning: A group of people sharing common ancestry, culture, and traditions.


  • The indigenous tribe celebrated their traditional harvest festival.
  • The nomadic tribe moved their livestock to find greener pastures.
  • The ancient tribe conducted rituals to honor their ancestors.
  1. Society

Meaning: A community of people living together in a structured and organized manner.


  • The literary society hosted regular book discussions and author talks.
  • The charity society provided support and aid to those in need.
  • The scientific society published journals and organized conferences.
  1. Squad

Meaning: A small group of people working together, often in a military or sports context.


  • The special forces squad executed a successful rescue mission.
  • The cheerleading squad practiced their routines for the upcoming competition.
  • The IT support squad swiftly resolved technical issues for employees.
  1. Association

Meaning: A group of people joined together by common interests or goals.


  • The student association organized events and activities on campus.
  • The trade association promoted the interests of local businesses.
  • The environmental association campaigned for eco-friendly practices.
  1. Guild

Meaning: An organization of people in the same profession or trade.


  • The writers’ guild provided support and resources for aspiring authors.
  • The blacksmiths’ guild preserved traditional craftsmanship techniques.
  • The actors’ guild advocated for fair wages and working conditions.
  1. Posse

Meaning: A group of individuals summoned to assist or support a law enforcement officer.


  • The sheriff’s posse helped track down the escaped convicts.
  • The detectives assembled a posse to apprehend the wanted criminals.
  • The security team acted as a posse to protect the VIP at the event.
  1. Club

Meaning: A group of people sharing common interests, hobbies, or activities.


  • The photography club organized exhibitions showcasing members’ work.
  • The chess club held regular tournaments for its members.
  • The hiking club explored various trails on weekends.
  1. Coalition

Meaning: An alliance of individuals, parties, or countries working together for a common cause.


  • The political coalition came together to form a stable government.
  • The environmental coalition advocated for sustainable policies.
  • The international coalition collaborated to combat global issues.
  1. Mob

Meaning: A large, unruly crowd, often with the potential for disorder or violence.


  • The riot police were deployed to control the unruly mob during the protest.
  • The angry mob gathered outside the courthouse demanding justice.
  • The excited mob surged towards the stage to see their favorite musician.
  1. League

Meaning: An organization or group of individuals united for a common purpose, often in sports.


  • The soccer league consisted of various teams competing for the championship.
  • The humanitarian league provided aid in disaster-stricken regions.
  • The gaming league hosted tournaments for professional gamers.

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